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2013 and Earlier - Toyota Camry Prices Paid and Buying Experience



  • I am buying an LE this week, but only want mats, and power seat. I really don't want anything else. I am wondering how much less those go for than the SE. Toyota site says around $500 difference in base models. I am in DFW area.

    Where in Edmunds site can I find rebate? Also, is it correct you did not have a trade, and is the 23,900 AFTER TTL?

  • doughscenteddoughscented Posts: 10
    edited July 2012
    Thanks! Was your $23,900 the total amount of dollars you paid, already including tax, title, and license?

  • kyfdxkyfdx Posts: 27,671
    The Edmunds/Toyota rebate program has expired..

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  • After emailing several area Toyota dealers over a period of weeks, I just completed a lease transaction on a 2012 Camry SE in Barcelona Red in the far southwest suburbs of Chicago:

    $24,425 msrp
    $22,500 selling price
    $161 doc fee
    $1,418 sales tax
    $650 Acquisition fee
    $25 Opt. ERT Fee
    $24,758 Gross Cap Cost
    $14,130 residual value
    Bottom Line: $296 x 36 months lease pymt for 12,000 miles per year.
    Out of pocket at signing= $441 ($525 Cap Cost Reduction + $296 1st pmt + $120 L & T - $500 Rebate).

    Is this the best deal out there? I'm sure not, but after shopping vigorously it seemed like a fair deal to me. I just completed the paperwork for the $750 Edmund's rebate. Many thanks to all who post here for the insight you provide.
  • coches1coches1 Posts: 104
    Their has been numerous posts regarding the
    $750 rebate from edmunds when purchasing a
    Please share your experience of actually receiving it,
    how long did it take and any other problems or
    helpful advice for the forum.

  • Yes, I am curious as well. Many people have reported sending theirs in. I was curious -- On you SE you bought here in DFW, I am thinking tax title and license is around $1700. Is that accurate. Did your $23,900 purchase involve a trade, and is that the price before TTL is added?

  • k_logank_logan Posts: 1
    I purchased a Camry SE a little over a month ago, and promptly mailed in the rebate. I received the $750 check in the mail today. I'm a little hesitant to cash it. Can anyone verify that this isn't a scam???
  • ocbmwocbmw Posts: 31
    edited July 2012
    I purchased a Camry LE on 06/16, mailed the rebate form and required docs on 6/19, they received it on 6/27. The last time I checked, it is showing the status as Pending for $750. I will post an update once I get the check and cash it.
    And NO it is not a scam. Cash it and enjoy it.
  • qnj919qnj919 Posts: 4
    $23,900 is the total amount after TTL is included. And you're right, TTL is around $1700. I didn't have a trade in.
  • qnj919qnj919 Posts: 4
    The LE can also have power seat and mat. I opted for the SE because dealers usually gave me $300-$400 difference between the LE and the SE price, and that's more than worth it. I like the SE body style (with the fog light, spoiler and bigger alloy wheels) and the seats better. The base SE has much more comfortable leather stitched seats while the base LE has the cloth seats. I also think driving the SE is more fun because of its sport suspension, although it doesn't forgive the road imperfections as much as the standard suspension. I drove the LE and the SE back to back at one dealer.

    I personally like the SE better. One interesting thing is that a few dealers in DFW gave me the quote for $21,900 + TTL taken or given $100-$150 for the LE. They don't seem to deviate far from that.
  • Thanks --- That will all by really helpfull!! I really apprecieate it.
  • CarMan@EdmundsCarMan@Edmunds Posts: 38,515
    It's difficult to say whether Toyota will introduce any cash incentives on the Camry this summer. It hasn't provided any on this model in a long time.

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  • CarMan@EdmundsCarMan@Edmunds Posts: 38,515
    Hi k_logan. It's definitely not a scam. This was a promotion that was run by Toyota and Edmunds. If you don't cash the check, endorse it and send it over my way...I'll take it ;).

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  • lohralohra Posts: 2
    Does anyone have any knowledge/experience with waiting until the end of the year to purchase the year end model ('12 Camry)? I've heard that Black Friday and late December are good times to see lower prices since these new cars will then be depreciated a year. I can afford to wait.
  • ksan2ksan2 Posts: 4
    Hello everyone, Happy 4th of July!

    I just closed the deal today on a Camry SE V6... Here are the details

    2012 Camry SE V6,
    +Premium JBL System (along with Display Audio and Navi)
    +Backup camera / Smart Key system
    +Passenger Side Power Seat
    +Light Tinting

    $31,599 : MSRP
    -$4,627 : Negotiated price reductions (includes $500 rebate for 0% financing)
    $26,972 : Final negotiated price (-$4,627)
    -$750 : rebate (-$750)
    -$4,000 : Trade-in (2002 Toyota Camry LE with 124k miles)
    $22,222 : Final Net price (excluding TTL)

    Dealership: Toyota of Fayetteville (Arkansas).
    I had to go in a second time to talk with someone about buying a car.. The first time ended badly and salesperson was poor and wasn't willing to really negotiate (mainly on the trade-in).. The second time I talked with the internet dealer & got a great price on the car.. Then he was much more flexible on the trade in & frankly a lot more realistic - we were happy and closed the deal on the SE V6...
  • nyccarguynyccarguy Stamford, CTPosts: 7,412
    Wow! $4600+ off sticker plus $4K for your 10 year old 124K Camry! I'd say you did quite well!

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  • No trade no special financing taken.

    $28,855 less discount of $3,355 the only other fee was a $139 dealer fee. The rest was TTL. So the car was $25,500 plus the dealer fee of $139. No extras or add ons purchased. I ended up with Cosmic Gray with Black leather ,conv. pkg , Navi, sunroof spoiler etc. I found using MSRP is the easiest way to compare prices paid. I am doing the edmunds rebate as well so it will end up being $24,750. Thanks to everyone who posts and good luck.
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  • Congrats!! I still can't find the Edmunds rebate. Did it show up for you in the form ofa pop-up?

  • habhavsarhabhavsar Posts: 12
    I got a dealer quote for $24,125 Out of the Door for Gray or Black exterior. This is a base model w/o moon roof,etc which I dont need.
    Is this a good price? Thanks!
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