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Ford Expedition Maintenance and Repair



  • Saw it on the news. Got the letter. Does this recall affect all '00 Expys? They want me to bring it by to disconnect cruise, do without for a couple of months, then bring it back for the replacement part. How high is the risk?
    BTW a friend's '05 Caddy caught on fire 8 hours after he parked it in his attached garage. Fire investigators traced it to the car's electrical system.
  • fx4fx4 Posts: 72
    Hey, thanks.

    Not related to Gorilla Glue? Ha!

    I double checked the specs for my single stage oil lube 20 gallon,5hp electric motor, air compressor and found that 125 lbs was listed as maximum pressure, with 90 lbs apparently the typical working pressure. I used my Lowe's 400lb impact wrench recently to remove a 1 1/2" nut on a trailer ball using about 105lbs. No problem with that nut backing off, but the same wrench would not even begin to budge the Expedition lug nuts (Ford dealer installed) at the 120 max pressure the regulator setting would allow. Concerned that the studs might have been stretched so as to cause eventual failure. My brother's Chevy van with probably 5 lug 1/2" studs had this problem several years ago--rear wheel fell off in downtown Atlanta on the way to boat race in Florida. Local tire store guys had mounted the same tire earlier that day--went 200 miles before studs completely failed.

    Will continue to monitor tire store and Ford dealer tire work after every service visit due to repeated problems with over and under tightened lug nuts and way too high and low air pressures.
  • As a 2003 Expedition owner, we have experienced this problem first hand and at only 17,000 miles!!!!!.
    I can't believe how many messages there are for 2003 Expedition brake problems, i.e. brake dust, pad problems, squeaking, whining, stopping problems, etc - I've just reviewed. I must say this info was helpful in just negotiating with the dealer (threatening would be more apropos).
    I could write a book on our experience- we purchased our '03 Expedition (our 3rd Expedition, also owned '97 and an 00'models - just great SUV's) in Sept. 03, had it back to the dealer 2 months later for the excessive brake dust and squealing of the pads on the rotors. And have had the vehicle back in 3 other times, including the State Inspection, 6 months ago at 12,000 miles.
    We have gotten the run around from the dealer all along. They told us the brake dust is normal, the noise is normal and the pads just do this - and we did notice this on every other '03 Expedition's. The Dealer told us on the second visit in March 2004 that new pads were coming out and they would let us know when they’d be available On the 4th visit for the state inspection they did recommend changing the pads, but told us this was not a warranty item – even though the current pads passed inspection all around.
    Within the last week the screeching has gotten extremely bad. We took the vehicle in to the dealer yesterday for another look at the brakes and normal service ( oil change, rotate tires, etc - the 15,000 mile deal). The Service manager called yesterday and informed us our brakes are shot. We need new front rotors, pads for all four wheels ( because that's the way the service package is made up) and the rear rotors need turned??? At 17,000 miles of local driving mostly done by my wife???
    My wife and I were speechless. We fought with the Service Manager yesterday and again today, arguing that we had the vehicle in their shop on 4 separate occasions and they found nothing wrong. Then today we had a go around with and the dealer’s Customer Service Rep several times over the phone. After checking this and other web sties and threatening to call all the area TV stations and report this situation to the Business Affairs reporters the Dealership agreed to complete all the repairs for the brakes under warranty. I don’t mind paying for normal maintenance, but my other two Expeditions went 32,000 and 34,000 miles before needing brakes and all we had done was to have the pads replaced.

    I would go back to the dealer and argue like we did – we took this up the chain of command from the SM to the SCR and then to the Ford Motor Company District Regional Manager, before we got any action.
    Normally, I prefer to handle situations like this with sugar and spice, you usually get bet customer service, but in this instance the salt and vinegar had to be dumped in the wound to get some action. We are very disappointed in this Ford dealership at this point in time – where we have purchased 3 SVU’s and 1 car and have had all our service done there. Good Luck.
    P.S. - I just want to say as a first time visitor and user of this site – THIS INFO WAS GREAT AND REALLY HELPFUL.
  • fitguyfitguy Posts: 222
    Good for you! As the old saying goes:
    "People can't walk all over you if you don't lie down"
  • VERY SERIOUS...Don't hesitate one single minute before taking in your Expedition. My wife's 2000 EB Exp burned to the ground last night in our driveway. The fire started 2 hours after it had been driven. Thank God nobody was hurt or that the house didn't burn down. We received the recall letter last week and had not made an appointement to take it in because we didn't feel the tone of the letter was serious. It is obviously a very serious issue.
  • Has any other expedition owners out there had their engines rev up when ever you start them first time of the day? Mine when its cold , and without putting my foot on the gas pedal, just turning the key revs high for a few seconds then it idles down. I have had both the 5.4L and now currently the 4.6L. They both have done this?? anybody have any answers? It didnt seem to affect anything before, its just annoying and I just dont like engines reving up at a high idle for a sec when the engine first starts? Its Like a verooooommmmm for about 2 or 3 secs, then it starts idling down.This is without my foot on the Gas. any help would be appreciated, Thanks!
  • fitguyfitguy Posts: 222
    My 2000 4.6 does the same thing once in a while, only revs up for about 2 seconds, then stabilizes and idles perfect. I think it's inherent to the Ford motors and doesn't seem to cause any problems. Although, as you said, the less revving at startup in the cold, the better.
  • Hi Everyone,

    I just joined this group and just bought an 05 Expy EB and really love it. I'll tell you what I know about the the 03-05 Expys and variety of problems. Have friends that are a service manager and a mechanic at a Ford dealership. The service manager bought an 03 Expy. It had the "1st year of a new line of cars" blues. In short, the 03s have problems. The problems were mostly fixed by the end of the model year 03 and very early 04. Ford made changes to the design of many of the components that were causing problems as the model year progressed. This doesn't help any of you that own the 03 - but that's what I'm hearing. My service manager friend sold his 03 and bought an 05 to get rid of his problems. I'm told that the 04 and 05s are much more reliable.

    Brake Dust - the 03 brake pads have been updated. The first time you replace the pads, the dust will go away. Ford (actually an aftermarket company that I saw at a Ford dealership) also sells a liner that sits behind the wheel and on top of the rotor to minimize the brake dust problem.

    Vibration - Ford has replaced numerous sets of the cheap/junk Continental tires because of vibration problems. If you have an 03-04 with vibration, it could very well be the tires. If you are getting the runaround, try a different dealership. I know that Ford has been replacing these tires (in bulk) if they are causing problems. Everyone seems to say "buy the Michelins". I have Continentals on my 05. I'm almost dissapointed that these tires seem to be okay. I would have loved to get a set of Michelins for free. I hear the Michelins make the truck drive much better than it already does.

    Hope this gives some of you the answers you needed even if the answer isn't the one you were hoping to hear.
  • sloparosloparo Posts: 2
    My 2001 Ford Expedition had a "clank" in the front end as well. We took it into the dealer just before the warranty ran out and were told it was a loose shock. The noise never really went away and, upon returning to dealership, we were told that it was the ball joints and given a repair estimate for over $800.00. I believe that it was the ball joints all along and am hoping that we can have them repaired as part of the warranty based on that fact. Any additional input would be appreciated.
  • sloparosloparo Posts: 2
    I just joined the forum based on a problem that has developed in our 01 Expedition. When under warranty we were told by dealership that the noise in our front end came from a loose shock. The noise continued and, upon returning to dealer, we were told that it was due to the ball joints (over $800.00 repair). At this point the vehicle's warranty has expired. Any comments? suggestions? All would be appreciated.
    Thank you.
  • We just recently had the same "window falling into the door when putting it down" problem with our 1998 Expedition. It's happened twice and so far, only in the Winter. It's out of warrantee so we've been reluctant to take it to Ford and pay their premiums. Local garage "glued" it back on frame first time. Said the motors are so powerful they pull the frame off the window when it gets cold and the glass part of the window sticks. Have you had any subsequent problems?
  • wkohlerwkohler Posts: 74
    I'm on my second 03. First was an early "A" build in 2002. Too many issues, so sold it and bought a "C" build. No problems to date with now over 60,000 miles. While my Continentals had no real problems, due to normal wear, I just got rid of them at 60,000 for a set of Michelins. I do notice a much quieter ride and the tires are not as intrusive as the Continentals. However, and again I reiterate, I had no real problems with the Continentals; no cupping, no vibration, etc. Also, I just spent $745 to take care of the brake dust issue. My brakes were getting a little thin and needed a brake job anyway. I'm sure money spent on wheel and tire cleaner will drop dramatically. I think we all need to keep something in perspective here. Out of the thousands of vehicles, Expeditions included, that Ford sells, we have just a handfull of folks taking advantage of these types of websites and using the websites to "vent" our problems and concerns. At times it looks like everyone that owns an Expedition has problems with tires, brakes, vibrations, noises and on and on. Realistically, I'm sure that's not the case at all.
  • dnolandnolan Posts: 1
    I have a 2004 Ford Escape with 25,000 miles on it. At the turn of 25,000 miles, the brake light came on. My brake shop told me that my pads were worn and the front rotors were warped and had to be replaced. They also told me that front rotors shouldn't need to be replaced this early! I believe that Ford Motor Co. has known this for years on most of their vehicles (just check the websites!)and continues to install inferior brake systems on their vehicles. I believe it's time for a class action suit to wake them up!
  • wijocowijoco Posts: 462
    I agree. More lawsuits. Yeah, definitely more lawsuits.
  • wijocowijoco Posts: 462
    What RPM are you talking? Anywhere between 2 and 2500 is normal on cold startup in winter.
  • 2000 Expedition the engine dies when shifted into reverse or drive. All experts say it's the intake air control valve. This has been replaced and all ports cleaned. The solenoid in the transmission and the torque converter has been changed. The theory was that the converter was locking up. The problem still exists. If when shifting into drive or reverse, you hit the gas pedal at the same time, it will lurch and go and drive normal, until you stop and it immediately dies. Any brainstorms? We are perplexed in this area of the country. Thanks!
  • wijocowijoco Posts: 462
    I would take it to a Ford dealer and pay the diagnostic rates to have it truly diagnosed. The dealer tech has instruments to read all mechanical devices when it stalls: fuel trim, throttle opening, transmission movements, etc. A few hours diagnosis will be expensive, but cheaper than all the parts you've replaced.
  • rick6705rick6705 Posts: 1
    I bought a new Expedition on February 15 and when I got on the interstate I noticed a vibration starting at about 65 up. It was not in the steering wheel but rather in the vehicle chassis. I live about 45 miles from the dealership so I called a few days later and told them. They made me an appt and I went in. They said the tires were out of balance and that solved the problem they sed. I started back home. Now mind you, the interestate is rather rough into you cross into the state I live in and the road gets ultra smooth. Well as luck would have it, the vehicle still vibrated, no difference. I called again and got yet another appointment. They service manager drove the vehicle with the mechanic and said he noticed nothing wrong. He said he felt road vibration then went on to say that when the vehicle was changed in 04 to a new body style, the previous owners of expeditions wanted more of a sport ride, tight, not an easy rider like apparently the 03's and previous was. Anyways, I am not satisfied with that answer. The steering wheel does not vibrate, its the chassis and or tires. Sounds like to me that I have a tire problem judging from a lot of postings on here. I have 1100 miles on this vibrating machine and have always bought fords. Oh if I only had it to do over again. any suggestions as to my problem?
  • dsaleedsalee Posts: 2
    I have had the same problem, and the dealer basically blew me off as "that is normal for 'cold' engines". However, after a couple of years my Expedition experienced a problem where the engine would not idle at all, and I had to feather the throttle just to keep it going. It turned out to be the solenoid, or other type of valve motor that operated the air intake butterfly. Upon replacing this unit, suddenly my vehicle does not over-rev at starting. In addition. on very cold mornings (I live near Canadian border) my engine would have a little internal 'knock' until warming up and driving for a few minutes. However, after replacing the air intake 'motor', viola, not only did the over-revving stop, but now the 'knock' is gone as well. If you opt to replace this unit, let us know your results. I love forums like this where people who 'care' about each other can really help, without going to the dealer where all you can be sure about is a quote for hundreds of dollars of repairs, that may or may not help!
  • dsaleedsalee Posts: 2
    I have also started experiencing a 'clunk - clunk' in the front end of my '98 Expedition. It occurs mainly when turning a corner and there are bumps in the road or driveway, causing a 'swaying' of the vehicle. Checking the tightness of the components under the vehicle shows no loose items. Shocks, tie rods, torsion bar, rack-in-pinion, A-arms, CV joint, any ideas??? I know the dealer will recommend hundreds, or thousands of dollars if I go directly to them!
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