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2013 and Earlier - Toyota Camry Prices Paid and Buying Experience



  • awn7eawn7e Posts: 12
    You can do better. I say this because:

    1. The fact that "a couple of dealers" can offer you this tells me you can do better.
    2. I purchased a brand new 2010 Toyota Camry LE (automatic, with alloy wheels option) for $20,500 OTD on Dec 21, 2009 at a NC dealership. This was before any of these recent problems came up.

    You should continue to negotiate. You can also consider negotiating non-price factors such as color, whether the accelerator is made by CTS or Denso, and getting a Camry made in Japan.
  • For someone else's future reference, I just purchased my 2010 camry hybrid for $28,076 plus tax and tags ($29,000 out the door). That price is $1440 below the TMV. MSRP was $32,715. Options were navigation, leather, heated seats, moonroof, carpet and trunk mats.

    I purchased from Mechanicsville Toyota in VA and was very happy with my experience there.
  • wsc3wsc3 Posts: 3
    Salesman stated he would sell for $27479 out eh door. The lease is $294.00 for 36 months with $2000 down. The dealer is in Connecticut. Look like it is worth it to you?
  • kiawahkiawah Posts: 3,666
    You don't really give enough info, don't know the options your vehicle has.

    Compare the MSRP and features to They are in a pretty geographically competitive area, and have very good prices. That will give you a pretty good target to shoot for up in Conn....or you could always fly/train it down to DC if it's worth it to you.
  • wsc3wsc3 Posts: 3
    2010 Toyota Camry XLE w/Navigation, leather, moonroof, JBL Audio 6idisk CD

    MSRP: $28,892.00
    Down Payment: $2000.00
    Money Factor:0.00050
    Monthly payment $294.01
    Let me know if you need any more information.
  • daveodysseydaveodyssey Posts: 5
    edited February 2010
    Hi everyone. I live in Richmond, VA and looking to buy a new basic Camry LE with little or no addional options. How much is a good price to pay at this point in time. Price included tax, title, and fee.(OTD price) The MSRP of the car I was looking at is $22850.Thanks for all response.
  • I just bought a camry hybrid in the Richmond area. I calculated the true market value (TMV) on Edmunds and did my price comparisons with the internet sales department (using the request quotes feature on The quotes I got were all over the place - Haley Toyota's first price quote came in $1800 higher than the lowest first quote I received (from Fitgerald Toyota in MD, just 2 hrs from here). I ended up purchasing from Mechanicsville Toyota when they beat the MD price. If you get quotes from Fitzgerald Toyota in MD as well as a few Richmond dealers, you will quickly see what the range of prices is and then you can ask them to match each other. Good luck!
  • Received email offer for XLE 4 cyl from a local dealer:

    MSRP - $27,995
    Offer - $23,455 + get the $1250 rebate

    Seems a little to good to be true. I might head over there this weekend to check it out.
  • This is for a 2010 Camry LE, Automatic with no other features in NE Florida.
    after a lot of negotiating I got an OTD quote of $18,900
    that includes tax, tag, title, fees, etc...
    I've been browsing the forums for a while now and I want to know, how does this sound to you guys (and gals)?
  • World Toyota in Atlanta has been emailing an LE at 16800 before fees.
  • Thanks mahouraii! Here's how I crunched the numbers..

    $16,800 + $682 (SE Toyota Destination and Admin charge) + $750 Destination Charge + 7% sales tax + approx $100 for a FL title + tag transfer = approx $19,610.

    Now, I'm not sure if that base price has already factored in manufacturer rebates to the dealer or loyalty discounts for the customer (I am a previous Toyota owner)
    but we'll be getting it for about $700 less than that.

    How does this look to everyone else?
  • Well, 16800 + 682 + 750 = 18232 + TTL.

    It's a good deal if it was last year. With the current fiasco and 2011 on lot, I think it's an o.k deal at most.
  • Well compared to what the local dealers are selling them for ($19,995) that sounds like a good deal, guess in my area the market isn't as distressed.
  • lavelilaveli Posts: 12
    edited February 2010
    Hi can anyone help,

    this is what i got for a Camry LE

    MSRP $23,000
    Invoice $21,000
    selling to me for $20,700
    OTD (tax+lic fees) $23,000

    I am in the SoCal area. Also this includes the $1,000 new college grad and i'm going to go with the 1.9%apr
  • kiawahkiawah Posts: 3,666

    should get that price easily without the college grad rebate
  • lavelilaveli Posts: 12
    How much lower can we go below invoice? And how do I know if that is the invoice? Im talking to them through emails, I have not seen the car yet.
  • Close I went ahead and did it. Good buying experience .. I love how they tell me 'we are losing $600 on this car from our NET prices, but we hope you will return and buy another car again so that's why we do that'....

    MSRP - $27,795 - XLE 4 cyl Auto + Leather/Heated Seats + Smart Key + Dest
    Selling Price - $23,683
    Doc Fee - $250
    Taxes $1,495.81 (OH)
    Title - $33.50
    Rebate - Additional $1250 off
    OTD - $24,212.31

    Happy with Bluetooth in the car, my main requirement. Getting a deal like this is why I don't enjoy buying a car - there is NO WAY, based on the 'information' provided by Edmunds and the like that I should be able to get this pricing. So I've decided in my next career to become a car dealer to figure out how they really price and pay for cars :)

    Thanks to all who post and provide information..
  • I love how they tell me 'we are losing $600 on this car from our NET prices, but we hope you will return and buy another car again so that's why we do that'....

    I heard that all the time...sometimes I make fun of them by saying "You keep telling you make no money or losing money every time I purchase a car but you're still in business." They just smile at me. :P
  • jason50jason50 Posts: 55
    I thought the sale of Camrys were on hold until they got the brakes issue fixed? Also, have you guys gotten a better offe/deal since this scandal broke?
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