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2013 and Earlier - Toyota Camry Prices Paid and Buying Experience



  • Tax, Title, License.
  • Hi,

    Thanks again.

    How would you all compare different dealers based on their after sales service - how is stevens creek / capitol and toyota sunnyvale?
  • kelvamkelvam Posts: 20
    Thank you very much!

    So when we are comparing the price before TTL, would I be accurate to say that we are looking at:
    1) the price that's been marked up after the "real" dealership invoice price
    2) with the Destination Charge and TDA (toyota advertisment fee?), and
    3) your options selected?

    Is there any kind of other hidden fees? I am still learning to see how should I negotiate when there's a dealer holdback offered by Toyota to the dealership, or when there's a rebate (e.g. $750 currently available on Camry).

    Thank for all the help! :shades:
  • kelvamkelvam Posts: 20
    Oh also, other than Edmunds (this site), Automotive and KBB, what other sites provide accurate pricing information? The dealership that I'm negotiating try to give me a higher price than I asked for, and saying that CarsDirect is offering that price and it's "good".

    So many online resources is making it a bit confusing... :sick:
  • gallileo,

    Thanks for sharing your experience. I am looking for a V6 with leather too. What kind of options do you choose besides Premium package? Is your MSRP $26,275?

    Thanks a lot.
  • kelvamkelvam Posts: 20
    I have gotten a few quotes now, and they all are pointing the TDA as a fee that I (the buyer) have to pay the dealership for even before TTL (tax,title,license). Is that the case?

    Have anyone been able to negotiate without paying the TDA?

    What's TDA for anyway, Toyota Dealers Association / Toyota Dealer Advertising Fee? Those are what I can find online so far...

  • -----
    Thanks for sharing your experience. I am looking for a V6 with leather too. What kind of options do you choose besides Premium package? Is your MSRP $26,275?

    Well, I got an SE, which is the "sport edition", not an XLE, which is the "top of the line luxury edition".

    Nearly all SE's come with the stability control, side airbags, and rear-spoiler. So, you pretty much have to get those if you go with an SE V6. My MSRP was $28K and change.

    Don't know what you are looking for in the car, but XLE's have more amenities, like memory seats and climate control but a weaker engine and poorer mileage--both are V6's but the SE's is bigger and more advanced. I really like the SE's engine compared to the XLE's. V6 LE's also have the poorer engine. SE's also have a stiffer suspension than any other camrys. I consider that a good thing, but you might not.

    XLE's are also more expensive, generally speaking.

    I would have to check, but I think that by the time you add a V6 and Leather to an LE, you are pretty close price-wise to an XLE or SE, which both have more features than the LE. The extra bucks might be worth it to you to upgrade.

    You may have issuese finding one with the options you want. SE's are fairly rare birds, even more so with leather, and XLE's are somewhat uncommon too. Some LE's have leather though. But although the first dealer had trouble finding my car, I surely didn't.

    I do know where to find a couple of SEs just like mine (except the color) in the bay area.

    The trick is that dealers want to move these off their lots. Hold out for the one you want. The dealer needs to sell more than you need to buy. Camry's are a dime a dozen.

    And when you do purchase, make sure the dealer's numbers add up before you sign anything.
  • Toyota of Manhattan in New York City practices bait and switch tactics. The sales dept. and mgmt are dishonest in their business dealings. Avoid them or be very careful when doing business with them. They do not keep their word.
  • It's very nice of you. It really helps a lot. I will consider SE too. The main requirement is leather. And I prefer v6 becasue 4cyl is not so power.

    Thanks again.
  • Hello Gallileo,

    Can you please explain a bit more about this : "add the rebate then subtract it scam" ?

    Also, in your opinion, which dealership around the bay area would offer the best price ? Sunnyvale Toyota or Fremont Toyota or Hayward Toyota ?

  • kpark6kpark6 Posts: 11
    Thinking about buying a 06 Camry this week or by next weekend. Can anyone tell me about prices paid and dealer experience? What about Carmax?
    Appreciate it.
  • Bought it on 02/18 - $16599 + ttl = 18310 (OTD).
    Gray LE - 2532model#
    No options added- not even floor mats.

    Donot go to stevens creek toyota as the service is bad and they make you wait a long time. Car was not clean when delivered so it is a disappointment. Capitol Toyota matches prices so try them.
  • kelvamkelvam Posts: 20
    The $16599 must be after the $750 rebate correct? That's an absolute amazing deal. Is this a Manual or Automatic? I have to guess it's a manual.

    Because as far as my research go, the "dealership invoice price" -- i.e. price paid out of dealership pocket to Toyota -- is $17491. Then there's destination chage of $580.

    Even excluding TDA (toyota advertise fee, usually in the $00 range), after $750 rebate it still total to $17321 -- a $700+ price difference!!!! :surprise:
  • The rebate in febraury went up to $1000 - check before you go to dealer. This is a 2532A => automatic.

    In bay area, they advertised these in the newspapers and sold out pretty fast. The Finance guy told me that this is close to they are not making much on car ($50 max) but they hope you will buy finance/insurance/warranty/prepaid maintenance from them. They make a lot from that !!!!!

    Where are u located? it all depends on location for deals....
  • kelvamkelvam Posts: 20
    Dang, I wish I'm up in the bay. I'm in southern CA. Maybe it's even worth it to fly up to SF, buy the car and drive it back :P
  • I read somewhere sales of toyotas in northern CA were slower so these deals are on....

    still i think wait till 2007s come out , if they have 2006 they will need to clear out..
  • kelvamkelvam Posts: 20
    I heard that since Feb already ended, and 2007 is coming out in mid-March (rumor?), they already up the $750 rebate to $1000 rebate. Have anyone heard of it, or confirm this?
  • statecatstatecat Posts: 10
    On Edmunds it shows the March rebate to be $400 and no APR incentive. Is the rebate regional? Is the info on edmunds correct?
  • kelvamkelvam Posts: 20
    I compare with KBB, and it does seem to be regional.

    "Models in Boston, Central Atlantic, Denver, Gulf States & San Francisco Regions - $1000.00 "
  • Bought a Camry Le, standard-equiped, auto transmission, for $18250, every thing-included, drive-out price. The original sticker price is $21190 Could get cheaper, since another dealership called and offered $18150 while I was test-drving, doesn't want to travel 100 mi(round trip) for 100 bucks (I know actually I could squeeze them to 18000, just felt enough is enough). By the way this $1000 rebate is national wide and the purpose is to clear the inventory and make room for 07 camry which is coming next week.

    Don't believe too much about this so-called invoice price since if using this number, it doesn't make any sense on my deal. As I know, every time the dealers get cars from the automaker, their prices will also be different. Also don't believe the so-called dinstination charge, it's a BS to squeeze consumer's money.

    If you are serious about buying a car, my suggestion is to call around dealerships and negotiate the price on the phone, let them know you are a serious buyer and you know what you are doing. Don't waste your time on traveling and talking in the dealerships. I only spent 2 hours on making phone calls and another hour to get the car.
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