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Lincoln Aviator



  • albellalbell Posts: 185
    Hmm. I wonder if the new mirror can be retrofitted and at what cost.
  • Probably because they have had to replace most of them already. The two on my Navigator have been replaced already, (10 months) and the passenger side appears to be going again.
  • Just bought a new '03 Aviator (silver with grey interior) and wanted to buy a luggage cover for the rear cargo area. We took out the bottom of the third row seat, which we never would use anyway, so the floor panel is flat and got one of the cargo mats to cover the floor. The dealership here (San Diego) says that Lincoln doen't make the cover! I can clearly see the indents in the interior where the cover is supposed to fit. The really irritating thing is that a $40,000 truck wouldn't come standard with this. My $15,000 '86 Bronco II had one, standard. Does anyone know about this issue with the luggage cover?
  • albellalbell Posts: 185
    I was told the same. It has to do with the 3rd row seats; there's no place to put the cover.
  • akirbyakirby Posts: 7,622
    Lincoln doesn't offer it because the Aviator comes standard with the 3rd row seats. But the explorer and mountaineer do not and that's probably why the indentions are there. You should be able to get a grey one for an Explorer or Mountaineer and it should fit (again assuming all the holes are still there) - may or may not match the color exactly though.
  • akirbyakirby Posts: 7,622
    The mechanism to tilt the mirrors down for reverse isn't different - it's the same mechanism used to adjust the mirror for the memory features. The computer knows the position of the mirror and can move it automatically. The fact that the mirror is defective should not have anything to do with the reverse feature - that should just be software.

    Maybe it's the repeated movement that's bringing out a flaw in the mirror so by not moving it so much it will be less likely to happen.
  • Thanks, akirby for the info. It doesn't make sense, however, that just because there is a third row seat, some people wouldn't want to fold it down and carry packages that they wouldn't want to have in plain view, IMHO. I'll try the dealership to see if a Mountaineer cover will fit.
  • akirbyakirby Posts: 7,622
    It may also interfere with the 2nd row bucket seats ability to recline. Probably easier to just leave it out. Curious to know how they handle it on the explorer w/3rd row seat. My guess is you don't get one there either.
  • ANT14ANT14 Posts: 2,687
    October sales figures came in this weekend, the Aviator sold 2630 units. 23,988 for the year so far, and 2 month's left. Ford will definatly meet it's initial sales target of 25,000 units, it's safe to say.
  • Has any of those with the rear end whine type noise had the cause found? The noise starts in the 50's until the 60's then stops and also stops when you let off the gas. We have had two differentials put in and the noise is back. can be quite loud in the rear seats and probably will get worse. The dealer has us on hold while hey hope for a report to come in on how to fix.
  • mlwlkmlwlk Posts: 10
    Hi georgefarmer: Sorry to hear that installing a new Rear End Differential (R.E.D.) failed to solve the problem of your Aviator's Rear Axle Whine (R.A.W.)! I currently have 6,000 miles on my Aviator and have had it in once already for the same problem. The dealer advised me to be patient while Ford Motor Company tries to figure out what the "fix" is. My plan was to take it in again at 9,000 miles and if they didn't have the official "fix" figured out yet, to insist that they replace the R.E.D. with a brand new one. But after hearing your story, I'm not sure what to do.

    Does anybody out there have any educated estimate as to what percentage of 2003 Aviators have the R.A.W. problem? Have any 2004s reported the R.A.W. yet?

    Has anybody out there been successful in solving the R.A.W. problem? If so, how did you do it?

  • Guess we are in same boat. Our dealer has said to wait until 12/10. Why!!! We have had two differential and they only get one more try under SC Lemon law. They will not let us talk to a customer rep. so we may try state consumer complaint dept. We are really unhappy with this situation. Please let us know what you have found and we will do the same. You can email me at
  • mrt9mrt9 Posts: 6
    I have been silently following the discussions about the rear axle whine. No one has indicated whether it occurs in 4WD or 2WD or both. It'd be helpful to have this info.

    Also, is it something we should begin to watch (listen) for when reaching a certain mileage? (I only have 1200 miles on my 2WD)

    Can it be heard by the driver or only in 2nd or 3rd row passenger seats?
  • akirbyakirby Posts: 7,622
    I have it - 2WD and you can hear it everywhere. It's not mileage related - ours started within the first 1000 miles. I can live with it until they get a fix for it.

    georgefarmer - what exactly do you expect them to do about it? They have a problem and they have not yet figured out how to permanently correct it. Sometimes these things are not easy to fix and even if they know how to fix it they have to make the change and get the new parts into production before they'll have parts available. I've seen Lincoln handle these types of issues on the LS and I can assure you they're trying and they will get it fixed, but it may take a few months.

    Complaining about it won't make the engineers work any faster.
  • albellalbell Posts: 185
    I picked up my new '04 Aviator Ultimate a week ago today, but did not really get to inspect it closely until last Sunday (being a NYC resident, I dont get to see my car until the weekend.) I was surprised to find that it did not have the Audiophile 6 CD changer, but rather the "optional" single CD/Cassette. I was never told by the dealer that this was an option, and it is not clear in Lincoln literature that you can get less stereo than you pay for with the Ultimate package, if you aren't careful.

    I have called my salesperson to complain...he was well as Lincoln Customer Service, which has not been very helpful...yet. I am going to escalate the issue gradually.

    Does anyone know if the Audiophile can be easily swapped out for the single/cassette? The head unit size seems to be the same. Also, any advice on how to deal with Lincoln or the dealer would be appreciated.

  • Ours is 2WD, started the first week we had it. To the fellow who said what should they do. After they put in the first differential the whine was back with a day or two. The whine got so bad you really could not stand to sit in the rear seat. Their mechanic said it may be dangerous to drive and needed to be fixed. So they put in the second differential which I appreciate hwoever the whine is back, not as bad yet but we expect to to be back to the terrible stage in a week or two. I did not pay $40,000 for a vehicle to do this type of thing. We have had it in the shop 21 days since July. They will either find a way to fix it or replace the vehicle. I cannot see why this is so hard. It's not curing Cancer. There are plenty of Aviators with the problem so just have the engineers looks at the defective parts and see where the wear is and go from there. This much noise will leave a mark on the gears or bearings, I am sure.
  • Mine is an AWD and has had the problem since day one. Incidentally, I drove a brand new 2004 last week..also an AWD and it has the same problem. They have not solved it yet. Good luck.
  • avfan2avfan2 Posts: 23 addition to the constant howlling coming from the rear end.....

    does he or anyone else have any clues about

    the intermittent whooping noise that also emerges from the back of the vehicle, sometimes ending in a loud ginding noise (#808,809,826)
    the rear window, styro-foam squeak-if you slam it really hard you can sometimes stop this one
     the metal lid, tin-metal hinge sound you hear if you corner a little hard

    or (here's one from the front-end)

    In the morning, when you put the vehicle in reverse you hear grinding noise from the engine compartment on the passenger side-sounds like the engine will fall out

    does he know how to fix these noises?

    Hopefully, I am getting my track assembly replaced tomorrow so at least the driver seat won't be loose anymore. I am pretty disapointed in the vehicle and only 4300 miles on it.
  • avfan2,

    At how many miles did all of those things start? Those sound pretty bad bro.

    Anyway, I have the same seat problem. When I start from a stop the seat sometimes moves back the slightest bit....kind of annoying. Did they straight up replace the track or did they try to "tighten" something and then it wasn't fixed and you had to return?
  • akirbyakirby Posts: 7,622
    I haven't experienced any of the other problems you mentioned. Unless these are widespread, common problems the engineers won't know about it. Sounds like you got a lemon unfortunately. Check your lemon laws in case they can't fix it.
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