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Ford Expedition Maintenance and Repair



  • Our 99 Exped does the exact same thing. :mad:

    Tap on the odometer and it appears again.

    Happens on a random basis.

    Any fixes for it yet? :confuse:
  • Maybe you all have an answer for me.....I have a 2002 Ford Expedition Eddie Bauer and I have a problem with my brakes...My problem is an unusual and terrible shaking when the brakes are applied, it happens while slowing down between the 70 and 30 mph range. Once the vehicle has slowed down to 30 mph the vibration goes away....while accelerating to any speed range there is absolutely no vibration....this problem has gotten so bad that the whole steering column shakes while applying the brakes....anyone help? :mad:
  • I am a technician, and have a solution to your problem. The problem is that the brake rotors are warped. meaning that they have high spots and low spots, caused by overheating. (usually city driving, towing, using your brakes hard etc.) the fix for this is a brake job. I would recomend replacing the the rotors. you can machine them, but if they are as bad as you say, it will just come back. As the rotor turns the high spots push the pads back and the result is a brake pulsation. At highway speeds this results in a severe vibration. you dont feel it below 30 mph because the rotors are not turning fast enough to cause a vibration. If you can feel it in the steering wheel it is the fronts, if you feel it in the seat, it is the rears. You will need a whole brake job because the pads have already worn into the old rotors, And you have to take the pads out to replace the rotor anyway. Hope this helps, Justin
  • Justin

    Thanks I plan on doing just that....thanks for your help

  • deanctdeanct Posts: 10
    I found out it was the battery. It was malfunctioning so they replaced it and so far it's been good. Hopefully I won't experience any of the other problems that I've read about. Good luck!!
  • My ford dealers charged me close to $300 for the same problem. You got off cheap! :cry:
  • :) Problem fixed for $344.

    Seems there are 2 Hall Effect sensors on the rear axle that sense speed. They replaced the first one and a different code appeared...still the 4x4 light flashed.

    So they replaced the second sensor...and problem is gone.

    Each sensor is about $53. Seemed to make sense, at 110.000 miles, to replace both so I wouldn't risk future problems between the 2 of them on the same circuit.

    thanks :blush:
  • lamp1lamp1 Posts: 1
    your rings havent seaded yet weight till you get about 1000 miles on it i bet it will stop smoking you still have break oil in it
  • Have a 97 Ex and have loved it but now I have a intermittent problem. has been to shop 3 times and dealer 1 time with no permanent fix. Started this summer,at about 40 to 50 mph it starts hesitating (chugging), worse going up hill. If I throttle back and go easy it smooths out I can ease it up thru 50 mph and then it is ok (or sometimes I turn off the over drive so the rpm's come up and it smooths out). next time in the car it is just fine. Shop replaced the #2 spark plug and coil. Worked for a while and then started doing it again. replaced the spark plug (#2) again ...Then I took it to the dealer and they had it for 5 days and could not get it to do it. (no fault of theirs, if it dosent do it how can they fix it) I did have them replace the fuel filter on advice of a friend and it ran for about 2 or so months with out a hitch then the other day it started doing it again. No engine light so nothing on the computer. I live in alaska so I am used to there being more "problems" in the cold but this started in the summer.
  • My wife has a 2001 Ford Expedition with about 64k miles. Last week she noticed it seemed to be jerking while driving like it was slipping gears or something. I checked it out over the weekend and the transmission fluid looks fine. I did notice that when I take off quick, it pauses and then jerks forward and it feels like it tries to engage the 4dw drive. We've been driving it with the service engine soon light on for about 5 months and all has been fine. Could there be a bad sensor that is causing it to act this way or do I have something more serious about to go wrong?
  • nbxnbx Posts: 28
    Just got on after being away for a few months. This noise is very normal and is nothing more than the A/C starting up after having been idle overnight or longer. The refrigerant currently mandated by EPA makes this unavoidable. I sounds terrible, but is common for all late model Fords and is no problem at all.
  • nbxnbx Posts: 28
    Dealer earlier replaced and then rebuilt(rebuild only Ford's new policy) rear diff in try to eliminate noise. 100% success the first time at 5,000 miles, but rear-end whine returned at 25,000 or so. Dealer unable to correct
    completely with rebuild and now claims the remaining problem is the wonderful OEM tires that Ford provides.

    The vehicle's only other problem in first 37,000 miles has been a loud clanging noise on hills a couple of times from what the Ford dealer believes is bad fuel (maybe from the hurricanes?)

    Overall lots of good performance from this vehicle, good running 5.4L, 260 hp, nice tranny upgade for 2004. Decent day to day mileage from 5.4L 2V engine given the 5,720 lbs for the 2004 NBX. Nice handling from stock off-road NBX setup. Newer 20.5-1 steering ratio in 2004 and up models pleasant to drive while being plenty quick. (2003 FX4 Expedition was too quick for me at 17.1 with R&P steering)

    Again lots of performance,value, vehicle life, and brakes nd towing ability. And, best of all gasoline is $1.95/ gallon at least for now! Ha!

    P.s. For NV BANKER--old FX4 now NBX
  • I started my 2003 Expedition this morning and a very loud ticking or clicking noise was coming from the rear right panel where the reclining seat buttons are located. I could feel vibrations coming from there. I don't know what is under that panel but on my way to work it stopped. I drove it after work and it was fine. After running around all evening it started up again and did not stop until I turned the car off. Has anyone ever heard of this problem? It is so loud that turning up the radio did not drown it out.
  • I just recently noticed a fuel smell coming from my 2000 EB. I looked under to see a drip coming from a return fuel line located next to the front of the fuel tank. It looks as if the protective shield in front of the tank hits the line perpendicular. I'm guessing from vibration the fuel line was eventually cut. Now 500.00 to drop the tank and replace the line. Anybody else experience this, can I do this myself? :mad:
  • Just had this fixed. After 6 years of owning a 1997 Eddie Bauer with a lean. No one could ever find anything wrong including 3 dealerships!

    The air bag does not return. Fix is about $150 at dealership to clean up solenoids, I believe they said. That was what was wrong with mine.
  • My son drives my former 2000 Expedition Eddie Bauer and has experienced the same jerking motion while driving. It feels like the vehicle is trying to engage the 4-wheel drive while the vehicle is moving. I've driven the vehicle and experienced it once but not as severe as my son. He has also had problems with the vehicle starting. It doesn't happen everytime but when it does, the vehicle starts and if you take the foot off accerator it stalls the vehicle. It's been in the shop three times, and each time we've paid for the diagnostic machine only to find out that it doesn't reflect problems with starting. So why put it on the same machine 3 times??? We've been told by each mechanic that there is nothing wrong with the vehicle. We've had the solenoid replaced, checked the starter and replaced the battery. Any suggestions would be appreciated. This vehicle is a great vehicle but it's starting to be a money pit. :confuse:
  • Try calling someone like Triple AAA or a locksmith (which can be costly) can probably disengage the lock itself which will have to be replaced. You may want to contact the dealership to see if they have any information to help you get into the vehicle.
  • mbjbmbjb Posts: 39
    You can go to a ford dealership and provide them with the vin# and proof of ownership(usually some kind of ID)and the dealership can provide you with the code for the keyless entry.
  • dendzdendz Posts: 1
    For the past 18 months, I can smell gas coming from my 2002 Ex. After I park it, I can smell it coming out from under the hood. When I first start it when its warm, I get a blast of strong gas smell through the vents. I have looked for leaks and can't find any. I have had it back to my Ford dealership three times and they keep saying they can't find a leak. They have even pressure checked my fuel system and still no luck. Now that the weather has turned cold, I no longer smell gas. But I know it will be back in the spring. Anyone else experience this problem? Any ideas??
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