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Ford Expedition Maintenance and Repair



  • cool_cdncool_cdn Posts: 9
    I have a vibration that's contant - whether I'm driving or standing still. It's about the same in any position. My Exped is 1999. It sucks! I really don't know where it's coming from, nor are there any computer codes showing up - soft or hard. Unbelieveable! I will be very happy when my bank loan is paid off on it - I'm going to get rid of it as fast as I can - I'm not even going to wait for the loan to expire - I'm selling it as soon as I can get the price low enough for a buyer to pay the loan off! GOD! What a lemon! Well, if you can find out what the issues are - it would be appreciated by all I'm sure!
  • cool_cdncool_cdn Posts: 9
    My Exped 1999 has a vibration even when standing still. I cant' locate the issue. It has no soft or hard codes coming up. Just vibrates. It seems to be the same vibration whether driving or standing still. Really weird - I fully regret buying this vehicle now. Unfortuantely it was a private sale (I should have known better!). Probably the guy laughed his head off after I drove away!

    Can't wait to pay off the bank now & get rid of this vibrator - sadly, it's not powerful enough to help anyone's sex life! But does drive me nuts!
  • cool_cdncool_cdn Posts: 9
    I bought a ford Expedition 1999 privately - I sincerely regret buy it big tine! It has a constant vibration which I feel thru the steering column and through out the vehicle. It vibrates while standing still or driving. The vibration is exactly the same in any condition. My hands are vibrating after doing a long trip! If this had a small connector - it could be a sex toy! It's that bad! It has no codes on the computer soft or hard. No - get your mind out of the gutter now!

    It's a bloody vibrator - yes! And I will never buy another Ford vehicle again! And I can't wait to pass this piece of S_it back to a dealer, or another person to spend their millions in repair bills.
  • cool_cdncool_cdn Posts: 9
    I just bought a used Ford expeditionm - 1999. I replaced the transmission, the rear differential, and 2 engine coils. It still has a vibration in the steering wheel, and the whole vehicle. It is a constant vibration at a specific level.

    I believe it may be the engine mounts. I will try to get them replaced/padded. It's killing me! I can see why there aren't anymore ford expeditions on sale anywhere - it's a "BAD" vehicle period! Vibration appears to be a typical issue. I can't wait to pay off the bank - in fact I'm going to try & sell it off at my loan cost as soon as I can.

    I will never buy a ford vehicle again!. Good luck!
  • cool_cdncool_cdn Posts: 9
    I have a 1999 Expedition and it has a "VIBRATION" that's present when idling or driving. It's about the same level of vibration when traveling or at a stand still. It's definitely not the wheels and the computer has no codes - soft or hard.

    It's aggravating! The vibration is through-out the vehicle, and especially felt on the steering wheel. Maybe it's really bad engine mounts. Dunno. But as soon as I can "Dump" this Expedition - I'm going too.

    The is truly a ("Fix-Or-Repair-Daily vehicle")

    I will never buy a Ford vehicle again!
  • cool_cdncool_cdn Posts: 9
    Go to a dealer. They get the code from Ford. Costs about $30.00 or so. Takes about 15 minutes.
  • cool_cdncool_cdn Posts: 9
    The cost should be $30 - $50.00 max. $85.00 means he's profiting beyond reason! He's just using his computer to ask Ford what the code is. Go to another dealer - they should charge less.
  • fitguyfitguy Posts: 222
    Are you sure there's not a nut loose behind the wheel?:)
  • Had the same problem with my '03 Expy. Ford replaced the rear clutch pack for free. It's a known issue and they were very good about it. they even gave me a loaner for the week it took them to fix it.
  • wrly_brdwrly_brd Posts: 1
    Hi all, have a 98 exp xlt, it has almost 200k on it, been a reasonable buy, but some issues popping be expected with the mileage. The most annoying is an intermittent short hesitation at about 13-1500 rpm. Noticeable when the truck is working harder to accelerate or start climbing a hill. Thinking fuel pump but not sure. Plugs and coil been replaced,o2 sensor, no check engine light, no codes....ideas? Thanks.
  • well im having a lot of problems with my exp. too and im planning to suit them too.. so any one who is on my side come along lets do something big .. since they are a big company we have to come together... and make our point..that ford really suck and they know that.. but we are ignorant in some cases.. like spending our $$$$ in a big JUNK LIKE FORD...!
  • wijocowijoco Posts: 462
    Were the wires replaced? How many coils does that engine have?
  • My brother had the same problem they told him to get his winsheild re sealed. I have a 99 eddie Bauer for some reason its starting to sit low on the rear left side until I crank up this cant be good and advice?
  • jameslgjameslg Posts: 5
    I have a 2003 Expedition that I bought new have the same problem. The Dealer has rebuilt the rearend twice and problem came back both times. They have now put 2 new rear ends in and still have the problem. The last rearend was installed in December and prior to the install Ford Zone manager told me if that did not fix the problem he would do the paper work to have Ford buy the car back. I am now told that the noise is normal for this rearend and they will do nothing else to resolve the problem. Ford has now issued a service bulletin regarding the problem. I think Ford is real making a mistake in the way they are handling this. My car has been in the shop 10% of the time I 22 months I have owned it. If Ford does not change their stance on mine it will be the last Ford I will own and I have owned 6 in the last 14 years and never have I had a problem like this.
  • necsonenecsone Posts: 1
    If you are looking for the code, look under the dash on the drivers side, there will be a silver box with a number on it, that is your code.
  • tonya1tonya1 Posts: 1
    The windshield is leaking. It is definitely the GEM module getting wet. Do you notice that it is only doing this when it rains/snows? Mine does the same thing when it rains. I am going to try to put some silicone around the windshield to see if that stops the leak. If not, I will have to replace the windshield. The good thing is that it acts normally after it dries out.
  • Hello All,
    I just bought a 2000 ford expedition eddie bauer. So far, so good, and I love it. However, I'm in need of :) a parts or parts. I'm sure you expedition owners will know what I'm talking about when I say the interior ceiling handles that you grab to get into the back seat when entering through the back doors. They have two bolts through them. Theses bolts are covered with little, oblong, plastic covers that snap into place. I need two of them! If I knew exactally what they were called, I would know what to ask for!! I'm going crazy here! Let me know, and thanks!
  • tootzebtootzeb Posts: 1
    I also have a 2003 Expedition with the same problems and others. I am on my second rearend and i am experiencing the same problem. I have started the lemon process. How many miles do you have on your vehicle? Have you had problem with your brakes? I have not seen the service bulletin have you?
  • maddmaxxmaddmaxx Posts: 81
    Has anyone had their oil light and Gauge intermittently quit and then begin working again a little later? All other gauges work normally. This is on a 2001 model. Thanks for the help.
  • geno001geno001 Posts: 6
    I have a 2004 Eddie Bauer premium edition. Bought it brand new 2/14/04. Currently 21,500 miles on it. Change oil and filters regularly, only times it has ever been to the dealership, they even wash it. No problems whatsoever. From April to November it is driven 3 hours each way every weekend to our beach house. I am an avid surf fisherman, It drives on the beach every weekend, sand, salt no problems. Live in Northeast Pa, cold winters, snow, no problems. It has almost every bell and whistle Ford offered. Never had a problem. I purposely bought it with the limited slip differential for the beach. It makes a slight whining sound, just like every other limited slip diff vehicle I have ever owned. I've owned em all Ford, Dodge, Chev. They all make the same whining sound. Even the 69 Camaro I had back in the day made the same sound. We absolutely love the truck, best vehicle we ever owned.
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