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Ford Expedition Maintenance and Repair



  • eb4saleeb4sale Posts: 2
    Began thinking it was the fuel reg but when the vehicle failed to start this afternoon we checked the hose before the reg. and there was no gas so that made us think fuel pump, even though this is a new pump. Had that tested and the guy said it is good but not getting voltage so suggested it could be a relay, although we can't locate that or the fuse (I am artificially blonde and not sure what I am talking about just incase this isn't making sense to any of you, I'm clueless) We took it to the dealership and they couldn't locate the problem because it doesn't happen all the time and there were no codes. Any advice??? Thanks for your reply sshun302!!! ;)
  • Question 1321 what was the resolve.
    I have the same problem on my 1999 Expedition?
  • cinepostcinepost Posts: 3
    My 2003 EB battery went bad, which I replaced....but it was the alternator...which I just replaced today with a rebuilt one.

    Now the Battery light stays on, and I get the "Check Charging System" message. Otherwise, the car runs fine.

    What had to be done to get your car to stop giving the message ?

    thanks in advance....Myron from Georgia
  • cinepostcinepost Posts: 3
    Hey MostlyJazz,

    What was the verdict on your problem?

    My 2003 EB has a new battery and alternator....but now indicates "Check Charging System". It seems to be running fine though.

    I'll take it in, but want to know what to expect.
  • mostlyjazzmostlyjazz Posts: 11
    The dealer finally replaced the alternator. The "Check Charging System" warning light never came on after that.

    However, prior to the new alternator the dealer replaced the cruise control, replaced the wiring harness and ECU (computer?).

    Since the alternator was replaced the dealer rebuilt the rear axle, repaired leaking sunroof,replaced a fuel pump and EGR valve. Continental tires were shredded at 10,000 miles.

    I purchased the Expedition new in January 2005 and it currently has 24,000 miles on it. Judging by the sound of the rear axle it is ready for another re-build. Engine pings under load. I am hopeful the repairs end soon. :sick:
  • cinepostcinepost Posts: 3
    Thanks for the reply! This forum really works.

    Yeah, I figure that it is just something with the Alternator.
    I am going to swap it out for another tomorrow.

    We had to replace the tires at 20,000 miles which I thought was too soon....and the front disc brakes and rotors at 25,000.....

    It is a really nice car....our lease is up in November and I could buy it at that time, I am not sure whether or not we're going to do it or not.

    Thanks again for the feedback!
  • Anyone know if Ford has the so called black box. Talking about info/Data kept on speed , braking, revs, etc that can be used against a driver involved in an accident. I have heard some manufacturers have the ability to tetrieve crash info. Sometime in a court action either willingly or not have provided info/data whether the vehicle owner agreed or not. In other words the manufacturer was subpoened and forced to provide data. ;)
  • razzmaniacrazzmaniac Posts: 22
    As many of you had to endure all my bickering about the alignment and steering problem i had with my '03 Expedition EB 4x4 . . . I brought it to another dealer, and they found that the original place that had to REALIGN it twice had messed up the alignment again. . something about too much caster in the wheels which in turn does loosen up the steering. Love my Expy and so glad it actually did have a problem. . as for the original dealer, they claimed it was my tires and needed new ones . . .so they prolly would have charged my big $$ for new tires and then fixed the alignment again without telling me so it wouldnt look bad on them. So, dont give up on your Ford trucks. . just the dealers. . lol. . . lets just hope this is it for the SAME problem with the Expy. . .knock on wood.
  • cat3126cat3126 Posts: 43
    Try adjusting the brake pedal one we or another. My guess you pressing the accelerator and brake pedal at the same time. I was involved with another make of auto as a consultant and that is what we found. You also my try a narrower shoe.
  • Hello, I am experiencing the same thing in my 2003 Expedition E.B. 4x4. I do not know what the problem is. Have you come up with a solution as of yet? Thank you.
  • alexm234alexm234 Posts: 10
    I have been experiencing some pulling on my engine and at time the engine service soon light comes on. The other day it just stalled out on the freeway. Its in the shop now, but I am sure they are just going to say there isn't anything wrong with it, just like they always do. They car did turn back on after it was towed to the dealership. Anyone have some information on this or know what it could be? Thanks.
  • ranger8ranger8 Posts: 1
    I don't have an expedition, but I did have a Dodge Ram crew cab. My truck was doing the same thing and it was new. It turned out to be a seal in the engine. My oil was slowly leaking a burning out through the exhaust. After dodge found the problem then fixed it and never had any more problems.
  • My explorer did the same thing - try the Crankshaft positioning sensor - CPS - a small switch held in by one bolt - The Auto Zone sold me one for $40 and printed out instructions on how to replace it.
  • cjtakedacjtakeda Posts: 1
    I'm having the same problem and took it in twice to be looked at. The first time, I had the hissing and no air. The second time, no hissing but no air either. After the first time, it got refilled w/ Freon, recharged, and let go. Drove down to LA from SF and it was fine. A month later and 100 degree temps, A/C took a dive. Now it blows hot air. Took it to the dealer and he said there's a "small" leak in condenser and O rings are gonna need to be replaced let alone, recharged, and new freon!!! I'm really starting to think I should have bought a Tahoe or Yukon!
  • nofordnoford Posts: 1
    I have the same problem and have developed a theory.

    When I hear the clunk in the front drivers side area I also feel a slight drag on the car. I thought I was losing the font caliper. I took the caliper off and noticed that the brake pads sits in a shallow channel on the rotors with the outer and inner edge built up by rusty corrosion. My guess is that there is enough play in the brake pads that they "float" onto the rusty area on occasion which causes them to clunk. Have you checked you rotors?
  • car2903car2903 Posts: 2
    After reading a similar post back in May, I actually tried (in our long driveway) to hit the brake and gas at the same time and could not manage to do it, even with trying several times, I wasn't able to press both at the same time.

    I'm sure this isn't the problem, b/c basically the same situation occured inour 2005 Expedition 4 times, in 10,000 miles of me driving it. It has to be a very intermitent problem going on with something in Ford's design, since the rest of the time I drove the vechicle for a year, the brakes were OK.
  • ferniefernie Posts: 11
    if some one has the speakers wiring diagram for a ford expedition 1997 please i need help with it :cry:
  • bberksonbberkson Posts: 4
    Does anyone have the full Technical Service Bulletin for TSB 99243. I want to know if replacing the turn signal/wiper switch lever will correct the problem of the front wipers staying on while in the off position.


  • ebtvisionebtvision Posts: 1
    my 97 4.6L expy has this problem... difficult to start (like its not getting enough fuel) but when it starts it idles perfectly. if i slowly give it gas, it will rev up all the way like normal, but as soon as i push the pedal quickly it coughs and almost stalls (like it is starving for fuel). when in gear, i can only accelerate by very slowly giving it gas, and it will barely make it up hills. if i floor it , nothing happens it just coughs. converters, muffler, plugs, wires have been replaced. mass airflow sensor, fuel pressure, coils, and fuel filter are all good. all injectors are definetely working, im not sure if maybe they are clogged though? ive ran cleaner through them but no difference. engine code says misfire cyl 3, and one o2 sensor bad, but it has new plugs and idles great. any ideas????
  • I have had trouble since I purchased 2004 Expedition. Dealer finally said it was the Michelin tires and Michelin would not do anything. At my want, dealer installed Goodyear Fortera tires, but could not get balance together. Goodyear replaced one tire as out of round, balanced, aligned and sent me on my way, FREE! Just put 3500 m. on them, great tires! Since purchase positive batt. terminal corrodes, finally split, causing intermittant spark. Only cables are in New York or Forida! Anyone else have problem?
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