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Lincoln Aviator



  • I'm pretty sure this wasn't metioned so here it goes. Lincoln put up a dedicated Aviator site. Finally we all get to see what that second interior color is.
  • I was soo excited to see this awesome new little SUV. I am personally a 99 Jeep Grand Cherokee Limited owner and VERY faithful to the brand...but Ford Vehicles,especially the Explorer/Mountaineer and the Exped/Navigator are my second favorite and I follow them closely. The introduction of the Aviator means that my private predictions are not too crazy...Mercury has been dying...and its time for it to go. The only thing that somewhat peaked my interest in Mercury was the dramatically styled Mountaineer. The Marauder while powerful,and reminiscent of the run-away hit 90's Impala SS,will be the last blast for Mercury,similar to the 98 Grand 5.9 Limited when that body style bowed out. With manufacturers consolidating further and further (ala' Oldsmobile...Plymouth) and the introduction of this neat new luxo toy...putrid Mercury's fate is sealed...the path to its exit will now be far easier because Lincoln will have a decent balance of vehicles to sell on its own...and loyal Mercury Mountaineer owners will have somewhere to turn for their next luxo mid size ute. In fact...just a few days ago I was pondering how best to kill the old brand...Ford you stole the idea right out of my head! Congrats and I hope to see this new truck in person soon...
  • akirbyakirby Posts: 7,622
    Interesting - the picture on the Lincoln website shows a black upper dash trim color. In the prototype I drove and the other one I looked at that part of the dash was the same color as the rest (ash or parchment). I think I even listed that as a dislike - it just didn't look good. Glad to see they changed it. It doesn't show it but I think with the Ash interior you get grey wood trim (zebrano??) and with the parchment you get real walnut burl. Overall I think I like the parchment better.

    Don't forget the adjustable pedal feature - great for shorter drivers.
  • I priced a 2003 Explorer Limited last week-2WD w/
    V-8 and all the goodies. Quoted 38% residual for 3 year Ford red carpet lease. A real disappointment as my 1999 Explorer was 54% for 3 year.

    I am still hopeful that Lincoln will want to fast-start Aviator deliveries and may subsidize early leases to get them out on the road. Especially when they will probably go for full pop initially.

    Ford did this in 1997 when I leased a '97 Expedtion at introduction for 2 year Red Carpet Lease with a residual of 77% Boy, the good old days. Lease payments on 99 Explorer were $75 a month higher for 3 year lease than 2 year on Expedition (both XLT's with similar equipment).
  • marsha7marsha7 Posts: 3,661
    with the Aviator, one special reason is that it comes with a floor shifter instead of a column me an idiot, but I just do not like auto trans with a column shifter...frankly, if Explorer/Mountaineer offered the option of floor shifter (the same way Taurus/Sable offers both options, so it is not unknown to Ford to do it) I would seriously consider them instead...yes, the 302 HP in the Aviator is nice, but the ordinary V8 in the others would do just fine...just want the damn shifter where I want it instead of where they want it...
  • akirbyakirby Posts: 7,622
    I believe the reason for the column mount shifter is that the Expedition and Navigator (up until 2003) share their interiors with the F150, and the F150 needs it on the column to accomodate a bench seat. Same with the old Explorer/Mountaineer and the Ranger. It was probably cheaper to leave it there for the new Explorer/Mountaineer. I agree - I much prefer it to the column shift.
  • audia8qaudia8q Posts: 3,138
    Am I the only one who thinks the Aviator's interior is impressive?? I think it represents a luxury\upscale interior better than the competition.

    The new interior on the 03 Navigator is certainly a big factor driving the sales here in our little part of the world....We get alot of the wow factor when we open the door. I think the Aviator will get the same positive response.
  • I do believe the interior is very upscale and sets it apart from its stablemates. In fact the Navigators new INTERIOR styling is one of the factors that has it neck and neck with the Escalade again in my book. The old navigator looked so much like an expedition on the inside there was nothing special about it. The only demerit I would give to the Aviator is that black area surrounding the dashboard. I think that a fully matching color would look best. I Believe akirby23 mentioned that the one he drove DID have a matching color as opposed to the one in the Ford press picture,which has the black.
  • paul555paul555 Posts: 8
    I agree about the interior, very classy and unique. It also sounds fairly roomy too.
  • paul555paul555 Posts: 8
    Does the Aviator come with free maintenance, if so how many years worth?
  • johnnylincjohnnylinc Posts: 308
    The Aviator will have no-charge maintenance (regular schedule) for 3 years/36,000 miles. This is the case for all '03 Lincolns; the program has been in place since the '01 model year.
  • marsha7marsha7 Posts: 3,661
    hey, you have no idea how nice it is to have someone agree with me without any add'l flaming...LOL...also, thanks for the explanation about the F150, as I would have never known why Ford did that...

  • Talked to local dealer today RE: Aviator.

    Limited availability initially 1-3 per month

    No subvented leases or discount financing yet.

    Unhappy, as I am also, that no AdvanceTrac available at Job 1. 2003 Mountaineer apparently does not have AdvanceTrac option at Job 1. Do not know why since 2002 1/2 and 2003 Explorer does and they are all made in the same factory.
  • akirbyakirby Posts: 7,622
    Purely a guess here, but they may not want that feature to be available on the Mercury until it's available on the Aviator. Might force some buyers into the higher priced Aviator. Not sure why the Avaiator wouldn't have it at Job 1, though. Probably a marketing decision.
  • I just got a copy of the Aviator brochure. It says the Navigation system will be late availability - December 2002. The Lincoln rep has told my dealer that the first Aviators won't be available until January 03. Does anyone have any more info?
  • akirbyakirby Posts: 7,622
    I think your dealer is confusing the Aviator with the LS which should arrive in December/January.
  • I will be waiting for the navigation system and the advance trac.

    Could the delay of the advance trac be related to the AWD system available to the aviator and the mountaineer somehow posing an incompatibility which ford is dealing with? ( The explorer 's and navigator option is 4wd which is somewhat different than awd )

    Any updates on the PROPOSED dates of availablility of the advance trac and navi will be greatly appreciated

    Thank you
  • zman3zman3 Posts: 857
    What you say makes sense. IIRC the Explorer site here at Edmunds lists an AWD version of the V8 Explorer for 2003 and that vehicle does not have advance trac as an option but the 4WD version of the same vehicle does.
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