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Ford Expedition Maintenance and Repair



  • my driver side window made a grinding noise when I put it down and now it wont go back up. Need help--can I fix this or does it need to go into the dealership? ">
  • gus5gus5 Posts: 1
    I have the same problem with 03. The service manager told me that it is normal with vehicle specs. Yesterday I had enough Service Manager asked me to leave or he would call the State Police. I love the friendly customer service dealerships offer. Why is it easier to return a $20 toaster to Walmarts than a $47000 vehicle to the dealership?
  • I am having the same problem with the same car. Have you found the cause? Is there a chance this could be a safety recall?
  • My 2000 5.4L Exp has 81,000 miles. Lately, it will turn over and start in Park but will not idle and dies immediately. If I keep my foot on the accelerator and rev up the RPMs, it will die immediately after removing my foot. However, it started in Neutral and will hold its idle and can then be driven. But now even that doesn't work anymore. Have to keep my foot on accelerator and shift into Neutral at stop signs and stoplights to keep it running. Plan on taking it in to dealer next week but would like to have an idea of what it could be and cost to repair, or should I just trade it in.
  • I have a 99 XLT. The service engine soon light came on the other day with no symptoms. I plugged my code reader in and it read egr flow. So OK, I have an egr problem right? I continued to read the data and it said o2, catylast, and another one I can't remember right now as "not ready". What would cause that?
    A couple of months ago it coded "missfire cyl.3" Replaced plug wires, reset codes and everythings been good since. What's up?
  • 99 expedition started blowing hot air, figured out it was blend door . changed the blenddoor and ran fine for 1 hour. changed it again and same thing . does anyone know what is causing this. rear air is freezing!
  • This might work for you in the same way it worked for me the other way.

    Hope it helps!

    Rob :shades:
  • My expedition has an intermittent problem that it won't start. What happens is I put the key in the ignition and turn it to accessories and everything turns on in the truck like it is supposed to then I turn the key to the start position and absolutely nothing happens... The truck is equipped with the coded keys and it almost seems that the computer is thinking that I am trying to use a fake key...I have two keys and I have tried both. There is nothing on the key chain except the remote and the key. Once this problem occurs I have to let the truck sit for several hours before the key will work again... does anybody have any ideas or are familiar with any known problems
  • You might need to replace the ignition relay. I had a problem that sounds like what you are experiencing and installing a new relay took care of the problem. It is a pretty inexpensive part and very easy to change. It is located on the firewall passenger side. Hope it helps. :)
  • I beg to differ...i own a 98 and it save me & all my family's lives....i was hit fro the side and pushed head on into a 18x18" sq gas sign steel pole..the damage was close to 11k...and that was only the front end cost.....any smaller vehicle would have killed us all.
  • Lawdude-

    Had a similar problem last year with our '98 with 75k and it was the somthing called "engine idle air valve" located on the back side of the fuel injection . Dealer charged $75 to bolt in ~$120 for the valve. Could have done it myself if I knew what it was. This is very common and is covered by a TSB.
  • The problem is your idle air control valve. I replaced one on my 5.4 99 Expedition.
    It's not hard to change(20 minutes tops),just two small metric bolts and an electrical connection.It is on the upper portion of the intake, just in front of the firewall.I bought mine at AutoZone. Good Luck!!
  • I have a 2003 expedition and the drivers side window stopped working. I pulled out the motor and tested it and it works fine. I cant believe that the buttons have already gone bad. Is there someone out there that has had the same problem??
  • I searched on this and haven't found the exact same symptoms. I have a 2001 XLT with the 5.4L with 73K miles. Yesterday it began running rough and the check engine light came on. Then it went off for a while. Then it flashed for a while and is now constant on. When accelerating lightly, there is a very bad vibration that stops as soon as you let off the gas. It you accelerate moderately the vibration is much less but when you get to cruise speed and accelerate lightly to maintain speed it shudders badly. Hit the gas too much and the CEL begins to flash then goes back to constant. At a stop, it idles very rough but hasn't stalled. Starts ok too.

    Not sure what is going on but I couldn't get an appointment until Wednesday. I thought I would check the plugs but as other have mentioned, they're nowhere to be found. It's going to the dealer but I'm trying to size up what this could be and rough cost to repair. Any comments or thought would be appreciated.

  • I have owned a 1998 Ford Explorer in the past and currently own a 2003 Ford Expedition. Both had problems with the air conditioning (Condenser/Accumulator leaks). Has anybody else had these problems with their vehicles? I find it quite odd that I had the same problem with 2 different vehicles owned at 2 different times. Is this a problem Ford needs to be aware of?
  • i just bought a 2005 expedition and the tires keep cupping?????? have talked with other people with same problem! should the tire presure change???? HELP!!
  • :cry: I have the same problem with my 98 EB and the diagnostic readings came up as P0172 and P0174 System too lean Bank 1 code. I had my pcv valve and hose replaced, and then my erg valve. I am still idling and my check engine light is still on. Any suggestions on what might be the problem. Could it possibly be that my maf sensor needs to be replaced.
  • One or more of your coil-on-plug packs is probably bad. #4 usually seems to go out first. But there are eight coils, one for each plug. Your Ford dealer will do a diagnostic to find out which one(s) are bad. Cost of repairs--figure about $350-400 for parts & labor for one. Doing it yourself is not recommended. I wouldn't take it to a "shadetree" mechanic either.
  • Thanks firestorm- It's at the dealer today so hopefully that is all it is. I'll report back with the diagnosis.

    Do you know why these go bad? I have never had this happen in one of my cars. Is this a defect?
  • All,
    I have an 04 5.4L approaching the end of bumper to bumper warranty (35K). For the life of this truck it's had a mild ticking noise when the A/C compressor is engaged. You only hear it if you're outside the vehicle and the system works perfectly.

    Anybody else experienced this?
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