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Ford Expedition Maintenance and Repair



  • We are still having this intermitten problem of the car not starting. We turn the key, all the bells and lights go no, turn the key to start and nothing, not a click or anything. We were told it's related to the anit-theft system, we have had new keys, fobs and a new keyless code, ( we bought the car used wit only 1 key), recently before this started. I have replaced the relays, cleaned the battery terminals, the problem went away for a short while. I live in the Arizona mountians, the problems started when I went to Phoenix at 100 degrees, when I got back to the cool mountians in the 60 degrees, the problems it did not happen, now it's 70 to 80 degrees, it now happing up here. Could the heat be a factor, maybe a hot starter. When it won't start, we let it sit and in about 20 minutes it will start, as if there were never a problem. Any help would be great with this phamtom problem.
    Thanks Highplainsjoe
  • fundadfundad Posts: 27
    Just a heads up on my suspension clunk and steering wheel shake. I removed the sway bar end links and that stopped the clunk. So I guess its off to auto zone for some new ones. I hope the new styles are still about $11.00 per side. Also, the steering wheel shake was the alignment. I never knew it was off. The truck never pulled to either side. I hope this helps anyone with the same issues.
  • megank319megank319 Posts: 1
    I took my 2001 Expedition to the ford deal today.... My overdrive button was flashing "off". They said my pressure control Cilinoid ws closed. If you get the part from Ford its likr $70...I am taking somewhere to get fixed and it is between $210-$350.
  • schiller1schiller1 Posts: 1
    Have 2001 Expedition Eddie Bauer with Leak in windshield on left side.

    An electrical short has developed that has disabled the window / wiper motor and the ignition interlock switch.

    Fuse replacement initially held for 48 hours. Subsequent fuse replacements have shorted upon replacement

    Service technician states it is not the gem module that their is a short within the wiring system

    Any body else have similar problems
  • millerfordmillerford Posts: 10
    I was reading my manual for my 98 Expedition and it was talking about air suspension and I looked at the passanger side kick panel and it said along with Fuel Pump switch Air Sus. or whatever, I looked behind there and I didn't see the switch that was described in the manual does that mean I don't have Air sus? I just don't understand why they would put that kick panel on it that says that... maybe they were just saving money by using that instead of making another one that didn't have that on there.... any comments please reply!!
  • razzmaniacrazzmaniac Posts: 22
    Ok, im asking this question after i brought the truck to the dealer.
    I have a 2003 Eddie Bauer Expy 4x4. When the truck is warmed up and been driven during the day enough, the tranny clunks into 1st gear on the downshift from a slow brake at 20mph. Only happens when its been driven enough and well warmed up. I know its not suppossed to clunk into 1st gear on the downshift but when i brought it to the dealer (in the early morning) of course it didnt do it. And i have a feeling the dealership wont find a problem so i am asking if anyone else has this happened and found what the issue was??
    Thanks guys :confuse:
  • fundadfundad Posts: 27
    I had a 99 4x4 eb that did it from day one (500 miles) still did it when I got rid of it with 160,000 miles. Never a failure with it clunking.
  • millerfordmillerford Posts: 10
    My Expedition didn't come with rear air but just two little stupid vents on the back of the center console exactly like what the Explorer has. I was wandering if I could possibly get the over head console instaled along with the rear air? Has anyone ever tryed that. I really want rear air and was wondering if it's possible to have that installed????? :confuse: Please help!!!!
  • ephillipsjephillipsj Posts: 1
    Weird, I have a 98 eddie bauer expedition as well, but I do have air suspention. The switch is located on the passenger side right below the glove compartment box. I asked someone this myself and they told me if it is a ford eddie bauer then they all are equipped with air suspension.
  • lucky6p5lucky6p5 Posts: 2
    i have the same problem with my 98 did you ever get it fixed if so what was the problem.
  • lucky6p5lucky6p5 Posts: 2
    i have a 98 ford expiditon i have gotten an error code reading the first one was cyclender 3 misfire and i changed the all the plugs and checked the gap changed wires and coil packs and fuel filters also air filter now cyclender 2 says miss fire during acceleration it is heisting until about 55 to 60 then runs fine any help please
  • steviebosteviebo Posts: 6
    i am in the process of removing my rear rotors on my 98 expedition. i have the the calibers off but have worked for 2 hours to get the rotors off with out any success. we have tried to break it loose with a sledge hammer and used penetrating oil. any suggestions on how to break them loose.
  • vbowlesvbowles Posts: 2
    I own a 2000 XLT Experdition. I drove it Monday and it was fine. On Tuesday I got in it and I had no forward or reverse. It didn't matter if it was in AWD,4WDhi or low. It goes in park. If you reeve the motor a little it feels like it is trying to pull forward or reverse depending which you have selected. It has 123,000. and a 5.4 triton motor. There hasn't been any slipping, jerking or noise. Anyone got any ideas as to what may be wrong? Or how to check and try to find out the problem. Thanks
  • macman246macman246 Posts: 118
    Was it raining when you last drove it? Did you set the parking brake? I've had stuck brakes before on my old Explorer, where the pads stick to the rotors and you can't move, even after releasing the parking brake. This would usually happen when parked overnight after driving through water. I've never had it happen on my Expedition.

    To unstick the brakes, I'd almost have to floor the accelerator pedal. Make sure your other foot is on the brake pedal, ready to slam it down when you start moving suddenly. It's a little scary doing this inside a garage. Make sure your wheels are straight, and no one is standing nearby!!!
  • vbowlesvbowles Posts: 2
    Thanks for the reply. No it wasn't raining and it will roll. It's like the transmission just stopped working.
  • 99 Expy EB has been riding high for a few days, but is bouncing like crazy, not sure if Air Compressor went out or whats wrong...anyone else have any ideas.

    Thanks! :cry:
  • whitneyannwhitneyann Posts: 1
    I was also driving my 2005 expedition when the brakes failed. I was driving downhill, when I pushed the brake pedal and it went to to the floor, my car would not stop but it slowed enough for me to put it in park. When I took it to the dealer, Ford's response was that "It is normal for the brake pedal to go to the floor during a "panic stop" and there was nothing they could do" But the dealer did say that all the dealerships were reporting the same problem with the explorers and expeditions. It seems to me that during a "panic stop" is the time you need your brakes the most. I hope anyone else with this problem will post it.
  • msgtincomsgtinco Posts: 1
    My 02 Expedition has a strange problem. When parked in my driveway or on a decline with the front facing downhill, the fuel gauge will eventually register empty. The fuel system will actually register empty and the engine will react as such and respond as though empty. It has happened will traveling back down from Pikes Peak which causes quite a problem when the engine fails and now we have no power steering, brakes, etc... We've taken it to a local dealer but being that I'm in the middle east they attempted to decipher my wifes explaination to no avail. They drove it around town and couldn't duplicate. She of course couldn't believe they were that inept but yet the problem still exists.
  • dockydocky Posts: 11
    I own a 2003 EB with 42K, noticed a pull to the right after buying preowned a few months ago. Brought it back for realignment, but it didn't go away. Brought it back again saying "it pulls to the right, do whatever you need to do to fix it". It came back better, but not gone, and now it is very noticable again. Also has developed a rattle under the front end when driving on anything but new pavement.

    Any suggestions on what to say to dealer/service to get these things fixed? I have 100K warranty. Thanks in advance. Love the truck otherwise (except for 14.2 mpg!).
  • car2903car2903 Posts: 2
    We bought a 2005 Expedition Eddie Bauer model new in March, 2005. After driving it about 2000 miles, something odd happened. I went to turn a corner, and the brakes failed. Since I wasn't used to driving a SUV, my husband and I decided that it was just a fluke and thought nothing about it until the next time it happened at about 4000 miles. I tried to stop at rail road tracks, and the brakes didn't hold. About a half mile up, I tried to stop again at a 4-way stop sign, and went right through it. I noticed out of the corner of my eye that a red light came on briefly, but when the service manager at the dealership asked me which light it was, I told him I was more interested in making sure I didn't hit someone, or get hit, so I didn't take time to look at the liht. They kept the car for a few days - didn't find anything wrong. We took it back. A month ago, at 10,000 miles, once again the brakes didn't work at a stop sign and I almost was hit. The vehicle made a loud noise. We took it to the dealership again and said we would not take the car back until something was found to be causing this problem and be fixed. The service manager asked if the car made a noise (he tried to duplicate the noise, and it was the same noise that I heard), but still they couldn't find a problem after keeping the car 4 weeks. I don't know how many times they checked it during that time, but we did leave it there four weeks. The outcome was that Ford did buy back the vehicle from us. We, in turn, bought another Ford Expedition, a 2006 Limited. I took possession of it almost 2 weeks ago on a Friday. Everything was going great until the following Tuesday. I came to a stop sign and hit the brakes in plenty of time to stop. The car kept going, and the motor sounded as if it was accelerating, while my foot was pushing the brake as far to the floor as I could. Again, my guardian angel must have been with me, b/c I wasn't hit, nor did I hit anyone. We brought the car immediately back to the dealership - they kept it for 2 days, couldn't find anything wrong with it. Ford Motor won't do anything this time and I know there is something very wrong with this vehicle also. What are the chances of having 2 brand new vehicles with the same unexplained problem? Maybe one in a million. So, the car is sitting in the garage. My husband is driving it around the subdivision trying to get the brakes to malfunction again. Anyone out there have a similar situation with at least one Ford Expedition? Please let me know - I'm desperate!!!
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