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2013 and Earlier - Toyota Camry Prices Paid and Buying Experience



  • OK peeps I got a Camry SE fully loaded + Tinted windows for 27000 OTD PRICE.
    MSRP was $28743 I think ....Is it a good deal ?
    I am in Socal area I think this is the lowest I have seen so far.
    Also I got the 1000 conquest cash and my car trade worth 600 so final price was 25400 to be paid in 60 Months. What do you guys think ?
  • Does 25400 include or exclude sales tax?
  • I paid $28K OTD With 1.9 percent financing.

    Jimmy Drew
  • rocco_hererocco_here Posts: 3
    edited September 2012
    well it is 27000 OTD including everything - 1000 conquest cash - 600 old car trade value = 25400
  • I live in New Orleans and am trying to purchase the SE today if possible.

    Here is the message I received from one of the larger dealers here. Waiting on a couple other online quotes:

    For a gray/silver one with power seats and window tint is $23,900 before any rebates. Finance at 0% -$500 rebate offerred. College Grad rebate -$1,000. That is $22,400.

    If you want the leather/suede seats, we can add them at the dealership for another $1,000.

    Total price $23,400.

    If you buy one with the factory installed leather/suede seats, it comes with the naviagion and etunes and will probably cost over $25K.


    The dealership also offers lifetime warranty and 3-year or 25K miles gratis maintence.

    He said that installing the leather/suede seats at the dealership would help keep the price down ($23,400 vs. over $25K), but I wouldn't get the navigation, etunes, etc.

    No sunroof, power driver seats and tinted windows included.

    Any responses would be very much appreciated!

    Regards, Joanne
  • msmbmsmb Posts: 41
    I just returned from a trip on which I put on about 1000 miles combined city and interstate driving. couldn't be more impressed, especially with the power on the car and the smoothness. Chassis must be very hard steel because it just absorbs the vibration from the road, yet you feel like you are handling the road so it is sportier than my previous Camry (a gas version). Last week I was getting service for my Prius and told the service rep that i had purchased the Camry; he said i would like it; it drives just like a Lexus. I never drove a Lexus for comparison sake but given the way this Camry performed I imagine the service rep was correct. it also was very comfortable. spent some time seated in the back seat while someone else drive and it is spacious and comfortable. I am averaging 40.8 mpg over the last 1200 miles (according to my display statistics).
  • Protective package; mats; sunroof; Nav w/entune; power drivers seat. MSRP $26630. capitalized cost was $25600, buyout is $14890. Payments $149 for 36/12K, with used A4 @ KBB valuation of $2500 and $3000 down. I got $500 for the weekend credit from Toyota.

    Unfortunately I had little leverage - no other car in the region had that package, and it was exactly what I wanted. Nothing more, nothing less ... a smart sedan with nav and blue tooth, & sunroof.

    Also purchased the Platinum wrap around package - as I intend to hold the car for the next 8 years. Cost an additional $1000.
  • Good deal, I just paid 22,499 for car with same options, got 48 month financing at 0.9%
  • I just got an i4 SE last week, MSRP $25,600, Invoice around $23,600, I paid $22,499. You should get at least a $1,000 under invoice.
  • Hi Bigid48:

    It's always tough to compare the SE because of all the different options. I am going to make an offer tonight and I want to make sure I get the best deal. Based on your post, you bought this car for a bit over $22K.

    For the SE with power driver seat, etunes/nav; leather/suede seats, no sunroof, the offer from the dealer was $24,000. The MSRP is $27,648. This particular care does not have the paint protection package.

    ">link title

    Thanks for any insight.
  • I always do a lot of reserch when making big purchases and appreciate all the posts. So I hope this helps someone else.

    Purchased my 2012 Camry SE; navigation/leather & suede seats/protection on seats and exterior. MSRP was $28,086. Before rebates paid $25,700. Received the $500 rebate for financing 0% at 60 months and the $1,000 rebate for recent college graduate. I am 54, but received my master's degree in Dec. 2011.

    After rebates paid $24,200 plus tax and license. Purchased car in New Orleans, Louisiana.

    They tried to see me all these warranties, etc. The premium package 5 yrs./75,000 miles for $1,795. I told them I didn't think I wanted it right now. Then the finance guy said he would give it to me for their cost: $995 about 5 minutes later. Told him I would let him know when I picked up the car.

    Searched the Internet and found someone named Jerry Johnson in Kansas. Emailed him and his prices were significantly's a Toyota National you can buy it anywhere. I am going to purchase it from him a bit later. You don't need to make the decision right away...but the price could increase over time.

    Love the car...smooth the hands free bluetooth and satellite radio.

    Hope this helps someone as they look for a Camry. Looked at other cars: VW Passat and Honda. I was all set to buy the Honda Accord at $19,500, but then read all these reviews about how the seats cause back pain when you ride in it longer than 30 minutes. Didn't want to take a chance as I already have lower back problems.

    So there you go. Cheers! Joanne
  • can you tell me which dealer in houston thanks
  • learning_smartlearning_smart Posts: 4
    edited September 2012
    I got the register newspaper on August 31, went to the dealer, but I was only eligible for 500$ rebate if I pay all cash. Went to another dealer. At the beginning, I had tough experience with the dealers. The dealer gave me a hard time as they were trying to piss me off by offering a unreasonably high price. They wasted me 4 hours by bragging the price up to 32K for Toyota SE standard. Finally I bought from another department in the same dealer 22400$ , no idea it is a good deal or not. Still thought that I should have had room to lower the price. May be a few hundred dollars or less than 1k lower. My colleague's relatives paid less than 21k for 2012 LE OTD price.

    Do the research before going to dealers, be firm with your quote but with good negotiation skills, fight till the last minute as the financial manager may also kill you at the price by providing finance options. Dealers would like to sell a car as long as they have profits. Don't be afraid to give a low price.
  • coches1coches1 Posts: 104
    Hello learning smart

    What dealer did your colleagues relatives pay less than 21k for the 2012 LE OTD price?

    21K OTD for a LE is a great price. That would put the cash price without fees @ about 19k$. Right? Can you get the exact price?

    Was this a dealer in O.C.?

  • I am offered a new 2012 Camry Hybrid XLE with
    Convenience Package
    Leather Package (comes with moonroof)
    Display Audio w/Navigation and Entune

    33,800 out the door

    I am in Phoenix Az

    is that a good deal? it seems about 1,000 over edmunds invoice - which does not include the doc preparation fee ($425), applique ($60), etc.

    any thoughts? Also any expected differences in the 2013 model?


  • learning_smartlearning_smart Posts: 4
    edited September 2012
    My colleague told me it was from toyota of irvine or toyota of orange county.

    Based on the OTD price, the base should be around 19k. no idea when she got the deal, whether there was a trade in.
  • coches1coches1 Posts: 104
    Thanks Learning Smart

    She probably purchased the car from Toyota of Orange. They seem very competitive. When you call the fleet/internet dept. the sales reps. immediately
    give you a price.

    The trade in would completely change this transaction. If the price was 19k after the trade in the actual cash price would be different.

    If you can please find out the cash price of the vehicle without trade in, rebates, or any offers. This will provide forum members with a true comparison price.

    I am a buyer right now for a LE with power driver seat. for 19k

    thanks again

  • Hi Coches1,

    I confirmed with my colleague. Her relatively did not do any trade in, rebate. Her out of door price is: 20700$. Her relative's son or brother did get a graduate's 1000$ discount, so he got 19700$ for OTD. Hopefully this helps.
  • Can you please let me know about the dealer you made this purchase, I am looking for same option but couldn't find this deal. Also please let me know if you trade in any car or eligible for graduate rebate offer?

  • coches1coches1 Posts: 104
    Thanks Learning Smart

    An interesting problem in this forum is the definition of "PRICE". The dealers and manufactures are experts at hiding this from the average consumer. We talk here about the price paid but we have to be sure it is the "CASH PRICE".

    Their are many ways to confuse the issue. The college and military rebates are good examples. By the way, you cannot combine them. Sometimes a member reports a price paid and it includes fees. This makes it hard to compare the actual cash price of the car.

    It seems the best strategy is to know the cash price without any fees or rebate and compare the different dealers. Especially with LEASES. Consumers do not realize they can save a ton by negotiating a cash price, then shop for a lease.

    Thanks again learning smart for sharing the buying experience.

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