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2013 and Earlier - Toyota Camry Prices Paid and Buying Experience



  • Just got a cash price of $16,995 for a 2009 Camry LE plus tax from Sandy Springs Toyota. Sounds like a good deal. What do you think?
  • ls09ls09 Posts: 6
    I live in southern california, so no extreme weather and am looking at buying a camry AT. Electronic stability control doesn't come with the base camry model and has to be purchased extra for the LE. I am looking at the Camry becuase of its reliabiltiy and safety features, but was looking at the base model not the LE. Does anyone know if its really necessary to have the added stability control?
  • alamocityalamocity Posts: 680
    That sounds like a good deal, was that for the manual or automatic?
  • any deals in california--socal or norcal? the best offer i have in the bay area isn't anywhere close to some of the deals i'm reading about here. i'm looking for an le auto and most dealers are quoting in the high 18K range. $16995?--i'll take two!
  • Hello ralphwiggum1
    I am in Bay area too. Currently, I have quotation of $19500 before $1500 rebate for 2009 CAMRY LE. I am finding better deal now. When I find $17000 or around this price, will you join and buy two with me really?
  • vincent, i am pricing two different camrys right now, le and se. my goal is to pay 17K (or less!) for an le or 18K ($1000 above an le price) for the se. so yeah, if we can combine for a better deal, let's do it. please keep me posted. thanks!
  • qiangqiang Posts: 10
    I am also in bay area. I think 17K or less for LE is VERY possible!

    I once tried to ask some dealers to beat 17388 and 16995 separately, some said " if I can beat this price, will you buy it today" and another asked to be onsite to further discuss it...

    Keep me posted, please.

  • qiang, are you interested in being our third? i have to believe that our buying power increases with numbers.

    as far as dealers saying they'll give you a deal, but that you have to come in--i'm hesitant to believe them as i've heard way too many stories about deals falling apart and time wasted. i won't go into the dealership until i have the deal in writing. even then, i'll go in with the check pre-written so there's no funny business.
  • qiangqiang Posts: 10
    Definitely count me in. But ideally I want to buy a car soon since I am renting now...
  • qiangqiang Posts: 10
    Actually I am planning to visit some local dealers and only do the below thing:

    17K before any TTL fee, deal or no deal? :)
  • gbcacgbcac Posts: 7
    I also live near Bay area and planning to buy an LE/SE this weekend if get a better deal ..
  • qiangqiang Posts: 10
    The best quote I get in Bay area until now is $20,533.49 (OTD price) for LE.

    Any one get a better quote?

  • immuneimmune Posts: 3
    Hi, I am also in Bay area. I want to buy LE and to be your team.
    Just count me in and please keep me posted.
    Thank you.
  • qiangqiang Posts: 10
    Hello Vincent_H,

    Which dealership did you get this quote from?

  • immuneimmune Posts: 3
    My best price in Bay area is $18,488 after $1,500 rebate.
    But, I don't think it is good price.
    Let's keep trying to get a better quote!

  • qiangqiang Posts: 10
    Any dealer here can provide such price. Not good at all. :)

    Let's keep trying!
  • bg2008bg2008 Posts: 4

    I am in bay area too. I planning to buy LE Auto at 17K or less and to be your team. Thanks.
  • wow, i'm surprised none of us have been able to find a better deal so far. my best quote is also 18500, which i think is terrible. you guys getting any better deals?
  • gbcacgbcac Posts: 7
    I have seen an AD from Toyota dealer advertising :
    Toyota Camry(Automati) : MSRP 21114-2619(Dealer disc)-1500(rebate) =16995
    one at this price.
    Also an add from other dealer Rebate plus 0% APR ,(720 credit score)..
    If we can all buy together ,I think we can get similar deal ..
    I am planning to visit the dealer on Monday to see if can get this deal ..
  • qiangqiang Posts: 10
    Hello qbcac,

    Could you please share the dealer information with me?

    Guys, how many heads, in Bay area, are in our group now? Maybe we should create our own small email group for immediate info sharing. :)

    My email address is leave yours? Thanks!
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