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2013 and Earlier - Toyota Camry Prices Paid and Buying Experience



  • chunhualichunhuali Posts: 9
    Hi Does anyone know this "Cash For Chunkers" policy? I have an 1998 Toyota Camry, if I trade it for a hybrid, will my car be qualified? I thought only cars wiht <18MPG are qualfied, right?
  • marc42marc42 Posts: 3
    I live in California. I put a $500 deposit down on a new car with a dealer a few days ago (i.e., I spoke with the dealer on the phone; we came to an arrangement; I gave him my credit card info for the $500 deposit, in return for which he is holding the car for me and has put on the options/accessories I requested.) I have just come to realize the deal is not a great one. I haven't signed any paperwork yet and would like to back out if possible. The dealer says that since he held the car for me for a few days and has put on the various factory options I requested, I won't get the deposit back if I cancel. Is this correct under California law? If you know the definitive answer please let me know right away. Thanks!!!
  • rrubianesrrubianes Posts: 4
    Typically, there is a law that prohibits buyers of new cars to back out of a deal or return their car once they buy it off the lot. Usually, you would be subject to a restocking fee. I would try calling the credit card company and canceling the transaction.
  • gooddeal2gooddeal2 Posts: 749
    he is holding the car for me and has put on the options/accessories I requested.

    I think that might be the problem. I think most dealers usually return the deposit if you change your mine (if you buy a car with standard options). There're extra costs/options w/ your case that the dealer might never be able to sell them to other buyers.
  • renew2renew2 Posts: 23
    Drive out was $25,200

    The owner rewards package includes body side molding and some oil changes.
    Also had the vehicle shield package (this is just an expensive wax job.. told them i would not pay for it).
  • Mathew,

    I sent you the email.
  • dodocatdodocat Posts: 1
    hi, smartshopperma, can you send the detail to the following email:,
    my wife and I are looking to buy a camry right now and would really want to get some help, :-)
  • roy2001roy2001 Posts: 59
    No, combined mpg must be less than 18. Your old Camry not eligible.
  • tech4deal,

    Sent you an email.
  • Kirstie_HKirstie_H Posts: 10,824
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  • On July 14, I had posted the specifics of my deal on this Forum for everyone's benefit. Posting dealer's name and address will not help anyone because it is a local Massachusetts deal which is only available through their referral program and by contacting a specific person at the dealership. Also, the rules of the Forum prevent posting of names of salespeople, their telephone numbers or other contact information.
  • zimbochickzimbochick Posts: 30
    We just puchased a 2010 LE 4cyl in GA. The MSRP was $22,900. After a long hard haggle they came down to $19,488. They waived the enviro-guard fee as part of the deal. Total including everything is $21,313. After the transaction was completed we revealed we had a cash for clunkers. To say the sales staff were unhappy is an understatement. They stated they couldn't offer us that price for a clunker deal. Obviously they have to, it was a signed deal, and they tried to take the $4500 off after sales tax, which here they cannot do. All in all a fair transaction. Luckily we were well informed going in, and after reading posts here knew to bring up the C.A.R.S rebate only after everything was negotiated.
  • arayanarayan Posts: 4
    If you have not signed anything then go ahead and place a hold on that charge or dispute that charge with your credit card may not get the money back immediately since it will have to go thru the dispute process.I dont see any issue here.
  • jginnycjginnyc Posts: 18
    greater NY area, was offered the following deal on a 2010 camry SE:

    MSRP incl options (moonroof and spoiler): $25205

    dealer price to me: $22479. residual value on lease offer was 58%.

    Good deal?

  • mike_smithmike_smith Posts: 11
    Purchased a 2010 CAMRY LE 4CYL AUTO - 2532 for 18,400$ today in SoCal.

    Here are the details of the transaction

    22,850 - MSRP
    -3950 - Dealer Discount (all the discounts bundled in one line item)
    -500 - Toyota Loyalty Rebate
    @2.9% APR / 4 Yrs (Didnt take the other 500$ rebate, went with the promo financing instead)

    The negotiated price with the dealership was 17,900 (including both the rebates) but i figured that i save more over the time of the loan if i take promo financing VS taking the credit union financing @ 4.99%

    The negotiations with about 40 dealerships in and around Los Angeles took about a week or so, but it was well worth it since i had atleast 3 options to go with just in case a dealer started acting up once i went to the dealership (This did happen at the first dealership i went to, I told them to screw themselves and was out of there, Had a 2nd option, called them before going there and asked them if they would honor the price qouted over email for sure, and they said they would)

    Went there around 2pm and was out of the dealership at 4pm.

    Dealerships are surprisingly empty on sundays here and the finance guy who was doing the paperwork said that the market is so bad that they were selling about 400 cars per month in peak season and now they are barely selling 100-150 per month

    Stick to your target price and shop around, Thats the best advice i can give you at this time.

  • edmond4edmond4 Posts: 6
    hi mike, do you mind to tell which dealership you went to? thanks a lot~ :)
  • renew2renew2 Posts: 23
    Offer looks ok to good.

    I just bought down here a 2010 SE - 4cyl in texas
    500 rebate - rebates less down here in texas
    Rear Spoiler
    Owner Rewards
    Sport Tech Package
    23,500 + TTL
  • pattyp1pattyp1 Posts: 3
    Could you please post the name of the dealership ? Thanks !
  • tran300tran300 Posts: 2
    Hello Mike,

    I am planning to buy the same car as yours. Would you please email me the information regarding the deal that you received or some forms of proof that the dealer will accept to give me the same deal? Thank you so much.

  • zimbochickzimbochick Posts: 30
    We actually scrapped that deal as the dealership was not at all co-operative with the C.A.R.S rebate. We eventually purchased the same model a 2532 2010 LE 4cyl for $18,950. After taxes and the $4,500 C.A.R.S deduction, the total was $15,973.
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