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Ford Expedition Maintenance and Repair



  • I have an 03 expedition with 25k. the brake dust is unbelievable on this truck. 1 day after complete wheel clean-up and they are a mess again. it's enough to make me hate this truck after loving everything else about it.
  • Try Kleen Wheels dust guards, they work really well. Get fronts and rears.
  • I purchased a 2003 ford Expedition Aug. 2003. It has an ongoing vibration in the front end as well as alignment problems. To make a long story short, it has had 3 sets of tires and new steering gear and multiple wheel alignments. The dealership can not figure out why this car continues to whear the tires bad (due to the vibration) and why it pulls to the right hard. It maintains good steering for about 1,000 miles after being realigned and then it converts back to the same problem. I am also having many problems with raddles and squeeks. The dealership is not budging as far as telling me why this vehicle has worn through 2 sets of tires in 4 months. I think I have a lemon. Any of you with the same problems or solutions?
  • tbooth2tbooth2 Posts: 33
    Welcome to my world! I too bought my Expy in August 2003 and can ditto just about everything you've stated. Just FYI, does the last six digits start with an "A" "B" or "C"?
  • nvbankernvbanker Posts: 7,285
    I would pass on the Expedition with the 4.6L engine. I think it's too small for that size truck. That being said, it sounds like your truck has had a lot of cheap gas through it, and needs an injector cleaning. You can buy a few cans of injector cleaner and run them through, that may help, but you also may need to spend $100 and have the fuel rail power flushed with solvent. That should fix the rough idle, if you buy it.
  • plsgmplsgm Posts: 2
    I am experiencing vibration also with my expedition. Don't know if we have the same problem, but mine is vibration at low speeds while turning. Our dealership acknowledged that certain vehicles coming off the assembly line did not have an "additive" (????)put into the rear differential fluid. They added the additive and asked that we drive it for 1000 miles to let it work in, but want us to bring it back if the problem is not resolved. After 250 miles, it's still vibrating. Check into the TSB boards, it's there under power train axle assembly.
  • You will only notice the missing LSD additive when turining at low speeds like in parking lots. That vibration is more like a "binding". There is also a TSB to replace the clutch packs in the rear end for grinding when starting from a stop and turning. The additive is the easy first try, the clutch pack is a day long repair and for some time the parts were on national backorder. The backorder is probably cleared by now.
  • If you've got the problem with the cluth'll know it soon enough! I got my '03 Expy EB about 4 months ago and the binding kicked in very soon after. It just kept getting worse and I ended up taking it in back on 12/29/03 at 4000 miles. They gave me a loner and kept the truck a week. Guess the national backorder was at full swing then. They replaced the entire back end and now the truck is running beautifully. Don't let them tell you it's just a "tire rubbing". Bring in a print out of the TSB. That will get their attention.
  • fx4fx4 Posts: 72
    I bought a 2003 FX4 in April 2003, and then a 2003 4wd Explorer for my wife after her heavy damage, but no injury wreck of the 2001 Explorer Sport.

    Both of these new vehicles had to have front end alignment right away. Both seem to being OK now after many additional miles. This clearly indicates to me that the factory is not doing a proper job of delivering the product to the paying customers. In addition, the dealer says that Ford only pays for one alignment which must be within the first 12,000 miles. The USA auto makers' way as usual seems to be to just slop them off the assembly lines and let the dealers and the customers pay in lost time, trouble, cost, etc. Also, "they" don't bother to tell you about this 12,000 miles one alignment restriction on the bumper to bumper warranty?

    In contrast, I bought a 3000 series Cub Cadet lawn and garden tractor last year and learned that the Cub dealer had done a front wheel alignment as standard procedure prior to delivery to me. Can you imagine the local friendly Ford dealer putting all his new inventory on the alignment rack prior to the customers driving off? You're lucky if there is some air in the tires and they have not put too much greasy stuff on the tires and all over including the windshield.

    ...a feeling came over me last summer as I struggled to get the blasted oil filter off the Expedition, that this might be my last Ford. The Ford factory must install the OEM oil filters
    by robot with the proverbial 400 lb impact wrench. Later in the year, I broke a good oil filter wrench and never did get the oil filter off the 4.6L 2003 Explorer--had to take it to the dealer.

    Hey, nvbanker did you make it through the Holidays? We need some Spring here!
  • nvbankernvbanker Posts: 7,285
    I think it's 65 degrees here today, a little chilly. Heading to Florida next month to get warm.

    BTW, I have never had to have a Ford aligned new before. In fact, the Navigator needed one at about 50,000 miles, and I think the last car I aligned prior to that was about 1980. Surprised to hear about yours. I have experienced the oil filter thing before though....but it was on a new Oldsmobile.

    The longer I drive my 03, the happier I get with it. Have an 04 Mountaineer on order at the moment to replace the 02 coming off lease. Dealer can't find the color the wife wants. Sheesh. Happy wife, happy life, right?
  • tourguidetourguide Posts: 188
    So you've had your Expy for some time now and are getting happier with it. I would like to get into a Ford product (thinking of the Expy specifically), but the more I read about owner experience and the way Ford deals with it's customers the more I am questioning that decision. I keep reading and hearing about people like fx4 and how Ford limits the number of trips back to the dealer they'll pay for and I have to wonder what in blue blazes is up with Ford?! Why would they want the owners of their new products to be ANYTHING other than happy?! All this and under the bumper to bumper warranty period.

    I'm planning on spending some cash on my next purchase, but I'll be into the vehicle I choose for a good stretch and I want to be treated right, not jerked around.

    Would you recommend a new Ford product based on your experience?
  • nvbankernvbanker Posts: 7,285
    There are dealers, and there are dealers, to be sure. I like mine, and they have treated me well.

    My affection for Ford products was enhanced a great deal through my experience as a fleet manager for 5 years. We had Chryslers, GMs, Fords & Toyotas in the fleet. Trucks, cars & executive cars. Having the chance to buy 'em, drive 'em & service 'em, over the 5 year period, I grew to respect the Fords a great deal, and gravitated toward them.

    Having said that, Ford turns out a turkey once in a while and some of there stuff is incredible, while other models are not. Generally, the trucks are the best, IMO. The Town Car, Grand Marquis & Crown Victoria are awesome, run forever, comfortable, old fashioned cruisers. I'm less of a fan of the Taurus/Sable, but the Focus is world class - just ugly as hell to me.

    So, yes, I'd recommend them. I drive several of them. I deviate from time to time, but always have some Fords in the family fleet & my business.

    The very first 03 Expeditions were trouble prone - new edition bugs and all. I would not be afraid of any 04 Expedition. I think you'll be very pleased, and I do think it's the best unit on the market in the class.
  • Yeah, what he said.
  • Has anyone had any electrical problems with there 03' Expedition? With my car, I have a problem where the odometer goes out, power windows goes out, radio goes out, dome lights go out, and air bag light turns on. It always happens when I go out of town or take it on long trips. Ford says the cannot find anything wrong with it, even when they have clearly seen there is something wrong with it. I think Ford Service sucks. Everytime this happens, all the components I have listed go out. Has anyone else had any problems like this?
  • wijocowijoco Posts: 462
    DO any other electrical parts fail at that time, or just the interior stuff? I ask because there's a small computer called the "body control module" that runs all the stuff you're describing and there could be a wiring problem, ground problem, or bad module itself. Unfortunately the dealer can only find it if they can reproduce the problem and even then it will take some wire chasing. Be patient, give them a few tries, yes it will be a pain but mystery electrical problems always are. I hope they fix it for you, good luck.
  • corpuscorpus Posts: 37
    Perhaps the reason Ford is suffering has to do with the get-rich-quick society. I know a lawyer that won $225 million (not a typo) for a guy who rolled a crew-cab Ford pickup at 2 am on a Saturday night. The door latches failed, and two of his relatives (not wearing seatbelts) were ejected and killed. They expected the truck to be designed to withstand landing on its roof, I guess.

    I know a bunch of lawyers that have made a ton of money suing Ford and Firestone. Now, as a result, we have to replace the p.o.s. ContiTrac tires they put on the new SUV's. I can't help but think that these lawsuits have hurt the product and the service. The business still has to make a buck, or close its doors. We all pay for the greed of a few.
  • nvbankernvbanker Posts: 7,285
    Yes we do, and yes they (Contintental tires) are!
  • fx4fx4 Posts: 72
    When you post on problems with so and so brand in this type format, there is always a risk of
    painting a too dark of a picture. There a many pulses for the 2003 and up Expeditions
    and other Ford products. For example the truck type V-8 engines I have had for the last 20 years have done nothing but start and run for 175,000+ miles trouble free. Nearly the same for transmissions. Also Ford dealers often go out of their way to solve problems, hand you keys to
    nearly new service loaners, etc.

    With that said, I am still peeved at Ford big time for making such a nice SUV that is so hopelessly overweight for a truck based vehicle in F-150, 1500 range. For example the 2004 Michigan Hwy Patrol Police Vehicle Tests show a 2wd Chevy Tahoe with 5.3L engine at just over 5,000 lbs, while the Ford in similar configuration 2wd, 5.4L is over 5,400. With ever expanding gobal auto usuage, concern about gobal warming, etc., why would Ford build such an overweight monster? Also the invoice for my FX4 read 5,396 (6 gallons of fuel), but the thing has consistently weighed over 5,800 lbs with 28 gallons of fuel in the tank on several different certified public scales. The above MHP Tests has the Tahoe 4wd at 5,370 lbs or so with the 5.3L engine. might as well be happy ...if you ever buy the Ford Expedition, rapid depreciation (versus say the Tahoe) locks you into being a happy Ford owner for 60 months..Ha!
  • Good afternoon folks,

    With the birth of our 3rd child, I have been contemplating replacing our 165K Oldsmobile Custom Cruiser (with 3rd seat) with an E.B. Expedition. I have been looking at these massive beasts since they first came out. I wish Oldsmobile made a similar vehicle, but alas, Oldsmobile wont be making any more vehicles after this year...

    I have reviewed the Expedtion safety records, looked at rollover research and read every post on this board. Now I am getting close to taking the plunge. I would be buying one from the late 90s, and of course, I am trying to stay within budget.

    I have a friend who is going to be selling his blue 98 EB Expy with 76K miles, 3rd row seat, lots of options (roof option unknown at present) and it runs well with no problems. The deal is probably going to be for about 10K-11K.

    I am looking at the Expy this weekend and I want to look over the truck for any common trouble spots. I plan to check:
    1) Any vibrations while riding, tire condition etc
    2) Rust under doors?
    3) Rear wiper operation
    4) Radio/CD operation
    5) Child safety locks locking by themselves?
    6) E-Brake cable condiiton - corroded or good?
    7) Blue smoke on startup?
    8) Air shocks on back keeping correct level
    9) 4wd operational
    10)General operation and functionality

    Any other suggestions?

  • nvbankernvbanker Posts: 7,285
    My only knock on the 98 Expedition, is the engine produced only 230bhp, a little light for my taste, (and that's the 5.4L triton). I am really under impressed with the 4.6L in that truck. But as far as reliability - I think the Expedition is as good as it gets! Buy with pride, as long as you like the power and feel it is adequate. If you don't tow, it'll probably be fine.
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