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Ford Expedition Maintenance and Repair



  • debpsdebps Posts: 1
    I was searching the web for info on the electrical problems and info on the GEM module on my 1996 Ford Explorer XLT. I took my husband's car to be detailed [interior only] on Friday. He drove it for the first time on Sunday and reported that the windows, interior lights and wipers were not working. It seemed too coincidental to be true, so I suspect that something happened during the detailing process. They claim, of course, that minimal water was used. I took it to one Ford dealer, who said it was the GEM module and it would have to be replaced to the tune of over $850 [about $350 parts and rest in labor].

    What do you make of this? Could it be caused by the detailing? Are the prices in line? PLEASE HELP! My husband is saying thanks alot for touching his car..and I'm stuck getting the situation he drives off each day with my car!!!

    Thanks in advance for your reply and attention.
  • nitzernitzer Posts: 3
    I have a 00' EB Expedition and there is an annoying clicking sound coming from around the front tires. It makes the noise going slow or fast but is more noticable at slower speeds. I noticed an old post with someone experiencing the same problem but couldn't find a reply. If anyone else has had this problem please reply.

  • nitzernitzer Posts: 3
    I have another problem with my 00' EB Expedition. My rear left tail light doesn't work. Of course I have replaced the bulb. I have used a test light and am just not getting any power to the rear. The side mirror and front lights work. Is there another relay or something ? I have tried tracing the wire back to the relay but haven't found any breaks or shorts. Any info would be appreciated.

  • beardownbeardown Posts: 1
    I have a 2004 Expedition 2WD 5.4engine and also am experiencing the same metal plunking noise that you describe. It does sound like the gas tank is expanding/contracting. I notice it on start-up, when idling, coasting, all different times and with all different levels of fuel in the tank.

    I haven't had it looked at yet. What did your dealer/mechanic indicate was the cause?

  • olywadrewolywadrew Posts: 1
    I have an 01 2WD and keep hearing a grinding noise from under my front. It sounds just like I have a rock stuck in my tires but I've checked them multiple times hoping thats all it is. The sound is constantly there just like a rock but when I turn going slowly I hear a popping/grind noise thats a little different.
    I've briefly checked some of the previous problems and weird noises sound common. Is there a simple solution?
  • stan40stan40 Posts: 2
    happen to me........alternater and battery needs changing/one or both.......its scary isnt it? but thats all it was..sounds like your catching it in time,unlike myself.ended up shutting down and paying a 50.00 tow...good luck..
  • stan40stan40 Posts: 2
    99 FORD EXP 85,000 mi/ oil always changed when due...............................freaking engine is KNOCKING...four dealers /mechanics comfirmed that the engine is done..................FORD SUCKS
  • rgurtargurta Posts: 6
    I replaced the rear differential twice. The second replacement is acting up like the other ones did. (Whining). The rear end chatters sometimes when accelerating from a dead stop on smooth pavement. The radio has been replaced twice. The right rear door lock has been replaced and needed replacement again when I traded it in at 38,800 miles. Right rear passengers could not get out of the car. The rear ac line needed to be replaced ($1559) and the rear window wiper motor ($482) when I traded. The dealer/Ford would not cover anything under warranty. Instrument panel lights went out at 19,000 miles and I had to drive car home at night. There was a rattle in the drivers B pillar on cool days. The driver's windshield wiper made a horrible dragging noise and I stopped using it as much as possible on rainy days. 4 new blades were installed at @29.95 each.
  • jansexpyjansexpy Posts: 1
    I have a 99 EB with the same noise. Did you ever get an answer?
  • nitzernitzer Posts: 3
    Unfortunately no. Sorry
  • jswansonjswanson Posts: 1
    If the throttle position sensor is worn at one spot, the hesitation will occur at a different rpm but same accelerator position for each gear tested.
  • johnkatjohnkat Posts: 1
    I have a 2000 4x4 Expedition that is having a problem which seems like the 4x4 is stuck in low. The truck seems to be in low gear all the time. It's worse when I make a U-Turn. Also, the speedometer seems to be wacky and shows the Expedition doing 40 MPH when it is only doing about 10 MPH. I brought it to the dealer who "thinks it's the shift motor" but said that he wasn't sure if fixing that would solve the problem and he didn't understand why the speedometer suddenly has a problem.
    Any ideas? Also, how much should I expect to pay to replace the 4x4 shift motor?
    Thanks for any and all advice.
  • whall1whall1 Posts: 1
    Hi, I have the same problem with my '99, but it is the right tail light.
    Did you ever find out what the problem was? Any help you can offer will be appreciated as we are getting very frustrated with the vehicle at this time.
  • arnold78arnold78 Posts: 1
    yes I have, But it was the selinoid shifter. Get the car to be checked by an autozone store person, and they will put the code reader for they to tell you what is the problem. It also dropped the RPM's when i got off the freeway.
  • nomore1nomore1 Posts: 4
    I am replying to my old post to give an update. The rear-end went out AGAIN. I've had it. Traded it last week. Will never own another. If American manufacturers can't place more focus on engineering, and less on accounting, they will suffer. I am now an American family with no American cars. Go toyota and honda. Well I guess my Honda was built in the US. Probably has more american parts than my expy did. Goodbye forever.
  • nomore1nomore1 Posts: 4
    We had a noise when turning on our 01 expy. Turned out to be a busted U joint. It was under warranty at the time. It also cause lots of wear on the tire. It was a pop-pop-pop noise when turning from a stop sign.
  • ontopofit2ontopofit2 Posts: 1
    Had same problem with 2003 EB. Took 24,000 miles and a year and a half for the dealer to replace the entire seat mechanism. Now all is well.
  • rjeromerjerome Posts: 3
  • rjeromerjerome Posts: 3
    my 4x4 panel light blinks all the time on my 99 EB expedition. does anyone have a fix?
  • thelynchesthelynches Posts: 2
    I just bought an 05 Expedition Limited and drove it straight from the dealer to my garage. The next day I noticed that there was a reverse dent (pop-out) in the middle of the rear passenger door. I thoroughly inspected the vehicle for dents and sheet metal abberations before signing the contract and saw no problems.

    I am working with the dealer to determine what happened (something pushing from the inside, etc.). In the meantime, I was wondering if paintless dent removal could fix this reverse dent. Since it is small (not raised much) would using PDR be more harm than good. Also, if it is determined that there is a wire or some other object in the door that caused the problem what recourse do I have with Ford? Could body flex have caused this? The car only had 4 miles on it when I bought it.

    I am a bit miffed about the whole thing since I drove 3 1/2 hours to buy the $47k car my wife wanted only to find something like this happen after only 250 miles of driving it. I am sad to say the least. Hopefully Ford makes this right.
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