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Ford Expedition Prices Paid and Buying Experience



  • Has anyone purchased a 2008 Expedition King Ranch lately? I am looking at possibly getting one and was wondering what to expect as far as discounting is concerned.
  • Just picked up an '07 with 12k miles, tow and convenience package in perfect (I mean smells new) condition for $17.8.
    Unbeatable value.
  • bc13bc13 Posts: 32
    hi driverofcars

    what part of the country are you in? I've been looking for an el and can't get close to the low 20's. agree that they are an unbeatable value.
  • lmo9lmo9 Posts: 4
    looking at a 2008 EL Limited model. dealer is offering the employee pricing plus the $3000 incentive and $500 bonus cash. can i do better than the employee pricing on the 2008s?
  • I went to 2 dealers in the past week and could not get either to budge off of the employee plus pricing on 2008 ELs. We were the only shoppers at both dealerships on a holiday weekend day. They are going to have to do better or they will be dipping into those bailout funds after all.
  • January 2008 we purchased a new Jeep Wrangler Unlimited Hardtop. Do not know why I bought this thing but a few months after I purchased it, I hated Chrysler the dealer and this trashy running Jeep more than anything. 20 months went buy and just before Christmas it sold on Craigslist losing only $10,000.00. from the $26,000 I paid for it. It was junk, unrepairable with only 15K miles on it. On the way home from dropping it of at the airport I stopped at a upscale used car dealer after seeing an Expedition on the front of the lot, It ended up being a 2004 loaded with moonroof Eddie Bauer 4X4 with 31,000 miles on it, spotless! Just curious how much? Just lowered to $16999.00. They will never get that but he asked me to make an offer, I said how much will you take again. Well, he sent the sales mgr over and he started dropping the price. I gave $13,000 cash out the door including Tax titile and license. Window sticker was in the glove box and it was $43,345.00 when new. car fax showed it sold at auction over one year ago from leasing compny and had been on this lot for over one year. I guess it is going to be like our 1990 36 foot motorhome, It ours to keep and will never be able to sell it. I do love this animal but also own a 2005 Honda Civic 38 MPG when we drive any distance. It tows good and gas at $4.00 a gallon is something we should all look foward to again. My motorhoime only gets 6 MPG but we do not drive it everday. Big and heavy does not get good MPG and if someone tells you that it is not so? They are full of crap. I have always liked Fords and have a 2000 Explorer EB with 148K miles, A 2004 Freestar SEL with 97K miles on it ( this thing is really neat). And now a 2004 Expedition EB with 31K miles on it. Geico policy for two full coverage and two with libility for $489.00 for six months. Bye Bye Allstate!!!!!!
  • I just bought my expediton last weekend 06 king Ranch with 45k for just under 12k with taxes. Still smells new.
  • It is really something on the value of a used Ford Expedition. They lose almost all of the value in just a few years. Worth almost nothing from $45,000 to $12,000 in three years. I enjoy mine but would never consider buying a new one since we only use it to tow or haul junk in locally a few times a month. Love my Honda
  • wvgasguywvgasguy Posts: 1,405
    They lose almost all of the value in just a few years. Worth almost nothing from $45,000 to $12,000 in three years

    Numbers can be misleading. I've had two Expeditions and two Sequoia's. My Expedition listed for about $47,000. By the time I took all the discouts and rebats it was around $36,000 (taxes not included). The Sequoia I had before this was also around $47,000 but I had to pay at that time close to $43,000 for it. When you look at the depreciation values based on KBB and others they always compare the MSRP. They need to compare to the purchase prices. My Expeditions depreciated around the same as my two Sequoia's from what they cost me to what I actually got for them when I traded. With the Sequoia's you end up having either more of your cash tied up or a larger payment. Unless you just like the Toyota, it doesn't make good financial sence, reguardless of the arguments the salesperson will make. (I showed them the numbers last time. I even traded a Sequoia for a Sequoia so they couldn't make the argument about getting a better deal trading a Sequoia in rather than an Expedition, which is the argument they made the first time when I traded the Ford for the Toyota).

    In all fairness I would have bought the Sequoia when I got the Ford had the new one been available. The dealers said it would be spring before they would be out so I went ahead and got the Ford. Then the Toyota shows up in December on the lots. That cost them a sale. The Ford is a much more practical to use SUV though than the old Sequoia's with the fold flat seats. I hated taking the seats out of the Toyota to use the back. Hopefully they improved on that in the new ones.

    My wife has not grown to like the new look of the Sequoia so it probably won't be in our future any time soon.
  • boffinsboffins Posts: 2
    We're seriously considering purchasing a used 2006 EB 4x4 with about 34K miles on it. The car was previously a rental in Hawaii and then was sold at auction. A new buyer in WA purchased the car and only owned it for 8 mo before trading it in--he had brought it in to the dealer because the car was misfiring and stalling (at a cold start and on the highway). Supposedly faced with a $2000 repair, he traded it in for a compact (although who only buys a car for 8 mo?). The dealership made the repairs (and has given us copies of the work done), but we're wondering is this engine problem likely to be a long-term problem, or will it most likely be fine for the long term. If it matters, coil #4 was replaced as well as the cam phasers. It also looks like a couple of gaskets and the camshaft sensor were also replaced. Otherwise, this is the only time this vehicle has been in the shop since its first owner. The Ford warranty expired in January. This will be the only vehicle we have that we can fit all 4 kids (in carseats!) in so reliability is key. Thanks and we look forward to your advice!
  • fordexpofordexpo Posts: 11
    These Expeditions are great and dependable. If you keep up with the maintance it will out last you. If you are concerned about fuel it is a pig on gas. Although on the highway we get about 18-19 mpg but city can only average 13?. Still love it and I towed a 1997 Lincoln Towncar on a trailer at 65 mph 60 miles last week. Buy it!!
  • txsuntxsun Posts: 2
    I found a locally owned Limited 4x4 with 24k miles on it for $30k. According to the pricing I'm seeing on Black Book and through NADA, the price looks too high.

    The trade-in on it, for an Average rating, is around $24k. My thought is to offer them 5% over the trade-in price, which would be around $26k. That would allow them to make a little profit on the vehicle and still give me a fair price.

    Any thoughts on this method? Also, is there any way to find out what the original owner received for their trade-in?

    Thanks in advance.
  • I am looking at purchasing a limited 09 Expedition (doesnt really matter to me if it is an EL or not), does anyone know what dealers are offering right now? Or any purchasing stories?
  • tl68tl68 Posts: 2
    I just bought a new 2009 EL Limited, paid $1800 under invoice. That includes $2600 in rebates.

    I did a lot of shopping around and it was hard to push the dealers for a "great" price as there isn't a huge supply of these out there. At least not a lot of bare-bones Limited EL's like I wanted; you can find plenty with the luxury package and other extra junk, but they get pricey.
  • wvgasguywvgasguy Posts: 1,405
    Used prices seem to be unusually high. My residual on a 2 year lease of an EB 4x4 is 22,300. Current trade in is $26 to $27K. PPV is over $30K. I really didn't want to purchase this but I can't see letting Ford have this back at $22.3K I've already paid for that extra. I'll probably never lease again.

    I hate to fool with it but I may buy it and then sell it.
  • tmango4tmango4 Posts: 1
    do you like your king ranch, i have been looking for one as well but it looks like you got a really good deal.... where did you find it?

  • jim10jim10 Posts: 6
    I am looking to purchase a King Ranch with the following options under the X-Plan. Would anyone have any comments on the best pricing and terms out there? In other words, is the X-Plan the best deal before the incentives?
    2nd row bucket seats
    Daytime running lights
    Remote start
    401A Rapid Spec package
    Retail is $56,650
    X-Plan is $51,938

    Finally, do you have any idea how long these take to build? I've been told 6-8 weeks.
    Many thanks!
  • I am considering buying a 2010 Expedition EL Limited. What is a good price to pay for this truck? Are dealers willing to discount from MSRP? If so how much?

    Thanks in Advance
  • I just got a 2010 EL from Bredemann Ford in Glenview, IL for "Dealer Invoice". I had to order it because all the other Expeditions in the area were either to loaded or the wrong color. It took 2 1/2 months to get the vehicle but well worth it.
  • Priced out a 2010 Limited 4x4 in Salt Lake last week. Loaded with Spec 401A. $45800 + ttl. MSRP 51700. If I trade my Honda they'll drop the price another 1k. Only thing this one didn't have was remote start.
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