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Ford Expedition Prices Paid and Buying Experience



  • uga91uga91 Metro AtlantaPosts: 1,065
    I'm obviously looking further down the food chain, but I'll ask away anyway. Last Sunday as I was leaving church, I noticed three 2004 Expedition XLS units on the lot of the Ford dealer near by--each with a sticker price of $33,205. On Monday, I looked into them. At first, they told me the selling price would be $25,000. I knew that was bad as they had a total of $6000 in rebates on them. I thanked them for their time. They then went down to $23,278. That appears to be closer to invoice less the rebates; but, with 2005 right around the corner, I'm convinced they can do better. This morning as I was leaving I noticed the same three Expeditions sitting exactly where they were last Sunday. As another week has gone by and they still have three base units on the verge of being one year old, I'm convinced they can do better. I'm thinking of asking about them again tomorrow. I'd be interested to see if they can get closer to $22,000.
  • kjl1kjl1 Posts: 1
    For the same vehicle in SoCal, I've been quoted a fleet price of $37,770, which includes a $5,500 rebate (4K std rebate and 1.5 finance rebate). With tax and license, I'm looking 41,500K.
  • I came VERY close to purchasing an '04 Expy over the Thanksgiving weekend. In addition to the usual expected dealer discount ($7500 off MSRP), Ford was offering the $4000 rebate, PLUS an an additional $1000 for FMCC financing, OR 0% for 72 months. On top of all that, Ford offered a free 3-year mainentance plan if you bought by 11/30/04.


    The 0% for 72 months is GONE, as is the free 3-year maintenance plan.


    Does anyone know if they are coming back as an "after-Christmas, end-of-year" incentive?


  • Yes Rich,


    Figures are correct. The Expy is running nice and I'm very happy.


    I think I was lucky in that this is a "fully loaded" Expy and in this particular area not many people were on the market for it.


    So the dealer had this 04 "hanging" on the lot with not a lot of interest. I drove it 3 times before I decided and even told the dealer I wanted to do 30 miles in on the freeway. They agreed without a problem.


    I took the advice of an earlier post in my first offer plus I had cash on hand. So I was in the best dealing position I've ever been in.


    They didn't like my first offer but countered exactly where I figured they would. I wasn't expecting the service contract and all that. They surprised me with that one. But if the car works its probably a no cost item for them.


    The dealer here is very progressive offering tires for life and other things. I think its just a tough market right now.


  • I'm looking to buy a dealers demo (5000 miles). Its a 2004 4X2 5.4L Eddie Bauer with saftey curtain and power fold third row ($40,770) and they are going to sell it to me for $27,890.


    Thanks for your help.
  • Thanks for your response Mark.

    You really got a steal. you should teach a negotiating class


    I am looking at an '04 EB. Demo with 5100 miles.


    List $44560

    Invoice $39500

    Selling price $33500(with all rebates)


    They seem pretty firm,

    I am still thinking there may be some more room to move since for most of you $11k off of list was the starting point for your negotiations.


    Its the end of the year and this car has now been on the lot for close to a year.
  • 5100 miles? It wasn't "sitting on the lot" it was going home with someone and being test driven. It is a used car. For the money I'd look elsewhere, like new '05. Maybe try another dealer?
  • take your time..


    I just bought a new 2004 expy XLS 4x4 for 12.5k off of sticker. Sticker was 35,900. I traded a 2003 explorer XLS for what I owed (16k). Out the door 24,200


    Dealers are dyin sure to take your time and work them hard. It took 3 days to do the deal...dont let them know you are too interested.


    good luck
  • Great advice! Thanks for all this valuable info.


    I have expanded my search to other dealers. This is for my business and I need to get this purchased before the end of the year to take advantage of the accelerated depreciation allowance the govt is offering for vehicles over 6000lbs.


    I'll start making some offers on Monday. Maybe with the EOY coming up, the dealers will be a little hungrier. I'll report back with what I come up with.


    Merry Christmas

  • I am also looking for purchase an 04 Expedition 4x2 Eddie Bauer. The one I found has:


    MSRP: $42965

    Invoice: $37898


    I was told that the only rebates are $5000 cash back and $1500 if i financed through Ford Financing. They also tell me that the rate would be 5.9% if I took the $1500 offer. I went to Ford's website and saw the following:


     $5000 Cash Back

     or 0.0% APR financing for 36 months

     or 0.0% APR financing for 48 months

     or 0.0% APR financing for 60 months

     or 2.9% APR financing for 72 months

     or $1500 Cash Back plus 1.9% APR financing for 36 months

    or $1500 Cash Back plus 2.9% APR financing for 48 months

     or $1500 Cash Back plus 3.9% APR financing for 60 months


    The way I understand it is that I'm supposed to get 3.9% correct?


    How much should I offer to purchase the vehicle? I am amazed that you were able to purchase one at $9300 below invoice.


    I need to make a decision soon. Thank you!
  • If I were you....I'd offer them 29 and go from there. Also, look in your local paper to see if other dealers are offering specials. take the ad with you and stick it in their face.


    again, I got 12.5k off of a sticker that was 7k less than yours.


    work 'em hard...they'd luv to sell by 12/31
  • I picked up my '04 EB this evening.


    I was not able to do as good as the rest of you you seem to have done, but after going around with 5 separate dealerships all were perfectly happy to let me walk out the door with offers at no more than $11.5k under sticker.
    some of these were even demos with 6000 miles and 7 months on the warranty clock.


    At the 6th dealer, The deal I finally got was a new '04 Eddie Bauer for $12,100 under an MSRP of $44,600, for a total selling price of $32,500. This includes the $5500 in rebates.


    I did get an offer of $13k under sticker for an EB with a list of $49,000. but it had more options than I needed.


    Congratulations for those who were able to get theirs at $15k under list.
  • svofan2svofan2 Posts: 440
    I was browsing the inventory of 2005 Expeditions at my favorite dealer (whom I buy from since 1998) and since they list their inventory online I saw an Expedition 2005 (EB)and the sticker of the unit had a line reading Job 2. Does this mean that it is second production run?....all the others did not read anything....maybe someone, like ANT14 can shed some light on this...thanks in advance
  • svofan2svofan2 Posts: 440
    here I go with a second posting....I hope for better luck in replies.......

    I am considering an EXPY 05 EB...any suggestions on prices or anyones expirience?....I will appreciate all suggestions...thanks
  • uga91uga91 Metro AtlantaPosts: 1,065
    ....I hope for better luck in replies.......

    I am considering an EXPY 05 EB...any suggestions on price"


    Just go to the new car section and build an Expedition like the one you are looking at. Edmunds will give you a TMV to use as a guide. Remember that this board is for folks who recently bought or were quoted on a new Expedition. It's not a thread of Ford sales managers telling you what to buy the vehicle for. Every deal is different. Is your trade a desirable one? In other words, are you trading a Honda or a Kia? Is your trade paid off? Do you even have a trade? Is your credit outstanding or in a rebuilding period? Is it the 5th of the month or the 25th of the month? Is your dealer having a record sales month or is there dust settling on the inventory? Everyone's deal will be different. Don't rely on anyone here to tell you what you will be able to buy your new Expedition for. No matter what you pay for yours, someone here will have paid more and someone will have paid less. It's the nature of the beast that is car buying. Get the TMV and start from there. Good luck to you!
  • svofan2svofan2 Posts: 440
    Thanks for your reply, but I DO understand evrything that pointed out. I was looking for some feed back from people's expiriences...I did the EDMONDS TMV and yes it is very helpfull. You are also correct and I understand that NO ONE pays the same the price for the same vehicle. Thanks again
  • You need to provide more details in order for folks to help you. What part of the country are you going to be purchasing in? What options & color are you after?



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  • svofan2svofan2 Posts: 440
    I am in NJ...looking for amd Expy 05 Eddie Bauer..Estate Green,no DVD or Navigation system..butt warmer a must as well as reverse sensing system...anyone with ideas about are rebates running on leases...thanks all
  • I have not seen any posts in the last few weeks for prices paid on 2005 EB Exps, but here goes. I am looking at an EB with a list of $46360 and was offered $40716 - $3000 (rebates) = $37716. I was hoping to get this SUV for $34000 plus T & T leaving us $4000 apart. Has anybody out there received a deal on a similar truck close to the price I am willing to pay?
  • I checked the paper today and found Expedition EB's for $28,995 and $31k with NAV. They must really be hurtin to move these off the lot. $37k is waaay to much to pay.
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