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Ford Expedition Prices Paid and Buying Experience



  • chuck1chuck1 Posts: 1,405
    First of all, all dealers are independent businesses and can sell a car/truck for whatever they want-even over sticker. They sold the new redesigned Thunderbird OVERSTICKER when it first came out.

    My advice to you is if you are truly serious..... you must go in person. NOT OVER THE PHONE. You will continue to frustrate yourself with phone calls and emails. Go get prequalifed and then go shop. Nothing to waste but your time. For example, I was looking at another Eddie Bauer (different dealer) stickered at 42K. They gave me a price of $33,000.00 over the internet. I then took in three ads showing THREE DIFFERENT DEALERS SELLING MULTIPLE UNITS of Eddie Bauers stickered at 42K for between 28,995.00 and $30,000.00. This dealer immediately dropped the price to 30K. BY the way... that dealer (you mentioned above) was selling three or four units at that price a few months ago. So what is the price for the Expedition form Tustin? I don't think you will get a firm price FROM ANYBODY until you go in. That's just the way it is!! :cry: Until you go in and "test the waters" - I really have no more advice to give you. If they tell you the old line---"What can I do to sell you a car today?"-low ball them at 28K and end at 30K. If you fear negotiations (and I sense you do) then take someone with you who is good at them or use a car buying service. GOOD LUCK!!
  • daericksdaericks Posts: 9
    Thanks Chuck, I'll keep you posted. Heading out of town until Monday but I will keep this going. I don't need financing and expect to pay cash for the car but I understand what you are saying about financing. Thanks again, Dan
  • chuck1chuck1 Posts: 1,405
    See the message board Smart Shopper - And the discussion
    Dealers Too Busy For OnLine Shoppers
    And message 146

    I think you will get my point.
  • godfreygodfrey Posts: 1
    5 Weeks ago I purchased a 2004 Expedition (Eddie Bauer) 23,200 miles. It consists of the following:

    Medium Wedgwood blue, tan leather interior, 6 disc changer, rear air, dual power front seats, heated/cooled front seats, trailer tow package, power folding third row seats. 5.4l V8. It is (almost) loaded. It does not have NAV, Air Susp, Adv Track or DVD.

    The dealer offered it as a "certified" vehicle, so the warranty goes out to 75k instead of 36k. It was very well cared for, any only had one small scratch in the rear driver-side passenger door which the dealer (still has not fixed). Overall it's a great SUV.

    Asking price was well above $36,000. It had sat on the lot for a LONG time. I started my offer at $28,500. I ended up paying $30,450 - delivered. Sales tax and licensing here in Missouri was an additional $1,994. The dealer would have loved to finance this...and sometimes they'll offer you a great deal if they think you'll do that...Then you pay cash and the offer changes all the sudden. I paid cash for mine, they acted like I actually had 30k in my pocket. I don't have pants with that many pockets. Where the deal changes is when the dealer discovers that they'll no longer be able to "profit" with a high intrest rate. This happened to my father when he bought his 97 Infinity I30. The price suddenly jumped several thousand when he started to write the check. So, you just walk out and let them follow you, begging you to buy it. If they don't move on the price then tell them "If you haven't met your quota by the end of the month then call me."

    My buying experience...I've looked at these for over a year. I was ready to purchase. I was also armed with "The Black Book" which shows dealer invoice, wholesale, retail, trade-in. So I knew where to target my entry price...Always start low, not too low otherwise they'll tune you out. If they do, go to another dealer.

    You always feel that you've paid too much once you've bought it. My wife always says:

    Does it hurt to want? (Yes) Then stop wanting.
    Does it hurt to want? (No) Then keep wanting.

    You just can't win on that one.

  • madramadra Posts: 4
    I have been reading the discussion board with great interest over the last week or so and thank all for their comments. I am in the market for the 2005 King Ranch Expedition (for my wife). We live in Texas.

    Of course if you go to the local dealer(s) you get the same spiel. Ford Family Pricing!

    The purported MSRP after adding all the options is $46,905.00 and after the rebates and the employee pricing the prices plummets (Read the sarcasm!) to


    I know the hold back on this is $1385.00 and the adjustment for financing cost is $215 for a total of $1,600.00

    I am also aware that the Ford Family Plan dealer commission is: $2,550.00 and I am also aware of the other available potential eligible private/affialte programs.

    As indicated above the dealers all say that Ford won't allow them to seel the vehicle any lower that the price above ($36,531.88).

    I think this is a bunch of junk and figure that there is plenty of room to negotiate away some of that fat profit the dealer is holding. Don't get me wrong, I do beleive in capitalism and think that the dealer needs to make a reasonable profit but this to me is akin to highway robbery.

    Am I being to unreasonable here? Anyone care to weight in.?

    Regards to all.
  • dsb2695dsb2695 Posts: 7
    “bunch of junk”…”fat profit”…“akin to highway robbery”

    If you don’t like the deal being offered take your business elsewhere.

    Funny how the buyer always determines what a reasonable profit is. You must remember 2 important things:

    1. The dealer will always be in control because they have what you want, especially in your case. King Ranch Expeditions are not going to be found on every Ford dealer lot. If you have found a 2005 at the Family Plan price better but it NOW as dealers have been receiving 2006s for about 5 weeks.

    2. The dealer!!! Not you, not Edmunds knows what the bottom dollar that given dealer will sell the vehicle for.
  • royalhroyalh Posts: 4
    This morning I finished with the last two Ford dealers within a 75 miles of here (4 of them). I wanted to buy a '05 EB Expedition in wedgewood blue. The only requirement was that it have advance trac w/ RCS ( they have everything else we wanted). The found at least 3 in the color desired and with advance trac +. Every one had a bunch of other bells and whistles such as power 3 row seat, safety package and pwr. flip out windows, HD hitch and heated and cooled seats. Since it is late in the program I realize we have to take what is out there. Not one of the four dealers would give a nickle on the price. It was strictly MSRP less the "employee family price", less the $3000 factory discount. There was no leeway on the trade in (a perfect AWD Escape with less than 22.000 miles) it was exactly Kelly blue book price.....period. Some of the dealers wanted upwards of $200 to go get it from the other dealer's lot. I offered to go at my own expense and get it myself but that didn't seem to actually cut the price any as a couple of them suddenly remembered they had forgot to add an adminstrative fee. One salesman tried to tell me that their only profit was the dealer holdback and that was out if they had to get it from another dealer. BS....BS and more BS. If any of you managed to cut a deal that was better than MSRP minus $3000 minus the Ford family employee price consider yourself lucky. You didn't trade in central Kansas. I can download prices and see that there is several thousand difference between invoice and MSRP. I'll remember those dealers when I finally do work a trade. :mad:
  • explorerx4explorerx4 Central CTPosts: 9,614
    in the washington dc area, i saw adds for 30% off msrp on any expedition. on a 46k machine, that's about 14k off. maybe it's better to wait.
  • daericksdaericks Posts: 9
    I confirm what was placed in KS. Nothing less than the Family program. It would seem that the deals were better BEFORE that new program. I'll wait until their earnings are down another 19% next quarter... Thanks to everyone posting. At least we all know we are in the same boat... mostly...
  • chuck1chuck1 Posts: 1,405
    I can confirm the same thing in Southern California. It was very common to see selling prices of $28,995.00 on a 41K Eddie Bauer Expedition. It's really something how the American Manufacturers and American public are nolonger seeing "eye to eye" on what is "perceived value".
  • captjoe06captjoe06 Posts: 3
    Safety/security package

    heated/cooled seats

    power moonroof

    power rear-quarter flip windows

    powerfold 3rd row seat

    I paid $34,000 with $200 doc fees, $1700 Ma sales tax and $85 plates/title fees. Total check off the lot $35985.00

    Sticker was $45850 with the above mentioned options.
    Hope that helps anyone out there shopping.

    Bought it June 2, 2005

    Hope this helps people out there, I love the idea of sharing this info to help each other out.
  • madramadra Posts: 4
    Thanks Capt Joe;

    Your response is much appreciated. It is possible there are some folks on the forum who don't like when the 'real' numbers are posted but I do beleive you are doing a good service to all.

  • jligonisjligonis Posts: 1
    I have been trying to determine what the employee discount really means? Can you or anyone else help? Is the auto maker eliminating all other incentives to the dealer (holdback, advertising incentives, etc.) and replacing those with this program, or is the employee discount just another discount on top of everything else?

    It is my understanding that the auto makers will actually sell a vehicle to a dealer at a price reduced by the employee discount being offered. If that is the case, the auto maker eats 100% of the employee discount.

    However, you mentioned that there is a dealer commission on the vehicle you were looking at purchasing. Under that scenario, both the dealer and the auto maker will share the burden of the employee discount.

    In Tampa, FL, new 2005 E/B 4x2 Expeditions that MSRP for about $40K before the Family pricing were advertised for sale at $28.5K after all incentives. The current Family price after all incentives is almost $31K. Sounds like a scam to me.


  • chuck1chuck1 Posts: 1,405
    "n Tampa, FL, new 2005 E/B 4x2 Expeditions that MSRP for about $40K before the Family pricing were advertised for sale at $28.5K after all incentives. The current Family price after all incentives is almost $31K. Sounds like a scam to me."

    I can concur the same thing happened in Los Angeles. It seems the prices were better "BEFORE THE EMPLOYEE DISCOUNT PROGRAM"...........

    But, the 31K is still not a bad price. None of us know what will happen when the '06s come out.
  • daericksdaericks Posts: 9
    Um... they are out aren't they??
  • chuck1chuck1 Posts: 1,405
    Um... they are out aren't they??

    If they are I think that well in to the '06 model year, it may be possible to see low numbers again. Gas prices are still high. However, Ford is not going to discount them "to the hilt" at the introduction of a new model year. You may see $500.00 or $1,000.00. Just my "guess", no insider information.....
  • kcjockcjoc Posts: 2
    When I was ready to buy my 2004 EB, I started research on-line, and was emailed back by a person who started quoting me some prices. Once I more or less agreed in principle to the deal, it was THEN put through a local dealer. But at no time in the beginning of the process did I deal directly with the dealers personnel. Once at the agreed upon dealer, they wrote the paperwork out exactly as the deal put forth by my internet salesman. The only thing I did at the dealership was the paperwork, and some aftermarket accessories. It was a wonderfully pain-free transaction, and a great price. I have not been back to the selling dealer, as a new Ford service center just opened by my office. So, great transaction, great price, great SUV and easy routine service! What more could I ask for!!??!!
  • I just bought a new 2005 Eddie Bauer, Red w/ Tan, safety package, heated/cooled seats, sunroof, limitedd slip, power 3rd seat & tow package for $33.4k.

    The only thing to negotiate was the trade in. Basically got the value in Edmunds for my Jeep Grand Cherokee.

    Some may be complaining on here, but I thought I got a good deal and alot of truck for the money. I never thought I'd see the day of $10k off Expeditions.
  • Kirstie_HKirstie_H Posts: 10,824
    Were you motivated to go car- or truck-shopping because of the employee discount deals? If so, a reporter wants to talk with you.
    Please respond to no later than Tuesday, August 9, 2005 with your daytime contact info and a few words about your experience.

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  • 1. The dealer will always be in control because they have what you want, especially in your case.

    I would disagree. I've bought & I've sold, and let me tell you that there is no worse feeling in the world than being underneath inventory you can't move with carrying costs eating you up. This is much worse than not having a shiny new .

    I've also pondered markets a lot too much - if you suffered a similar fate you might also conclude that the "right" price is the one where neither side cares whether the deal gets done or not. Advantage: Neither, by definition.

    Granted, on average dealers maintain better discipline than buyers, but they are subject to macroeconomic forces the buyers don't have to contend with, such as plant overcapacity and inflexible labor contracts. Even on a micro level, in the luxury market no-one has to spend 50/75/100k on a car while in the budget market buyers can usually choose to buy next week or next year, as the mood strikes.

    I do not envy the car industry one little bit, no sir, not at all. They work hard for their money.

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