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2013 and Earlier - Toyota Camry Prices Paid and Buying Experience



  • For 2011 Camry LE in Denver, Colorado, I`m getting a price of $22,500 OTD which incl 7 yr platinum warranty & 4 yr maintainence. This includes the new grad rebate and 0% APR for 60 months. This also incl the floor/cargo mats but not tint windows. So what is incl in extra value pkg? What do you think abt me deal?
  • danhoustondanhouston Posts: 20
    edited December 2010
    hello camrybuyer,

    the extra value pkg. has the 7 spoke alloy wheels instead of hub caps. mine only has the standard rebates with 0% apr for 5 yrs., but not qualified for additional rebates on recent grad. and/or military personnel. mine doesn't have extended warranty; since it's a new car that has 36K miles comprehensive & 60K miles mechanical warranty, to me extended warranty is certainly not necessary.

    if you have not bought it yet, shop around little more for a lower price since you're qualified for the new grad. rebate which is additional $1K. btw, my location is in houston tx
  • Hi danhouston,
    Thanks for your reply, I haven't bought the car yet, so will shop around for a better deal.
  • Hey Guys, buying a 2011 model in 2010 and buying the same model in 2011 will make any change in the price difference?.
  • Just to be clear on your deal.
    MSRP $23506
    Dealer offered $19000 before $1000 cash back, that is you would pay $18K if you do not finance at 0%?

    That is a great deal. Please provide the dealership name and the salesman. I am looking for a 2011 camry LE no options. I was quoted $18648 + $100 doc fees + TTL for MSRP $22985.
  • jasayjasay Posts: 6
    It's okay but you're still giving the dealerhship around $800 or more in profit. Check out They negotiate the car price for you and always get it at factory cost. My wife and I used them last month and they saved me alot of money
  • jasayjasay Posts: 6
    My wife and I just got our Camry in the same area this last month.. We used a service to negotiate the deal for us and actually paid below invoice (close to $2000 or so below MSRP). The service charged $299 but it was the best car-buying experience I have ever had. Saved us a bunch of time and headache dealing with salesman. They were referred to us by my sister.
  • so, what was the drive-out price for yours? which trim (base, le, se)? and any optional features?
  • Is this a good deal for a Toytoa camry LE for a purchase price of $21,300 :confuse:

    (MSRP 26,100 + rebates/discounts) with 2.9% financing. The Drive Out price comes out to $23,000.

    * AM/FM CD Palyer with Satellite Radio/Playback/IPod Connectivity/Blue Tooth etc.
    * 16 in 7 spoke Alloy Wheels
    * Rear Lip Spoiler
    *Leather Seats
    * Window Tint
    * Premimum Carpet Mat
    * Dealer threw in cargo net
    * Carpet Mat Set
    * Vehicle Shield Package
  • good deal...what is the name of the dealership and location..

  • 2011 Toyota Camry LE - gulf states (1500 cash + 500 cash = 2000 customer cash)
    options: floor mats only
    price out the door: 20,350-20,600 (the higher end prices include alloy wheels, and/or vehicle shield/tint/vehicle stripes)

    This is the Houston and Dallas area dealerships. These prices are 500 or more under invoice.

    I used a "fax blast" technique - told each dealer exactly what I was looking for and asked for the price. I then called each one back and let them know the winning bid and offered them a chance to beat it. Many cannot beat the guy who does business at ~20,300 out the door.

    However, this tells you that the Gulf State Toyota region appears to have higher priced vehicles than the national market. Basically, a full day of work got me 1000 less than the default Edmunds "fair price" quote.

    I think everyone here is looking for the dealer who will sell at 20k out the door on a Toyota Camry LE. There are definitely going to be Toyota Camry CE's at that price.

    Now - I don't understand how people in California are paying a full $1500 less than people in Texas out the door.
  • Is the MSRP about 25K? This seems to be a great deal. Please provide the dealership name and where located.

  • This is a great price. What area is this & which dealer. However why are you not getting the 0% APR ?
  • This is Houston, TX area. I didn't get the 0% APR because I took the incentives (it was an either/or but because of my credit I was able to get a low interest rate).

    In fact, they first quoted me 3.25% and I mentioned that I was getting a 2.9% from another dealership and they matched it (I told them I was going to pay cash otherwise).

    Make sure you get a quote before going to the dealership with exactly what you are looking for and have them quote the drive out price. I went ahead and took this car because it had <5 miles and the clear paint protection that the dealer put on themselves which was in addition to the MSRP price I put above.

    Hopefully the deal I got was a good one.
  • danhoustondanhouston Posts: 20
    edited December 2010
    Now - I don't understand how people in California are paying a full $1500 less than people in Texas out the door.

    because the dealer's quote or buyer was qualified for additional incentives of new grad. & military. if mine had those extra incentives, i could have gotten a camry le for about $19.7K drive out with the 0% apr.
  • This is really a great price. As I`m in CO I don't think I could get a price like that. Congrats on your deal.
  • I'm finally happy with my purchase of the 2011 Camry LE (MSRP $23,185):
    $21,720 ($20,196 incl tax,etc + 7 yr extended warranty & 4 yr service maintenance $1524)
    This deal incl:
    -0% APR for 60 months,
    -$1000 new grad rebate,
    -$750 Toyota holiday savings
    -Carpet mat set
    -Cargo net
    - ;) Full tank of Gas.

    Thanks for all your feedback! Good luck guys!!
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