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Lincoln Aviator



  • haironghairong Posts: 153
    Thanks avlv and jerry. I also found the article on the site. At my first visit there, I inexcusably forgot to click on the "Driving Dynamics" link, where a lot of things are explained, including the above piece.
  • marsha7marsha7 Posts: 3,661
    you pull up Lincoln's home page, they have placed the Aviator on it, and if you give them your email info, they will send you updates...obviously they seem to want to sell these things, most likely to inconsiderate buyers thru inconsiderate salesmen...:):):)
  • I just purchased my tickets on line for the ny auto show....

    if anyone has any questions about the aviator that i can answer by looking at it...ask now
  • Does it have keyless entry?
    Does the third seat fold completely flat?
  • I ll check those two items out...keyless entry and completely flat third row

    i d like to know when the dvd navigation will be offered
    and the vivid red color
  • To clarify my last, sirknightd: By keyless entry, I meant does it have a numerical keypad on the door, or post, like the Explorer or Mountaineer. So you can leave the car running with the doors locked.
    Thanks - have fun at the show!
  • audia8qaudia8q Posts: 3,138
    yes to both questions.
  • pexplpexpl Posts: 18
    Does anybody know if ford will sell Aviator in canada? Because the mountaineer didn't came in canada and for me it was a big disapointment. In addition would hid light come to canada, if Ford does sell the avaitor here? From what i understand, goverment of canada might be banning it, i got the facts from the salesman in volvo, because volvo was about to place hid light in their new suv xc90 but planned has been called off, fear of lost in investment.
  • as for the bottom line
    yes to both questions

    they keyless entry pad appears to be located at the same location as the explorer and mountaineer

    at the ny auto show the aviator was on a raised revolving platform.which was fenced i couldnt get close enough to touch it

    i was told by a 'product specialist' that the third row cushion on the bench can be removed to create even more room and allow the the folded seatback to fold more flat

    i was also told by a product specialist that the parchment interior comes with burled walnut

    whereas the light grey interior comes with zebrano wood...

    i like the burled walnut better as i saw it on the navigator

    there appears to be a power point behind the third row
    i was told there is one on the console for use of the second row occupants

    overall the interior seemed delightful to me
    ( from a distance)....
    the exterior was very cautiously that it wont offend but wont excite either

    i ll get mine when the dvd navigation and advance trac are out
  • bennewmanbennewman Posts: 12
    Does anyone have any reliable information about pricing info? When will the DVD navigation system be available?
  • haironghairong Posts: 153
    Saw another Aviator today. Noticed the trunk space behind 3rd row seat is very samll. The depth on the floor level is like 8" ~ 10" (est. but definetely less than a foot). Mountaineer has a longer trunk floor, if memory serves me right. Seems Lincoln moved 3rd row seat backward a litle bit for more leg room.
  • Stever@EdmundsStever@Edmunds YooperlandPosts: 39,015
    Preview: 2003 Lincoln Aviator

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  • marsha7marsha7 Posts: 3,661
    but, for those of us who might remove the third row seat completely (or do the same on the Mountaineer), would the rear cargo space then be identical from the second seat to the rear cargo door???
  • haironghairong Posts: 153
    Did you mean remove remove? as in taking it out of the SUV? I have no idea about the cargo space after removing the 3rd row seat. but it won't be pretty. That seat is not meant to be "removed". Maybe an Explorer EB or Limited without the optional 3rd seat can fit your need better.

    If you meant just folding down the 3rd seat, I am not sure if the cargo space are identical between the two. The two Aviators I saw both had 3rd seat up. If you want the spec. number, lists them. If I remember correctly, the total volume behind front seats, with both 2nd and 3rd seats folded, Aviator is less than Mountaineer, cant recall the number though.
  • Another re-badged domestic trying hard to be a wannabe pseudo-luxury car. It STILL is a domestic, and it STILL won't have the mystique or exclusivity of German or Japanese imports it's trying so hard to emulate. Caddy and Lincoln will never be able to shake their reputation as being the favorite makes of the geriatric population, no matter what their marketing staff do.
  • porknbeansporknbeans Posts: 464
    Funny, if I remember correctly there used to be stereotypes regarding the VW being the vehicle for the hippy/free love generation, it looks pretty mainstream now. Or how about the reverse of your stereotype. Caddy and Lincoln used to be coveted by young and old people as the epitome of fine car building before many of the Japanese brands even existed.

    I will not argue your point that the median age of Lincoln and Caddy owners is high. I won't argue your point that these brands are now trying to play catch-up and are in a number of respects copying what the European and Japanese have out there. But to say that they can NEVER shake their reputation as being the favorite make of the "geriatric" population is a very, very strong statement. Never is a very long time. Marketing, time and the American populace are fickle and elusive animals. There could very well be a backlash against "foreign" cars just like the backlash you're starting to see against SUV's and minivans.
  • porknbeansporknbeans Posts: 464
    It's not my intention to say that Lincoln and Cadillac are the best vehicles on the road, they're not. It's also not my intention to wrap your knuckles. However, for you to come out and say that they can never be considered a vehicle that is coveted by people under 65 without backing it up is irresponsible and wrong.

    I'm 35 and don't want anything that Lincoln or Cadillac currently have on the road. Both companies did make me turn my head with the LS and the CTS. They are offering vehicles that are making more people take notice. They still aren't there but they're closer than they were even 10 years ago.
  • avlvavlv Posts: 26
    I have not read anything about seat removal on the Aviator. However when I checked out the 3rd row seat on the Mountaineer the dealer advise the 3rd row seat cushion was removable. This would allow the seat back to for flat.
  • marsha7marsha7 Posts: 3,661
    basically, the idea of third row seating is useless for me, I would take the 3rd seat out and use for cargo, but the thought of the luxury amenities of the Aviator as better equipped than the explorer/mountaineer is appealing...better engine, floor shifter (hate column shifters), probably better seats, etc., but the third seat is a no-no for kids, may only put 2 adults in the back seat, thrid row seating worthless to me, so I would remove them, if possible, and use for a boat anchor, wheel chock for a semi-truck, or a bullet shield while advancing on the enemy (LOL)...
  • schulhofschulhof Posts: 71
    I am a bit suprised at so little discussion regarding this SUV which seems to be a real winner?

    Lets start a little discussion.

    What do you folks currently drive, that you are going to replace (potentially) with a Lincoln Aviator?

    My wife drives a '96 Isuzu Trooper with 104k dead reliable miles on it. It has been absolutely fantastic. Unfortunately Isuzu has let us down and has not responded with what the market demands, which is a powerful mid sized SUV that seats 7. So we nned to look elsewhere.

    The Explorer just seems a bit "cheap" to me, speaking in terms of materials, fit and finish. We would like to upgrade from the Trooper which has fairly standard Japanese fit and finish, and the Explorer, even a Limited or EB feels cheap.

    The wife demands seating for 7, we need to tow a boat so FWD minivan is out (plus I am WAY too cool to drive a minivan!).

    I refuse to buy a HUGE SUV. So Expedition, Navigator, Suburban, Sequoia, Yukon are out. I also require mileage better than the Troopers miserable 14 MPG.

    My search has led me to Aviator, XC90, MDX, Pilot. I am a bit weary of a Turbocharged 5 cylinder (?) SUV, the Pilot probably won't satisfy the desire to upgrade to a more luxurious car. So I think the MDX and Aviator are on top.

    From what I have seen this Aviator looks impressive.

    The wait continues.
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