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2013 and Earlier - Toyota Camry Prices Paid and Buying Experience



  • I'm getting quote for LE with options
    Drive out price of around 22700

    Let me know if this is a good deal

    if i can get it for a lower price, where i can get it in my location please help me

  • kajivkajiv Posts: 8
    Hi cancun1,

    In MA - The two dealers I am referring to are

    1) IRA Toyota of Tewksbury
    2) Boch Toyota - Route 1

    final price 17.9K + Tax + Title+ Reg + Doc. fees. = ~19.5k

    Good Luck.
  • Hi,

    That sounds like a good deal. What was your price before TTL (but including destination)? Thanks.
  • Gulfport, MS (zip 39560)
    +Sticker Price $21,974
    +Fees $320
    +5% tax rate

    -$2000 rebate

    OTD price being offered $20,876.65

    I did the math and looked at past posts, looks like it is Above Market Price

    p.s. this is not an LE, but does have $399 worth of options
  • do we need to pay TMF and TAF while buying any camry LE.. what else we need to pay apart from the Invoice, TTL ?

    Thanks in advance
  • kbetts1kbetts1 Posts: 36
    edited February 2011
    This was our third Camry and we also have an '08 Avalon. We were looking for a small grocery getter to replace our '03 Camry with 168k on it. I drove/sat in/ priced pretty much the whole market of small cars. We went to the Toyota dealer to look at an advertised leftover 2010 Corolla LE. Drove it and weren't too impressed. Drove the Scion Xd and it was better. Drove the Matrix and it was ok. The salesperson said they had the '11 Camry for $15,900 so we drove one and loved it. It was within 5mpg of all the rest.

    So, about the buying experience. Rick Hendrick Toyota advertised a "2011 Camry for $15,900 , no gimmicks". First thing out of the mouth of the salesperson is "That's with an active duty military discount.... the price is $16,400." So they bring a buyer agreement with a price of $17,500. I point it out and they say.... "oh, that's because you don't have a recent college grad discount." I say "that's not what you said" pointing to the pad of paper I had sitting beside me to write such things down. Any time they said something, I wrote it down. Along with the added price were $499 Dealer Admin cost, $299 floor mats, $399 window tint, and a $985 "Hendrick Package" consisting of keyless entry, mud flaps, body side molding and maybe a couple of other things.

    So I sent the agreement back to have the price "fixed". When it came back I said I didn't want floor mats, window tint, or the Hendrick Package. That was met with cries of disbelief... "What do you mean you don't want them? Everybody wants them!!" COMPLETE BS. OEM Floor mats are under a $100, the Camry comes stock with UV blocking glass, the rest is worth a couple of hundred.... NOT $1700. I told them where I could get an LE for very close to that total price ( and and it I was prepared to walk.

    After about 10 minutes of us both repeating the same thing over and over a third level salesperson came in and said "If I could get one without that, would you buy it?" I said "sure" So they "found" one in the color of Sandy Beach after about 15 minutes. Turns out that it just so happened to be getting the "standard" window tint so they couldn't take that off, could they? Complete BS again. Just a final attempt to bump the price $400. This was well into our fifth hour at the dealer and my wife was hungry (she's mild hypoglycemia) and I was getting bored and starting to loose my sense of humor. So, I didn't call them liars and just said, "OK." We did add on the $299 keyless entry (worth about $180).

    What followed was a two people who tried to sell me accessories (paint and interior stain protection, Navigation, trims..yada,yada,yada) and insurance (warranty programs, maintenance programs, debt life insurance, yada, yada, yada) all of which I turned down. OTD price was $17450 ($18,159 tax/title/tag.) We got $3000 for our old Camry (needed $1500 of tires/body work/mech work)

    Over all I left at least $400 sitting on the table un-negotiated. Who knows what another hour of BS would have netted if anything. The color is a little strange (off-putting) at first but the warm buttery gold color is unique enough to keep from being unattractive. The window tint on the Sandy Beach looks somewhat getto for my taste so I regret not making them take it off.

    Final answer, we love the '11 Camry base and feel we got a good deal. We plan on keeping it for 10 years / 160,000 just like our last one. We do hear the clunking of the tranny sometimes not locking up right away. The 2.5l engine and the 6spd tranny are oddly trying to keep the motor under 2000rpm ALL the time. Maybe after break in the motor/tranny package will be as excellent as our well loved 2.4 that regularly returned 35mpg on trips.


  • I got a new 2011 Camry LE with Options (Blue tooth, Alloy wheel, Leather Sears, Vehicle protection) as drive out for 21800
  • kiawahkiawah Posts: 3,666
    edited February 2011
    To make a price comparison useful, you need to post the MSRP of the vehicle (so it can be an apples to apples vehicle comparison), and the negotiated price BEFORE tax/tag/license fees (but including all dealership admin fees, etc). While an OTD figure is the best figure for a singular consumer to compare his/her prices, because states and cities have varying tax rates it's pretty much a useless number when trying to compare national deals. You can find sales tax rates varying 7+%.
  • It got a MSRP of 25643 with Options (EX, QA, L3, P2) in the State of Texas
  • kbetts1kbetts1 Posts: 36
    edited February 2011
    Ammendment to message #8539 to reflect MSRP....

    The MSRP for the Camry Base we bought in North Carolina is $21,655 plus the window tint (MSRP $399) and adding the Keyless Entry (MSRP $299) for a total of $22,353. Out the door price including tax, title, tag fee for us on Jan 31 was $18,159.

    I bought Husky all weather heavy duty floor liners, paint protection, OEM fog lights, OEM mud flaps off of Ebay all for just over $200.
  • anyone got a camry se I4 with extra value package 1 in bay area?
    please share your experience. thanks
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    I found this to be a good insight as to how dealers try to maniputlate you. I'm not sayin' you didn't get a good deal. But I would have walked just because they played so many games. Enjoy your camry. Still hangin' on to my 01 with 177k miles on it. It won't break down so I can get a new one. Not complain' though.
  • toyo80toyo80 Posts: 1
    edited February 2011
    I just bought a 2011 Camry SE with extra value package for 22,500 with tax, tag and title it came out to 25,100. It was 0 down and 0 percent interest for 60 months was this too much? Invoice was 23,500 and msrp was 24915.
  • Hi Snowallergy,

    Ref. Don't Get Taken Every Time

    It must be pretty hard to find a dealer who won't play games if they have to write a book about it. I think the biggest disadvantage is that we buyers only go through the negotiation process every few years (and we Camry buyers much less often).

    I guess I see the games as a weakness on the part of the dealer. You just end up price shopping from dealer to dealer. OTOH, I expect to pay more at a dealer with integrity because the added value of knowing they will make sure they give you what you paid for (business/accounting term is 'goodwill')

    I felt sorry for the sales team because my best guess is that the manager had placed them in a position where they had to lie to bump up the price enough for their commission. The delivery member of the sales team made an excuse for them saying "They aren't very experienced in the negotiations." I'm not sure if that meant he thought I WAS experienced or if that meant that they did the right thing in the wrong way or that the process took too long or what. Whatever, the comment just struck me as strange.

    Overall, we're happy with the price based on post sale research and although the buying experience was tiring we were relatively unscathed by it. Hopefully we won't the "Don't get taken every time" book for another eight years and 170k.
  • Yes, negotiating with car dealers is one of those awful experiences that turns off most people. I love seeing how the smiling faces (buyers) turn to frowns just after they come back to the dealer to do the paper work. I am generalizing here, but most dealer sales people are not well educated nor trained properly to do their jobs. The result is that they often succeed in alienating customers than build goodwill. My last Camry purchase (last year) was done completely over the phone. I spoke directly with the Internet Sales Manager, I told him what I wanted to pay - he comes back with $200 over what I told him, and we settled for $50 over what I originally said I would pay. I told him in no uncertain terms that the agreed upon price was all that I would be brining with me and not to play any games, since I was travelling 500 Miles to pick up the car. They picked me up from the airport, took me to the dealership, all the paper work was waiting for me, and I was out with the car in 45 mins. Everything was in order, and I must say it was the least stressful and perhaps the most enjoyable buying experience. There is nothing like walking into the dealership and they having the car all prepped waiting for you in the front.
    IMHO, if you are upfront with them and tell them here's what I have, either do the deal or bugger off, you could avoid some of the frustration. Approaching a negotiation as a game (where the rules insist that one person must loose) is counter productive. Some consider it a dance, but why dance or play games when you can set your terms (reasonably) and see if anyone will do business with you.
    My best advice is do some on-line research, find a volume dealer who has lower operating margins and get it at the price you want. It may not be the same as buying from your local dealer and that friendly face and all that, but unfortunately for me all my local dealers are imbeciles - one of them insisting that I could only get a 2 year old used Camry for what I wanted to pay. Showed him the invoice for the new car when I went there the next time. Good Luck to all!
  • You made a good point about the length of time between purchases. 10 years or more is light years in the car business. Things change so fast. Some of the other cars I considered alongside my 01 are no longer being made. :0)

    One of my clients noticed how long I've had my camry. She said she wanted to get ride of the 3 cars in her driveway now that her husband had passed. I asked her to wait for me to come back from out of town (2 months or so) so I could help her negotiate. Actually, I was just going to go in in her stead. When I got back she told me she had purchased a 2 YO corolla with stock rims, no less.

    She spent more than what I could have gotten her a new one for (w/ rims). And the got her in the finance office as well. Oh well, I tried to help.
  • Caldwell Toyota in Conway, AR treated us well too. My wife is really happy with her new vehicle, the staff are awesome and truly treat you right.
  • I'm in central PA. A very good (IMO) dealer here has 2 CPO 08 Camry SE's for $18-change, both have mileage in low to mid-30s, clean 1 owner carfaxes (off-lease). Other has over 40K miles, also clean 1 owner carfax (off lease) and bluetooth CD changer for $17400 about. If I search dealers in the Philly area or New England (where I have family) I see newer (09-10) CPO SE's with less miles for the same price or only $1000 more, and good carfaxes (carfax isn't perfect I know). Some 08s with similar specs to the same I saw here in central pa for $16800 or so. Is this a case of "be careful you get what you pay for" or is there real variance in CPO prices?
  • kiawahkiawah Posts: 3,666
    If you're going to spend that much, make sure to compare it against a brand new one at They've got a dealership up in Chambersburg, PA.

    Personally, at that price point, I'd just get a new LE and full new warranty, versus a used SE w/cpo.....but you can check out the details yourself of their no hassle prices and inventory available at
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