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Lincoln Aviator



  • avifanavifan Posts: 7
    I ordered by phone, so there was nothing to sign. Odd though, I ordered within a day of you, have a build date within a day of yours, but I can not get any kind of estimated delivery date!
  • ghengiscghengisc Posts: 24
    I actually ordered my vehicle from a Ford dealer b/c it was close to my house, but the Lincoln dealer should have the ETA for you and you can have your salesman get the paper work ready for you. I didn't have to sign anything. They will give you the deal if you are going to spend the kind of money that this vehicle costs plus they will want your business. Remember, you are not obligated to buy the car. I don't worry about it too much b/c my cousin at Ford has given me some good tips. Good Luck!!
  • avifanavifan Posts: 7
    I feel obligated to buy the car because of the deposit.

    Another salesman is saying the incentive is $3K/0%, even though the commercials and the site have $4k/0%+$1K. What are you being told?
  • ghengiscghengisc Posts: 24
    I actually just checked it out the other day but my salesman hasn't gotten back with me on that yet. Apparently, you have to go with Ford financing or lease to get the extra thousand. If it's like GM you have to finance through them to get the rebate plus wait at least 30 days before you can pay the balance off in full.
        I'm locked into no less than 3400 in rebates right now. I am eligible for the 400 recent graduate rebate and if I can get the 4000+400 then I'll be pretty content. I'll let you know what I find out as soon as my sales guy calls me.

  • ghengiscghengisc Posts: 24
    I got a hold of the Lincoln dealer about the financing and they told me that you have to finance through ford to be able to get the additional thousand cash back. So, you are eligible for 3000+1000 if you finance through them. However, I'm not sure if you will get the low rate if you take the money.
  • avifanavifan Posts: 7
    At the Anniversary special for the Aviator says
    0% for 60 months** plus $1000 Bonus Cash
    OR UP TO
    $4000 cash back***
    in the fine print it mentions a $500 AARP bonus which also appears under the LS, but not the Av.

    Go figure.
  • ghengiscghengisc Posts: 24
    yes, the extra thousand is for both the financing at 0% or 3000 cash back. Only for the 2003 aviators. The way I understood how you could get the 1000 bonus if you get the cash back is that you have to finance some of the car through ford and then you could pay that amount off when and if you want.
  • gogoreagangogoreagan Posts: 10
    What kind of sales price are you negotiating for your 2003 Aviator's? For either a sales purchase or lease.

    My local dealer called me yesterday and offered a lease for 2% above invoice plus the $3000 rebate (which now may be $4000) and the $1000 Ford Credit. I did not know if this was in line with what you guys are experiencing..........Bill
  • aheckaheck Posts: 36
    We are still considering this truck. Seems like pricing is getting better every day. Here in FL, they seem to be going for under invoice. We are looking at the base Luxury 2WD for MSRP $39,995. Dealer will kick in $3963 and another $3000 ($4000?) from Lincoln, making this one heck of a deal, as far as I see it.

    My wife wants to wait a few months and then look for a used 2002-2003 truck with maybe 5-10K miles. At the rate they are selling these Avaitors now, I'm thinking that it will be cheaper to buy new now, than getting a used one later. What do you guys think?

  • ghengiscghengisc Posts: 24
    I'm getting my aviator through the x-plan so I didn't have to negotiate for the price b/c I'm buying it through ford. As far as the price it's a set price by ford. I think at the time I ordered it, It was 150 above dealer invoice but I also get the incentives. It was a good deal for me b/c I really didn't have to haggle and I got what I wanted. I'll know the final price when the Aviator comes in.

  • chaalzchaalz Posts: 2
    so far after 3 weeks there have been no major issues. We missed a scratch on the rear bumper while inspecting the car so we took the car in, got another Avi as a loaner, and got our Avi back the next day.

    We are still barely getting 11 mpg. This is probably bcuz we only drive 18 miles to AND from work daily. Not much highway use yet.

    Nonetheless, the truck is excellent.

    I have 2 regrets though: First is not getting the AdvanceTrac option. For only $800 more it seemed worth it. Second, is not getting a 2004 model. Edmunds (last I checked) only showed a $300 price difference. I guess we could have waited 3 more months. I mean, in 5 years the price difference btw. a 2003 and 2004 will be much more than $300.

    This got me to looking back on our car buying journey. After deciding on what SUV to buy, I called dozens of dealers and picked the cheapest one. However, we sort of lost some bargaining power since he knew they were the cheapest. In addition, we were just tired of going back and forth with different dealers. So my advice to anyone buying a car is first decide on what you want (down to every last option). You generally know what you can afford and have a rough estimate of what cars cost. Then in a relatively short period of time, start your attack. :-) I say this bcuz if the negotiating process is drawn out too long, you tend to get frustrated and this could cost you $$$. Anyway, good luck.

    On a final note, TEST DRIVE THE AVIATOR. We did just by chance. The ride and feeling you get really makes this a top contender.
  • ocrx66ocrx66 Posts: 9
    Have learned a lot from the reading here, hope you can help w/ a couple of questions. I will be getting my vehicle thru the x-plan so a good savings to start. Here are my questions:
    1) Better to get the low priced aviator or the higher end mountaineer;
    2) is awd actually necessary, I live in northeast ohio and the winters are moderate, is it worth the extra cost as well as the slightly reduced gas milage considering the weight of the vehicle seems to be enough;
    3) I know the rebate of 3k and the cash back of 1k are there but is there dealer incentive available and if so can I also have that applied under the x-plan.
    I am not sure if I plan on leasing or buying.
    Your thoughtful insights would be deeply appreciated. TXS.
  • avifanavifan Posts: 7
    OK. What is the "x-plan" that you two are referring to?
  • nvbankernvbanker Posts: 7,285
    1) Yes, the test drive of the Aviator is an amazing experience, I agree! They are an unbelievable performer.

    2) As to the Aviator/Mountaineer choice, I own a 2002 Mountaineer. My friend has a new Aviator. There is no comparison, even with the shared basic platform. The engine is a HUGH difference, the feel and steering is way better in the Aviator, and everything about how it drives feels different. I would opt for the Aviator if I could afford it every time. The high end Mountaineer is a nice car, no complaints. But the Aviator is really in a class by itself.
  • ghengiscghengisc Posts: 24
    Here's the deal with the X-plan.

    It's a set price by Ford for friends and family. The other plan is called the A-plan which is only for immediate family of Ford employees. The X-plan is good b/c you sometimes get close to dealer invoice or below.
       For example, The A-plan gives about 15% discount while the X-plan is about half of that. This is where you will start when you tell the dealer you want to purchase on the X-plan. There is no negotiation because Ford sets the price.
        For example, when you ordered your vehicle, there should have been three prices: dealer invoice, A-plan price, and X-plan price. Like I said before the X-plan gives you a price close to invoice to start with and you still get all of the incentives whether you take the cash, finance, or lease.
       This is where the real benefit comes in. I'm sure that you could negotiate a better deal on an Aviator that has been on the lot for a while but highly unlikely on one that is ordered. According to my cousin at Ford, the Ford plans are designed to give you the best deal with no hassle. If someone does get a lower price, it's because the dealers are losing money and need to push inventory. This makes sense right now b/c Aviator sales are slow. Lincoln expects to sell 30,000 of these this year yet they are only at about 9,000. From what I understand, most dealers won't come down on the price if it's ordered. Also, where I am (OKC), the Aviators were either fully loaded or stripped. There were really none in-between. So our salesman looked for about 2 weeks and couldn't find what we wanted. He basically gave up and we ended up ordering it. Hope this helps.
  • ocrx66ocrx66 Posts: 9
    Thanks for your replies. Is there dealer cash available on the aviator or mountaineer, if so how much on each and can it be used on the x-plan? Thanks
  • ANT14ANT14 Posts: 2,687
    Sales so far are 12,476, they are on target so far. It's just the media over dramatized it's doom because it had a slow start up.
  • nvbankernvbanker Posts: 7,285
    Lincoln seems to have stopped advertising it. At least I haven't seen anything in this market. Is that because it is selling as desired without it?
  • ANT14ANT14 Posts: 2,687
    Depends what you watch and read, and the demographics the marketing firm wants to attract. I never make it a point to look for it, or remember seeing it, although marketing for it has cooled down a bit.
  • e350v10e350v10 Posts: 92
    We just returned from an 1,800 mile trip up to Glacier National Park (Montana) towing a 6,000 lb. travel trailer.

    The Aviator has more power than our 2000 Expedition with the 5.4 V8

    On a grade, the Aviator will slow to about 48 MPH before downshifting and accelerating back up to 60 MPH. The Expedition slowed to 42.

    We towed on the straightaways (Wyoming) at 75 MPH 3200 RPM and averaged 7.5 MPG.

    The air conditioning shuts off at 4000 RPMs (to prevent overheating?) Very annoying on a hot day.

    The cruise control shuts off when the Aviator loses 10 MPH and WILL NOT DOWNSHIFT (to 3rd gear) on its own. This is a major flaw.

    A 22 gallon fuel tank is too small! We had to refuel every 150 miles (premium fuel, 7.5 MPG, Ouch!)

    Overall, it towed quite well, despite its short wheelbase.
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