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2013 and Earlier - Toyota Camry Prices Paid and Buying Experience



  • rpalrpal Posts: 2
    Is that OTD price or before Tax?? Can you please let me know?.

    How to get the $500 from Toyota.

  • rpalrpal Posts: 2
    How to get this $500 from toyota. Is this, we need to get from the dealer or toyota?. Please let me know?

  • jhsyjhsy Posts: 3
    I followed the approach that has been suggested and emailed requests for quotes to 10 dealers in the bay area. I got 6 responses and after about 4 rounds of offers and counter-offers (I simply kept the dealers informed as to what the latest low offer was), the lowest offer was actually $27,250 for a 08 Silver TCH (Nav, leather, moonroof, comfort, carpet/mats - MSRP $31,119). You know you are getting a good deal when dealers stop being willing to match the offer.

    I ended up getting a Magnetic Gray since that is my preferred color for $27,500 (MSRP $31,255 / invoice $28,226 - it had two more accessories of rear applique and wheel locks). So I paid about $150 more to get the color I liked. For those that care, it was built in Japan with a VIN starting with the letter J. For what it is worth, even thought I didn't actually go with the other offer, I am confident that it was a legitimate quote from the other dealer (also with a VIN starting with the letter J).

    Looks like there is plent of TCH inventory at this time and dealers are willing to go a few hundred below invoice. Happy hunting to those that are looking to purchase!
  • Good job! You got a good deal! That was a price ($27250) I am trying to get in Seattle area. No luck so far. I hope dealers will do it after Christmas, but right before end of this year. Does your car have VIP alarm and rear spoiler also?
  • Just bought Super White, 08 LE, $18695 after $500 rebate. This is LE with no options except the trunk/floor mat. Located in Souther Cal (San Fernando Valley). This
    Toyota dealer is a good place to buy, no tricks and professional.
  • I've read a couple posts say the Camry will release an '09 Camry in Jan. '08???

    how is that possible? Is there some big change coming?
    I thought you had to wait untill May or June to use the following year for a new model release.
  • I am getting a deal for $28,100 OTD for 2008 TCH with UP/LA/CQ/SR packages. Is this a good deal in Houston.
  • "the lowest offer was actually $27,250 for a 08 Silver"

    "I am getting a deal for $28,100 OTD for 2008 TCH"

    I do not think these are good offers considering the fact that in January the 2009 will be released and the 2008 will then be 1 model year old.
  • what are you talking about?
    a 2009 model being released in Jan. 08?! :confuse:
  • Yep...

    mackabee, "2009 Toyota Camry" #1, 1 Dec 2007 5:09 pm

    "The 2009 Camry arrives in dealerships on January 21, 2008"
  • I received the following quote from an Atlanta dealer
    Camry SE v6
    $25438+tax+ $21 title fee

    I was wondering since the 09s are coming out in Jan would there be a significant price cut of the 08s?
  • Orange County buyers,

    What is the lowest quote any of you have received for a 2008 Camry LE in this area? Right now my lowest quote is around $18500 after the $500 rebate. I want to get it around $18000.

    Please let me know your experiences.

  • I have got a quote for 2008 4dr, 4cyl, basic Camry LE (no addtional options) as 20,250 OTD in So.California. $20,250 includes everything carprice, tax, etc..Is it a good price? or Am I paying too much?
  • jhsyjhsy Posts: 3
    I think I got a good deal and didn't feel like doing more rounds of emails. The $27250 quoted price only adds the floor mats and the comfort option, no alarm or spoiler. The spoiler would increase by $400 (could probably talk down to $300). I didn't price out the alarm. I may install the spoiler myself as I've found prepainted ones on ebay for $89 ($25 shipping) that looked pretty good and relatively easy to install.

    Good luck with your deal in Seattle!

    BTW, I found that I actually got responses from all 10 dealers I contacted, but 4 of them got spam-filtered by yahoo and I didn't check my spam folder in time. If you're doing the email blast, make sure you check you spam folder! Probably would not have mattered too much though one dealer had a very good initial quote.
  • A month ago, I received a quote for 2008 LE std for $20,400 OTD included tax (7.75%) and everything at Tustin. Your quote seems reasonable by the fact the LE 2009 will be ready by the end of Jan, or Feb next year...
    I'm planning to buy one but still waiting for 2009 LE which may have the Stability Control system as std....similar to Honda 2008.
    Good luck :)
  • Is Consumer Reports price of $14 per car report worth it? I want to know the bottom line price but think that $42 for the 3 cars I am considering, to be a ripoff.

    Is there any other way yo get this information?

    I was quoted about $23,600 for Camry XLE v4 2008 (plus taxes)
    How much should I negotiate for?
    I appreciate your responses.
  • kiawahkiawah Posts: 3,666 has a XLE (the Toyota 4 cylinder is an inline I4, not a V4) with VSC for 23,155 (MSRP=26,509).......which is a reference point for you.
  • I purchased the report which says $22.4K as the bottom line price - but the dealer refuses to budge.
    I shall have to look at LE now.
    The dealer says $21.9K for LE including heated leather and compass mirror.
  • glenglen Posts: 17

    Just bought a new 08 CE manual trans for $15,888. (radio ad) +tax +alarm $400.

    Fremont Toyota in CA. I worked hard for this price.
  • mcdawggmcdawgg Posts: 1,666
    Congratulations - that's a great price. I have an '07 CE manual transmission. It's a great car for the price. What kind of alarm, and who installed it? Did you get keyless installed also?
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