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Lincoln Aviator



  • haironghairong Posts: 153
    Aviator's AWD w/o AdvanceTrac and AWD w/ AdvanceTrac are two different systems. The w/o one which uses a viscous coupling is a permanent awd with a 35(f)/65(r) torque distribution. The one with AdvanceTrac employs a single speed (no low) t-case and is 100% rwd in normal driving. This is a TOD system that uses t-case to transfer torque fore/aft, and use advanctrac to transfer toque left/right. It has open diff in both axles.

    Both '02 & '03 4wd explorers have AdvanceTrac as option, I don't know why Aviator does not offer it at init. production, since the torque between the two v8s are not that different: 280 vs. 300.
  • Since I started this discussion in Dec., 2001, I have been seeking every tidbit of info on the 2003 Aviator.

    I extended the lease on my '99 Explorer for 6 months waiting for the delayed Aviator intro availability date. My time is up November 10 and I just can't wait any longer.

    Yesterday, I reluctantly factory-ordered a 2003 Explorer Limited with AdvanceTrac to be delivered o/a 11/10.

    I really wanted the Aviator and would have paid a premium over the Explorer. But no AdvanceTrac at intro was the last straw.

    I own a 2001 Lincoln LS V-8 Sport w/AdvanceTrac and have had no problems and great service by the selling dealer. The free maintenance and longer warranty were also a plus for Lincoln. Although I will still be around this site, I was hoping I could be an early Aviator owner and share my experiences.

    For those who can wait, I envy you and look forward to your discussions of your new Aviator. I am confident it will set the standard in mid-size SUV class as the best value.
  • I am guessing that the delayed availability of AdvanceTrac on the Aviator and Mountaineer may be due to the fact that an upgraded AdvanceTrac will be available shortly.

    The Lincoln LS will have AdvanceTrac II with understeer control added to the current AdvanceTrac. Perhaps final testing and release for production was delayed as the new system was finalized. The LS is scheduled to be introduced in November/December, 2002 time frame.

    I will bet that AdvanceTrac II will be available on Job 2 Aviators and Mountaineers, to provide an upgrade over the Explorer.

    Just an educated guess.
  • For those of you who are delaying your purchase of the Aviator for the simple lack of Advance Trac. Consider this...

    There is no real point in a TRUE AWD vehicle ALSO having Traction Control. AWD (QuadraTrac,QuadraDrive in Grand Cherokees)will always be superior to a 2WD system with Traction control because it involves the transfer of power between wheels and axles,whereas Traction Control is usually just a sophisticated computer controlling ABS on the vehicle brakes. Both are very safe systems,and in a passenger CAR (i.e. BMW,Lincoln LS) I would always choose traction control because it deters little from a CAR's handling characteristics,rather than something like a Subaru(except WRX which still handles EXTREMELY well)which also has AWD. BUT in something as cumbersome as an SUV,where handling is not really its strongsuit anyway,an AWD system will always be my top pick because it can be used over a greater variety of conditions with minimal driver input. There ARE some DISadvantages to AWD however. One is that many AWD systems involve a viscous coupling...these over the course of many years tend to go bad and are co$tly to replace. Additionally if you like to use 2wd(you like to peel out in your SUV??)then an AWD system will not suit your needs.These concerns are minimal however when compared against the Pro's of AWD. Bottom line...dont forgo this great truck over something as trivial as Traction Control when youve already got AWD..
  • Arent traction control and stability control(Advanced Trac) two different things?

    Currently I have a 96 explorer which has control trac 4wd with a limited slip differential which i understand in the auto mode means it is rwd 100 % until there is slipage then the front wheels would be employed to some extent. I m curious how the aviator awd with the stability control would be different than the system I have now...I realize the stability part would be different..utilizing the brakes to stop swerving situations..but if it is rwd until sounds the same as what i have in my explorer...
    I m wondering why a system which starts out as all rwd would be better than a system which has the 65/35 rwd/fwd split from the get go?
  • steverstever YooperlandPosts: 39,971
    Check out the 4WD & AWD systems explained discussion too.



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  • akirbyakirby Posts: 7,665
    is NOT traction control. It prevents the vehicle from understeering or oversteering (loose or pushing for you NASCAR fans) using yaw sensors and applying the brakes to one or more wheels and/or cutting engine torque. It can save you from overdriving a corner or possibly losing control in slippery conditions.

    Traction control applies brakes and/or cuts engine torque to prevent rear wheel slippage in a RWD car. That is slightly different than AWD which moves torque from the rear to the front.

    I don't have Advance Trac on my LS and probably wouldn't go out of my way to get it on a new vehicle. But others have said it saved their butt on at least one occasion. So I can understand why it might be a requirement for some buyers.
  • haironghairong Posts: 153
    AdvanceTrac is more of a safty feature than a driving mode. Without going into techincal details, it kicks in when you turn too fast, too sharp at an unsafe speed (relative to road/weather condition). Your normal AWD won't save your butt in these situations.

    Aviator's AWD w/ AdvanceTrac should have been called 4x4 auto or auto-4WD. But, this is my guess, since there's no low range in its t-case, Ford didn't want to use the term 4WD.
  • I was going to buy a 2WD Aviator, but ordered a 2 WD Explorer. Would not purchase without AdvanceTrac. I have AdvanceTrac on my LS, so I am fully aware of it's capabilites. I considered a 4 WD and would still insist on AdvanceTrac.
  • I talked to my local dealer about a week ago and he told me their first aviator has a build date of 9/16 and should be arriving within 2 weeks of that date.
  • Base prices and options for all 4 Aviator models are now available on

    I believe Lincoln did a heck of a job aggressively pricing for the Aviator. It should sell like gangbusters.
  • My dealer says Job 1 for the Aviator has now slipped into October....... Bill doesn't want any shipped until they're sure they're right. Can't fault him for that.
  • Last week I called 8 dealers in the Virginia/Washington area asking them when the Aviator would be available. Every month between October and January was mentioned. One message (234) indicated that the delivery date has slipped to October. Versus when? September? And Bill said, he didn't want any shipped until they were right. What's wrong? Usually the car come out and there is a delay in the pretty brochure. This is the reverse. Looks like there is a quality/production problem.

    If anyone is looking at the new Volvo SUV - think twice. The 4 speed T6 engine was "made" to fit and this engine is presently being re designed.
  • Does anyone know if the middle seats will recline??? My '01 Navigator has the split reclining bench seat which is a great feature for long trips...I know the Mountaineer and Explorer do not have reclining middle seats...

    Thank You

  • akirbyakirby Posts: 7,665
    I don't think they do, but I didn't specifically check them either.
  • haironghairong Posts: 153
    I think they do. To what degree they recline back, I don't know. 2nd row outboard seats are flip&tumble style (see the pic in this thread), so the seat backs are not fixed, it's only natural that they also recline back. Though I haven't seen one doing that yet.
  • According to the Aviator ordering guide, the 2nd row bucket seats (which are standard equipment) do, indeed, recline. If you get the optional 40/20/40 2nd row bench, I can't say. The ordering guide doesn't specify a reclining feature on the bench. My guess is that it's not there; otherwise, it would probably be mentioned. The only way to know for sure is either ask a very knowledgable dealer or wait for the Av to arrive in the showroom. You could also try calling Lincoln customer assistance at 1-800-521-4140. They might be able to tell you.

    Has anyone seen an Aviator brochure yet? I ordered one on via Lincoln website, but haven't received it. (The Blackwood brochure arrived in less than a week. :) )
  • That's because the Brochure was ready about a year before the Blackwood was. A dismally failed execution, which has now marked the demise of the Blackwood. Nice work, Jacque......
  • I got one from my dealer about 3 weeks ago.
  • Got my brochure today from the dealer. NO mention of advance trac.
    I m still guessing advance trac I is incompatible
    with all wheel drive.Any idea when advance trac II
    will be here?
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