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Ford Expedition Maintenance and Repair



  • nvbankernvbanker Posts: 7,285
    Unfortunately for Firestone, I was around to remember the 70's, when Firestone put out their now famous "500" tire, that had a tread separation, one tire at a time every year or so, and although Firestone would replacement them (pro-rata) with an equally poor tire each time they failed, the reputation was just reinforced over this Wilderness thing. They just don't care.
  • mwiklemwikle Posts: 62
    Keep in mind that "Firestone" is GONE it is just a brand ... nothing else. They are all Bridgestone (japanese owned) tires now ... albeit made is USA often. No way they have separate R&D in that corporation ... would cost wayyy too much and no consumer-facing reason to do so.

    That said; we had 500's' on a marshmellow-sprung mid 70's Mercury Montego (ugh!). I would not brand-preferentially buy a Firestone brand tire (like, say, a michelin)...there would have to be a reason other than price alone (usually there are lots of similar priced choices for a vehicle anyway)
  • nvbankernvbanker Posts: 7,285
    I can't see where Bridgestone has changed a thing over at Firestone from my experience.
  • fx4fx4 Posts: 72
    Sorry to bring up Firestone. Ha!

    We had an early in the year 77 T/B during fall of 76 strike. It had the Firestone 500 tires and silver paint and a bad transmission. Take your pick as to which was the worst. However overall the 77 T/B gave us good value and very high miles at time kids were young, money tight. Vehicle looked great after old Torino Elite, etc. of that era. Dealers and others offered to buy 77 T/B at full sticker price just to have one during the strike.

    Looking at new 2004 Expedition NBX due to deals on interest rate, rebates. Looking at NBX with 2nd center seat deleted (2nd row Captain Chairs something) at a lovely MSRP price of $530. Two tacky armrests added for the $530. No credit for 2nd row center seat delete part. Outside 2nd row seats same. Anyway the NBX model feels "lighter" , less load
    on steering wheel than 2003 FX4. Better, less huge truck feel in 2004 NBX. Any insights as to why? New 4R75W with larger torque converter. Wondering about basic spring rate change from 2003 FX4 to 2004 NBX, possible power steering change for 2004? Tires same Conti TR. Feel when driving is different and does not seem to be accounted for by center seat (20% part) delete in the 2004 NBX.
  • tourguidetourguide Posts: 188
    I can't comment on the seating changes for the 03-04 NBX, but I can tell you that the steering ratio changed from the 03 to 04. The 03s had (if I am remembing this right) something like a 17:1 steering ratio which is a bit unforgiving and somewhat unnerving at highway speeds. The 04s went to a 20:1 ratio which means you have to crank the wheel a bit more in around town driving, but highway speeds feel much more comfortable.

    I am not very pleased with the Conti-tracks myself. On a 40K+ vehicle I would have thought a little higher quality was in order. This fall I'm going to replace these things with Nokian Vatiivas. Then life will be good in the Expy.
  • nvbankernvbanker Posts: 7,285
    the Continentals are a low mileage tire. They deteriorate quickly - long before the tread is gone.
  • fx4fx4 Posts: 72
    Thanks tourguide and nvbanker.

    One of my Cont. TRs seems to have developed a fairly severe "radial pull" around 30.000 that I know was not in it earlier. Alignment checks have revealed nothing at all after an early very minor toe-in correction. The tire is on the rear and really should be in the scrap heap. I noticed my spare is the Cont SUV instead of the
    slightly different Cont TR OEM on the ground. I thought mine might be from something the dealers guys might have done until saw that some new 2004 4wd Expedition inventory had same TRs on ground and the Cont SUV model as the spare. ???

    It is hard for me to say that Cont TR is a low mileage tire. Mine are at 37,500 plus and just yesterday a manager at a large Ford dealership said they did not need to be replaced for him to sell my unit on his front row retail. Lots of tread left at least assuming the carcass holds up. Similarly, last week I saw a set of Cont. SUV on 2003 2wd Expedition that had some usable tread left after 54,000 miles.

    Love to find some Ford website for specs on steering ratio for 2003 Expedition versus 2004 Expedition per post 712 above. My 2003 FX4 is just plain hard, annoying to steer, especially after some time behind the wheel.
  • nvbankernvbanker Posts: 7,285
    The reason I formed that opinion was due to my experience with my Continental tires on my first Navigator. They made it to about 30,000 miles - tread looked like new, but two of them had the same problem you have, fx4, the radial pull. I put the first one under the truck and put the spare down. Then the second one started to do it, and before I could deal with it, another one just started leaking through the sidewall, no puncture - just a perforation through the wall. I got the message, and replaced them all. But not with Contis.
  • tourguidetourguide Posts: 188
    For what it's worth - I read that somewhere on the Internet in a professional review. I wish for the life of my I could remember where, but I just cannot. I did try some searching to see if I could turn it up, but it escapes me. I read so much in the year I spent researching before this purchase it all started to blend together. I do remember specifically reading it somewhere and it stuck with me about the ratios because I was running into lots of rehashed 03 reviews as the two model years are so similar and I was looking for differences. Sorry I can't remember better where it came from. Maybe your local dealer service department could help (if they're sharp)?
  • nvbankernvbanker Posts: 7,285
    Personally, I like the way the 03 steers just fine.
  • gheimurgheimur Posts: 88
    Has anyone experienced the EZ enter seat option
    not working every once in a while. It generally
    works 99% of the time , but about 1 or twice a
    week it doesn't move forward when inserting the
    ignition key. A manual adjustment is necessary
    and the EZ enter adjustment is always set to on
    in the message center.
  • fx4fx4 Posts: 72
    How 'bout them rebates. She thinks I my have lost it, but sometimes it is hard to beat their deal to get another one off the lot with the 05s
    soon to be in production. Lots of new Expedition inventory on the dealer lots from August to November 2003 production dates.
    In the early going, not crazy about 20.1 steering ratio for 2004 Expedition. Harder to park in tight places. New ratio perhaps a bit more comfortable, safer at speed on interstate. But, takes away benefit of crisp R&P for high skill drivers. Maybe 20.1 safer for less experienced drivers? 18.1 or 19.1 might have have been better choices.

    New 4R75W behind 5.4L seems to be dramatic improvement over 4R70W and 5.4L. 4R75W seems to change down correctly, shows true performance ability of 5.4L which is substantial even in 2V version. Excellent hill climbing, etc. Looking forward to towing performance.

    Getting used to 2nd row captains chairs. Anyone seen a "hot" aftermarket console that would be good for 2nd row in Expedition. Maybe an in an out model of some kind. Got manual third row which allows seats to be rasied easily from aisle between 2nd row captain chairs. Third row power still major cool for most.

    Finally, skipped limited-slip rear this time. Previous FX4 with l.s. seemed to hop sideways backing in 4wd in wet grass,etc. Same rear end hop in parking garage sharp turns in 2wd setting. Limited slip great straight ahead off slick boat ramps, but pain turning. Any comments on this one?
  • tbooth2tbooth2 Posts: 33
    I had a severe vibration problem that couldn't be corrected because the tires were always being blamed for the problem by not one, not two, but three different dealerships. Please look for feathering on your front tires....if you have that, it's time to look at other reasons for your vibration problems. After Ford refused to execute any further repairs, I had no recourse but to file a lemon law claim and Ford eventually bought my Expedition back. The experience was bad enough that I changed brands....too bad - such nice amenities and comfort - except when in motion over 50 MPH. Hope they've corrected these anomalies in the 04's and that things are even better for the 05's. Like I said, not always the tires, even though the Contis are cheap for the manufacturer and of mediocre quality for the customer at best.
  • jeff88jeff88 Posts: 94
    Personally, haven't noticed that the expy is hard to park because of steering. Size, well it's harder than my sedan for sure. Have found that I'm more careful in lining up the truck for parking but am mostly concerned with size v ratio. Was actually impressed with it durng test drives along with being impressed with the sequoia for manueverability in tight spaces. The turning circle on the expy is tight considering it's size -- I think it's around 38'. We have a short turn space in our driveway and the expy wheels right around. Haven't noticed that the ratio was an inhibitor in any way.
  • mark7mark7 Posts: 1
    My 2003 Expedition has done the same thing approx. 9 times. It just goes into advance trac mode which wont allow me to brake( actually the vehicle shudders as I try to stop vehicle) and on top of that the vehicle seems to accelerate all at the same time. Almost got broadsided because I couldn't stop the darn thing. The problem normally occurs after making a turn from stopped position, once it engaes it usually will take a quarter to half mile to get it out of the advance trac mode. I can't get it out by any means that I have tried- it just finally stops "What a relief" Filed complaint with NHTSA and will have phone meeting with them on July 6Th! Did you get resolution with your complaint? Sure would like to know befor my hearing.
  • cplkevcplkev Posts: 3
    Does anyone out there have any experence (good or bad) towing with the 5.4? If so what's the trailer weight and how does it perform?
  • nvbankernvbanker Posts: 7,285
    I have towed fairly extensively with the 5.4 with exceptional results. I've never run out of pedal, or power. However, the heaviest thing I have towed was an El Camino on a trailer. I have towed over Baker Grade in California though, which is 21 miles long and a radiator buster - especially at 124 degrees which is normal for July.
  • rockyjohnrockyjohn Posts: 7
    I filed the complaint and a week later Ford took back my car voluntarily. I got a replacement without the advance trac and it's great. Good Luck.
  • ebpenaebpena Posts: 1
    I am curious. I own a 2004 Exp with 16000 miles. I just finished a 2500 mile to Florida and I noticed that the rear-end makes noise under accleration. Once I am on cruise-control the noise goes away. Is this the same problem you are encountering?
  • mwiklemwikle Posts: 62
    I have a 2003 Expedition Eddie Bauer with all the "toys" on it...

    The navigation radio appears to malfunction due to overheating. It was replaced for this concern once (but it has not been consistently hot & sunny since the repair until now); it is now showing the same symptoms again.

    The GPS will not "lock" (i.e. the compass go from red to yellow to white) and place the vehicle correctly on the map. Apparently, after cooling off, it works again. The navigation CD after ejection & face of the unit feel quite warm when I observe the problem.

    The unit even has a fan on the housing (hidden in dashboard space) to cool it sort of like a computer (it is a computer!).

    Apparently most Dealer repair shops don't diagnose these things too carefully --- just swap them out with a reconditioned unit. Are the nav radios failure prone or problematic?... comments/performace/experiences anyone???(especially folks in hot states!)

    Vehicle Navigation Radio (VNR) is made by Visteon for Ford. The built-in self test shows OK.

    I checked the TSBs at & nothing was there.

    Comments anyone?
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