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Ford Expedition Maintenance and Repair



  • Hey guys, I have an 04 Expedition and at 5,000 miles the howling started. Long story/short version: in reducing weight Ford made the diff, etc out of aluminum, bolted it to the frame. Turns out the alum was not heavy duty enough and to eliminate it they rebuilt the rear end. I got a new rear end and it stopped the howl.
    The Expe drive like a different vehicle. Try it, it should be under warranty. Or if out of warr go to your favorite good mech. and have him replace the seals and bearings with heavy duty. What irritated me was Ford knew about the problem and still put the vechicles on the market without saying anything. Only when customers asked did Ford acknowledge the problem.
  • rmouldsrmoulds Posts: 1
    I have exactly the same problem, where is the amp physically located on the vehicle?

  • I have an '03 Expy XLT , 4.6 engine and 70,000 miles. When I put the control to have air come out the dash vents, (Not the defroster vents) all works fine until I accelerate. Under even slight acceleration the air stops coming out the vents. It comes out the defroster vents. This occurs whether or not the A/C is on. I know there must be a vacuum somewhere but where? No codes have been produced.
  • I had my truck for a year 1999 ford expedition I have the same problem trying to find the answer too. I will post it if I find it. Trying to fix it for two month Real Mad :mad:
  • yatesyyatesy Posts: 1
    We have a 2003 2WD Eddie Bauer and have had the rear end rebuilt 3 times now under warranty. Today, I backed out of the driveway and it started the grinding again. It's not realing "howling" but more of a grinding sound mainly when I turn a corner or back out of a parking space and go forward. Any suggestions? It's all under warranty but this is getting very old.
  • nikrnikr Posts: 1
    Every morning I have a steering wheel shimmy for a few minutes and then it goes away as the tires warm up. has anyone expereinced thi? if so please help with advise
  • I currently own a 1999 Expedition and have experienced a problem with the Odometer going out at start up. It will display after a few miles/ kilometers down the road. If anyone has experienced the same issue, I'd be glad to here from you.
  • macman246macman246 Posts: 118
    Does anyone know of a cheap, reputable place I can buy parts for my Expedition on the web? My local dealers are such a rip-off. Thanks.
  • I have had the same problem with my 99 XLT for almost three years now. I have been told by my helpful service manager that the whole instrument panel needs to be replaced to correct the intermittent odometer display at a cost of over $280.00. I found that by thumping the instrument panel (not too hard, though) just beyond the steering column turns it back on for a little while. Not very convenient and makes difficulty when getting inspected yearly, but so far has saved me $280.00 (was told that it was not covered by warranty when first taken in to dealer). :confuse:
  • dirk6dirk6 Posts: 1
    DTC P1299 says - Cylinder head overtemperature protection active. What causes this and how can I fix this. I have a 2001 Expedition.
  • Thanks for the assistance, its greatly appreciated.
  • ttvjottvjo Posts: 4
    Yes, i have a 2003 Ford Exp. xlt---i have raned it low of fuel a few times, i'm having trouble accelerating and it jerking a little bit. i filled my tank up and then used gas treatment and it raned fined but when i got down to about a half a tank it started jerking and hesitating a little o/d light started flashing so i pulled over on the side of the road turned the vehicle off and restarted the vehicle but the o/d light went transmission is fine...what is going on do i need to change the fuel filter or do you guys think my fuel pump is bad and also need changing i hope not i will not go below a half a tank again..please help me i'm just a little old lady... :cry: do anyone know where can i find cheaper parts from the dealership is to high :sick:
  • Hi..I sure hope this helps you, or anyone else out there having strange noise problems. with your 4wd 2000 expy.starting at about 40 mph, and going away when you take your foot off gas.I took my car to one Ford dealer who kept it two days and unable to diagnose the problems.I took it to two more garages with no luck.Then I called another Ford dealer, and talked to him over the phone,I explained my problems, and he said is it possible you have un even tire tread.Well, funny he should say that because last year I only replaced two tires instead of four because the other two still looked good.I always thought the noise sounded like a tire problem.He said he found in all wheel drive 4WD if there is even 1/8 of a difference in tire tread then it will make that noise.Reason being is the car computer thinks the tires are stuck, so it is trying to engage into 4wd.That is usually why the noise goes away after 60-75 mph.The computer realizes the vehicle is not stuck.I went and replaced the old tires and WALAH no more noise.I hope this hepls.Its so frustrating to take your car to a professional who cant even diagnose the problem.
  • Do you have uneven tire tread?Do you have AWD..if you do then this will cause the noise.I know cuz I just went through a huge ordeal, and nobody could figure out the problem.
  • lenrlenr Posts: 13
    Good news. The service manager new that the problem was a muffler that was coming apart inside with loose pieces vibrating. New muffler, no problem. Certainly would have been nice if they could have figured this out last February.
  • beranberan Posts: 1
    I have a 1997 Expedition with the 5.4. After warm up, there is a "howling noise" when RPM's are increased. The noise is there when the vehicle is parked or moving and can be heard from the interior of the vehicle but not when listening under the hood. I have tried every combination of events to isolate the source but have been unable to locate. The noise is not extremely loud but anoying. Any ideas???

  • HELLO,I also have a 03 EB Ford Exp and had the same problem you did .I bought
    my suv used and you know when you have something new you want it to look good :shades: . So I washed the truck inside and out and i also wash the engine off thats when she got :sick: thats when it all started . water got down in the spark plugs and it ran just like your truck.It went back & forth 4 time to the dealer befor someone found the problem.Now my truck is runing grate :P
  • My Expy has been doing it since it was at least a year old. Only does it every so often the dealer couldn't find anything wrong. The other day it caught me off gard I was in my drive way so nothing bad happen. I'm calling Ford today again about it maybe I'll get a hold of nitsa too. I now have 88,000mi on it.
  • MY Ex is a 2001 bought brand new. In 2002 it started the same thing Ford dealer couldn't find a thing wrong. I thought I was nuts till it started happening to my hubby. Now years later here I am and my son will be driving next year. If there is no solotion I,m selling the thing. I called Ford today for the 2ed time. Cause I want it all documented in case theres an accident. If I were you I would call them every time it happens or take the thing back and get your money back.
  • MY 2001 has 88,000mi on it it has the same problem I don,t go to Ford any more Montieth tire here said it was a broken link pin and the lower ball joints are loose so I will take it in to be fixed this week but I want to see under it to see if anything else looks like it might break. I seen on the net here that in 2000 Ford wanted people to take there trucks in to have the ball joints tighten gee at that time my was being bulit. They might have bee loose all along. I will not buy another Ford again.
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