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2013 and Earlier - Toyota Camry Prices Paid and Buying Experience



  • azilegirlazilegirl Posts: 2
    edited December 2011
    We just bought a Camry hybrid XLE fully loaded and then some. We started by getting Internet quotes from various dealers (Atlanta area) and found that there were only 3 XLE's with nav available in all of GA. All the dealers quoted us invoice price- $34,600 MSRP for $32,400 plus delivery costs and tax and no one would budge much on that price because they're not plentiful right now. But one dealer had a custom ordered one which had many more bells and whistles than a standard fully loaded XLE (spoiler, tires, tinting, body molding and more) where the person ordering it decided it wasn't the color he wanted and asked them to order another in a different color. I think the dealer was afraid they wouldn't be able to get rid of it easily so they sold it to us out the door for $33,100 plus tax and they covered the first month's payment. ($36,600 sticker) And, because it was the last day of the month, they really wanted to get rid of it.
    End of month is always the best time to haggle with dealers. All the other dealers are either waiting for their next shipment (we were told they'd be in by January) and some were willing to transport one from another dealer for an extra delivery fee. It seems to get a hybrid right now in this region, because of limited stock, invoice is a decent deal.
  • azilegirl,

    Congratulations on your XLE Hybrid! I think you got a great deal on the loaded one that the other customer canceled. Curious what kind of MPG you're getting it so far?
  • azilegirlazilegirl Posts: 2
    edited December 2011
    Thanks Ortolan! We're enjoying it a great deal. It's my husband's commuter car and he's a lead footed driver. That being said, he tried driving it very carefully and was able to drive from work to home one afternoon averaging 43.6 mpg. It's a 30 mile trip with about 60% freeway and 40% high speed surface streets. The next day he had to get home fast and drove it aggressively and got 36.2mpg for the trip. Overall average, if he's not being too careful but not driving as if he's on a track, he's been getting between 39 to 40mpg. Tonight he drove from a local burger joint home, about a 2 mile trip and did most of it on battery and got 93.4mpg. That includes some pretty decent hills in our neighborhood.
    Overall he's super happy with the performance and mpg he's been getting.
  • ortolanortolan Posts: 12
    edited December 2011

    Sounds like the 2012 Camry Hybrid is a winner! Mine is on the way and should be at the dealership around the middle of this month. I'm very impressed by the real world mileage that you guys are achieving consider that the Camry is a real mid-size vehicle. Our family was set on purchasing a Prius until I started reading about the new 2012 Camry Hybrid. I really liked the Prius but was never in love with it if that makes sense.

    I'm used to a little bit more power and room and the Prius was too much of a departure from that. I'm sure there will be times that I will try to squeeze as many MPG out of the 2012 Camry Hybrid when I get it, but not at the expense of irritating other drivers. Mostly plan on driving it like I do a non-hybrid car, which is with the flow of traffic.

    Frankly, I'm surprised there isn't more buzz about the 2012 Camry Hybrid considering it's a mid-size car that can achieve 40+ MPG. the previous 2011 Hybrid was 31 MPG City so 2012 is a huge improvement.

    Please keep us posted regarding your driving experience with the new Camry Hybrid! BTW, what color did you purchase?
  • 2012 Camry LE super white, price paid $19,988 +ttl. Financed with toyota for 2.9% APR for 60 months. Located in Orange County California
  • We've had out Hybrid XLE for almost a month now... I routinely get 45-47 MPG on my 12 mile drive home from work... mixed driving, 60MPH and under. I'm not a hypermiler, but I try not to stomp in the gas pedal too much, if I can help it. We've had a few trips around our suburban neighborhood that registered up to 48 MPG. Overall, seems to me that Toyota's MPG listings on the new Camry Hybrid are def. on the conservative side. I mostly get MPGs that are higher than they have estimated. LOVE this car!
  • briguywi,

    Thanks for the additional feedback on the real world MPG numbers. I'm really happy that Toyota's MPG are accurate. BTW, the 'wi" in your user name doesn't mean you're from WI does it and if so did you purchase your 2012 XLE Hybrid from Smart Toyota? I ask because when I first inquired about the 2012 Camry Hybrid one of the salesman told me that someone had gotten a fully loaded XLE, which I got to see in person but could not drive because someone had purchased it already and was picking it up the next day. It was one first one's available in the country.

    That was almost 1 month ago.
  • mcdawggmcdawgg Posts: 1,667
    Just one correction to your post "Toyota's MPG listings on the new Camry". It is the EPA that comes up with the MPG listings, not the manufacturer.
  • I am having trouble finding any hybrid xle in the Midwest that are not loaded. I am trying to find them without leather and it looks like there are plenty in the southeast coming in but none around me. Any ideas on how to get my hands on one?
  • Smeggo:

    Try doing an Internet keyword search with Midwest Toyota Car Dealer
    maybe add Inventory also

    This might help identify dealerships and the specific cars in their inventory

    I have been using to get a price of $31,567 in Virginia, has anyone gotten better than that?

    That's for the 2012 Camry Hybrid XLE loaded (leather ,moonroof, conven,blnd apt, safety con)

    What the best price anyone has seen before tax, and other fees?

    Anyone get a similar vehicle in or near Virginia?
  • I just got a Camry Hybrid XLE with convenience package and navigation with entune for invoice. I had to get my Illinois dealership to get it from Wisconsin but I finally found it. I think I did as good as could i could. The whole process took less then an hour as I made it clear that I wouldn't haggle. Nobody I talked to would go less than invoice so I feel comfortable with my decision. Does it sound like a good deal?
  • turismo29 - That seems to be a good price. Did you have any incentives? Any tips? I am getting quotes at around 21K.
  • Yesterday got 2012camry LE at $22,750 all down OTD price. Leather and 2 yr Toyota maintenance included. Hope it's a good deal. Please let me know.
  • jaxs1jaxs1 Posts: 2,697
    edited December 2011
    LE doesn't have leather. The dealer would have had get a third party to install aftermarket leather seat covers of some kind.

    OTD price reports that include local sales tax and local DMV registration fees without separating and itemizing them out just confuse and complicate comparisons.
    It's better to list the actual sales price of the car and any added fees you paid that go to the dealership like doc fees and dealer prep fees, not local or state tax and registration fees that are real and go straight to the government.
    Also, you need to mention any trade in that was involved in the deal because that also pretty much makes your price not comparable to anyone elses. The dealers play games with trade in values and will shift dollars back and forth between value the car you trade in and the purchase price of car you buy. The trade in is always either undervalued or overvalued to make the new car sales price meet artificial dollar amounts or to make extra profit from the trade or to make sure the value assigned to it is high enough to pay off outstanding loans on the trade-in vehicle.
    Not comparable at all to anyone else reading your price quote.
  • ewkidewkid Posts: 5
    2012 Camry SE
    Sticker Prices
    8-Way Power Seat: $440.00
    Wheel Locks: $67.00
    Carpet/Trunk Mats: 225.00
    Delivery: 760.00
    Dealer add-on, pin stripe, door edge guards, wheel lip molding: 345.00
    Total: 24,837.00

    Actual Price: 22,337.00

    I got this price easily, you go lower.
  • Anybody in the midwest got a good deal? I was quoted this price (before ttl): $21,650. Much worse than what other people are getting.

    Any suggestions?
  • gofgof Posts: 2
    Here is what I paid

    Convenience package
    JBL stereo CD
    All weather mats
    Leather package
    Paint protection film
    Remote engine start
    MSRP: $32,525
    Paid: $28,487
  • Here is a price i am quoted on a the 2012 SE 4 Cylinder Auto Transmission, please advise if this seems good or not possible.

    $23000 car
    1789 options
    815 manufacturers delivery, processing and handling
    25,604 Total for car

    Options in this particular vehicle are, entune system, 8 way power drivers seat, mats.

    Total out the door with Florida 6% sales tax and a transferred tag

    Price : $ 24,620.81 Is this good??? No trade, no incentives, they also claim no dealer fee. (I know they add somewhere though)...Thanks in advance.
  • I think that's a very good deal. I bought mine camry SE with power seat and carpet for $24,000 OTD. MSRP: 24,425. Sales show me the invoice price for $22,600 and sold it to me for $21,900 before TTL. they said they loss $700. Now, that's without any incentives.

    I really don't know how your dealer can offer this much discounts. How they make money???
  • Is your paid price included TTL?
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