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Ford Expedition Prices Paid and Buying Experience



  • fordchrisfordchris Posts: 10
    i meant 2,000
  • fs34fs34 Posts: 2

    What is a X-plan?
  • fordchrisfordchris Posts: 10
    well my dads company is a big buyer of ford trucks for thier line of work so the x-plan gives discounts to people who work in ford vehicles etc. but i got a policy number from the fleet guy who buys the ford trucks for my dads work and it lets you buy it at about 500 dollars over invoice but you add in all the other discounts welp you get a good deal :shades:
  • sirrafsirraf Posts: 55
    I was looking at the new Expedition and noticed that the wheels on the Limited were what Ford calls "Chrome CLAD Aluminum Wheels". These are nothing more than PLASTIC WHEEL COVERS. When you upgrade the 18" wheels to 20" it does not cost more but they want $995 extra for the tires.

    At least when you purchase the Navigator you can upgrade the wheels and get real Chrome Aluminum Wheels and not plastic covers.
  • mrconklinmrconklin Posts: 1
    I live in the Northern VA area and I just purchased a 2007 Ford Expedition Eddie Bauer. The MSRP on it was $48,510 and the invoice price was $43,875. The dealer offered $1000 under invoice plus the $2000 or 2500 rebates. This brings the price to $40,875 for a lease or $40,375 to buy. I went with the lease option myself. This was all with no haggling either. I contacted the dealer through their internet sales department and this is the initial no haggle price they offered. This price actually beat the "big sale price" the dealer offered if you walked in off the street by $1500.
  • buzzz1buzzz1 Posts: 42
    What kind of rebates are they offering in CA on Expeditions? I got a price of $40, 235 EB with load leveling, power tailgate, power convenience, heavy duty towing, satellite radio. I asked the dealer about cash back rebates and he was vague. Is 2-3K cash back unusual in this market?
  • steve148steve148 Posts: 1
    I've been recently looking for a 2005-2007 used Expedition and have noticed two things: 1. Used Expeditions are only available from dealers (at least in my area); and 2. given the drop in demand, prices are not as low as I expected.

    The fact that Expeditions are only available from dealers is not entirely unexpected since most Expedition owners looking to sell couldn't sell to other private parties (no demand) and therefore traded in their Expedition to a dealer for a smaller vehicle. And as noted in this forum, the trade in value was typically under the published trade in value (again, no demand).

    What has surprised me, however, is that this significant drop in demand has not led to an equally expected significant drop in the price dealers are asking for used Expeditions.

    Since dealers own all of the new and used Expeditions, they are in a position to set the asking price and artificially hold up the prices of used Expeditions. Are they? Or is there some other explaination?
  • bb3451bb3451 Posts: 3
    Hi all, I am looking at a demo with 5000 miles on it. What kind of discount below invoice should I shoot for on this. Right now we are at 1000 under invoice, but I don't think that this is any way near enough to justify the mileage and the fact the the truck is essentially used. Any help would be appreciated.
  • Sounds expensive to me. Try to find out what a new one using the Ford's X plan would cost. After all it is now a year old. Go to and check out what other dealers are asking for used and new ones. We own a 2007 and it is the best one we've had. We made the mistake of buying a 2004 when the 05's were out and then traded for a 2007. After driving it for two years and trading up 3 we essentially lost any gain on the price of the new one. Good luck.
  • bb3451bb3451 Posts: 3
    Thanks, how do I find out what the x plan would cost? Also, will the dealer offer the x plan price to anyone?
  • yuu have to know a ford employee who can give you a special price. it is usually is just below invoice. Again the way we found our last one was on the internet on you can plug in by zipcode and get all the dealers inventory. Also, go to
    Good luck.

    Jim K

    P.S. Don't forget about factory incentives as well.
  • wvgasguywvgasguy Posts: 1,405
    Well, I've been active on the Camry Hybrid forum for over a year but I'm a newbie here. Just took delivery of an 08 EB Expo. I needed something to haul my John Deere, jet skis and at times my kids and grandkids. Tried the Surburban, acceptable but expensive, the Tahoe just was not comfortable or roomy enough. I'm dreading the 14mpg, but will live with it knowing up this front before buying.

    I finialy decided to lease for two years and with a 52% residual, I can buy this in two years and have less money in it than had I bought it outright now. The money factor on the lease is outstanding so I'm in effect getting the first 48% of the depreciation financed at 0.5%. Additionally I get the XPlan pricing and the $1500 in current rebates as a capital cost reduction. This way I have the option to walk away if gas is $5/gallon or I have electrical gremlins or something else that makes me regret this decision. This was the best of both options (assuming I can live with it for at least two years.
  • does anyone know the going lease price for a2007expedition el limited loaded with 3500 dollars upfront to pay for tax title tag ect
  • wvgasguywvgasguy Posts: 1,405
    I just leased an 08EB. From everything I saw at the dealership it's actually better to lease an 08 than an 07 due to the money factor and residuals.

    My 08 had a 0.5% interest rate, 2 year lease, 52% residual (3% lower due to a 19,500 mile per year milage). The price included WV property tax, sales tax added monthly and gap insurance. I ran the numbers every way I could and it was considerably cheaper for me to lease this for 2 years even with the intention of buying it at the end of the lease than it was to simply buy it up front. I'm new to leasing but getting the first 48% depreciation financed at 0.5% really makes the difference. I believe the interest rate used on the 07 was 9%. I priced a 07Surburban (salesman demo) lease and it was sky high, even after they discounted it $11,000 (53000 MSRP to 42,000 sale price).

    Worked so well we also leased an 08F150 for my daughter and son-in-law. They did the 3 year lease and plan to buy later.

    I liked this because if gas does indeed hit $5 I'll walk away from this and won't be $8000 upside down as I would have been in a traditional loan.
  • whats your monthly payment and how much cash did you give up front...
  • wvgasguywvgasguy Posts: 1,405
    I don't have my papers with me but as best I can remember the monthly payment is $760 and it includes the gap insurance, state property and sales taxes, Money down was the $1500 in rebates and about $1400 (includes security deposit) The 19,500 miles/yr is a pretty big hit but I need it and if I purchase it then it really doesn't matter as I was actually able to finance even more of the depreciation at a low rate.

    What really was great about the deal was I got $1000 more than I thought I would on the vehicle I had planned on trading. They bought my 4Runner at almost the "private party value" rather then trade in value.
  • Mr conklin-

    I also live in NVA, can you tell me what dealer to check with? I'm looking for an 08 Exped.

    I've never leased before but it seems like it's worth doing.

  • wvgasguywvgasguy Posts: 1,405
    I'm curious, did you lease with Ford Red Carpet lease? I looked at an 07 and found the difference in the money factor on an 08 vrs an 07 made the 08 a better deal. The 07 interest on the leasing was 9% and on the 08 it was only 0.5% (for a 2 year lease)

    Could you include the deatails on your lease. IE: What interest rate did you get and what was your final "base" payment.
  • I am considering a 2007 Exp EB 4x2 and a 2008 Exp EB 4x2. I know that the cash back on the 2007 is now $3500 vs $2500 for the 2008 until March 31st. Are there any additional incentives being paid to the dealer on the 2007? Is there any incentive for a returning RCL customer in addition to the ones above?

  • deasundeasun Posts: 11
    Just ordered a 2008 limited EL 4x4 with near everything but;
    Heavy Tow Pkg, DVD Ent., Navigation GPS thingy.
    $100 under the dealer invoice and then we get the $3500 rebate on top of that.
    % rate is gona be around 5.3 to 4.9 for the financing.
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