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2013 and Earlier - Toyota Camry Prices Paid and Buying Experience



  • I am not in college and not a vet so no $1,000 discounts for me.

    I purchased a 4 cylinder Toyota Camry SE with the following options:
    8-way power seat, car mats, and rear bumper applique.
    I did not want any of these things but hard to find an SE without the power seat and
    they seam to make the car mats standard now...kind of strange they call it an "option" when all the cars have them and they will not let you take them out.

    Anyway, the MSRP with the options listed was $24,749.00 the purchase price was $21,689.00.
    I saved $3,060 off or 12.36% off the MSRP.

    This price did not include taxes, title and tags, I paid cash and there was no trade in to defrey any of the cost.

    The OTD with taxes, tilte and tags and no add ons (extended warranty, dent protection, key replacement, etc) was $23.443.

    Good price?

    I tell you it was tough to get them to go any lower and they said I was below dealer cost.
    Based on my research, I tend to believe them but it is always hard to know if there are any hidden hold backs.
  • just wanted to know what everyone thinks of this offer we were given by a dealer in western pa...

    msrp $24,680

    offered price $22786

    OTD with TTL - $24391

    is this a decent deal of should i be able to negotiate further??
  • coches1coches1 Posts: 104
    Hi jayrob

    In So. CA it is possible to obtain a 2012 for SE for about 21$ or less. In western PA it might be different. 24,680$ is a good reference point because this is the MSRP price for all SE camrys.

    Because you know exactly what you want the advantage swings in your favor. Call every dealer within 100 miles and ask the fleet/internet manager the best

    I think you can save at least 1000$. If you save more, you can buy me Pittsburgh Steelers tickets for this season!!!!!!

    Good Luck.........GO STTELERS GO!!!!

    Go to LA times classified auto dealers section for prices.
  • Hi Learning Smart,

    Was it toyota of irvine that you bought your SE? Can you tell me which department and the sales person name also?
    I am looking to buy a 2012 SE base also and located at Orange County.
    So your 22400 is pay cash OTD price without any rebates correct?
    Thanks a lot
  • Hi,

    The price is ODT with 500$ cash rebate. I think there was room to reduce my price a bit. I bought from Toyota Tustin, whole sale department, the salesperson: Peter YU, you can try.

    Good luck
  • I was disappointed at the seating choices in the Hybrid models. None of the packages included real leather, only cloth and "Ultrasuede" microfiber crap. With 3 small kids, I needed real leather.

    After much Internet quoting, I got the following deal:

    Camry Hybrid XLE with:
    -Convenience Pkg (backup camera, Smart Key, alarm)
    -genuine solid leather seats and interior doors in my choice of color

    $28,400 + TTL = just over $30K for exactly what I want.
    Paid cash, so in-dealership negotiations were pretty quick.

    Many dealerships told me via e-mail this deal is "too good to be true," but I finally found one willing to do it. It's tough to find an Hybrid XLE without Nav, but I did it!
  • Did you buy this one? I got quotes for the Hybrid XLE w/ Leather pkg, moonroof, Nav/Entune, and Conv Package as low as $28,900 + TTL here in Dallas. I wanted real leather, though, so modified the cloth XLE Hybrid instead with dealer-installed genuine leather.
  • That's a pretty good price. I got some quotes here in Dallas for that same one that ranged from 28,900-29,300 + TTL. Maybe in TX Hybrids aren't as big of a deal, but they that be bought for $1000-1600 below invoice pretty easily.

    I wanted genuine leather, though, so I bought an XLE Hybrid with cloth instead and added dealer-installed real leather.
  • I just bought one like yours, also not knowing that XM isn't in it. Did you find an after-market solution? I need XM!

  • msmbmsmb Posts: 41
    Actually, I have a sofa from a very high end manufacturer with that microfober fabric. I was reticent when i firt bought it but after looking into the matter online I came to think it would be quite durable and now that I have had it for a while i find that it is. You might end up liking it.
  • coches1coches1 Posts: 104
    edited September 2012

    The new Camrys have a 69$ charge for placing the Toyota name and logo on the back bumper.
    Its safe to say the cost to Toyota is very close to "0". The marketing persons in this company
    are geniuses. Imagine an extra 69 bucks X's the # of cars sold. Hello BOTTOM LINE.

    Incidentally, what is the net cost to make 5 squares of carpet? Maybe under 225$. Hello Profit!!

    Lets face it- Someone is paying 25,000$ for a vehicle and only has to pay 69$ more for Toyota
    to obtain free advertising. It has to be the same person who developed the "all you can drink beverage bar" at the golden arches.
    By the way I think Camrys have risen in price a small amount.
    Please share your thoughts.
  • What would be a good price for a Camry LE with power driver's seat as the only option.

    A dealer in NJ is providing this quote. How much below 21139 should I go ?
    Selling price : $21,139.00
    Destination charge : already included in price
    DMV fees : $299
    Doc: $299.00
    Tax : $1479.73 (NJ)
    Tire Fee: $7.50
    Total OTD price : $23,224.23

    Options included :
    CF - Carpeted Floor Mats/Trunk Mat
    PD - 8-Way Power Adjustable Driver Seat

    Thanks !
  • coches1coches1 Posts: 104
    Hello Racer

    In California you could purchase a 2012 Camry LE for 19500$. The majority of the
    LE models have PD and CF included in the price. It is interesting because here in CA the price has actually increased a small amount. This could be a result of the popularity of the car.

    The current offers end on Oct. 1, 2012. Certain marketing factors will happen about this time. the 2013 Honda Accord will be available and have more standard features than the LE. The new Altima will be out along with a few other comparable 2013 equivalent priced sedans.

    Toyota should offer a CASH REBATE of 500$-1000$ to clear out the 2012 models. If you can wait a few days you could save a lot of dollars.

    Also, call 50 dealers within the greater NY area and ask the FLEET/INTERNET MANAGER the best price for a LE. ALWAYS DEMAND HE/SHE GIVES YOU THE PRICE BEFORE YOU DO!!!!!! Only negotiate CASH PRICE and other fees separate.

    Good Luck and please share your story with the forum.

  • Thanks coches for your perspective. Prices will get better around week after thanksgiving i guess but I'm looking to close at month end.
    19500 is probably very optimistic but I'll try.
  • j06j06 Posts: 90
    Is it 2013 ? if yes $3,000 off Sticker price + TTL+ Doc fee is a good deal. For 2012 model try for $4,000 off sticker price + TTL+ Doc.

    I pay NY tax (8.875%) and get 3K off MSRP all the time.
  • coches1coches1 Posts: 104
    Hello j06

    Always ready to improve my car buying skills. What is the advantage of negotiating down from the MSRP? Isn't it easier and better to obtain the cash price for the vehicle without fees?

    Also, I did not realize the 2013 Camry is available. What are the major changes?


  • j06

    Its a 2012. In my area 2013s are not in dealerships yet. I was thinking of somewhere in the region of 20100 or 20200 which would be 3800 under sticker and 800 below the lowest offer I've received so far.
  • As of today, 9/30. I went through three dealer and the lowest I can get for a 2012 Camry SE base is 23000 OTD, some dealers even as me to leave since it is too far from what they can give. It's almost year end and the price is still a bit far from my target price at 22500..
    Should I wait till October to see if there is any Toyota incentives?
  • coches1coches1 Posts: 104
    Hello Zonecar

    The current toyota offers expire on 10/1/12. I think the new offers for a 2012 Camry will include a cash rebate of 500$-1000? You have to wait until Oct 1 to
    review the offers.

    At 23k the cash price is about 21k. I believe you can obtain a lower price. Call
    Orange toyota and speak with any FLEET/INTERNET MANAGER. They usually
    are direct with their prices. Also, review the PRINT ADS from MAITA, ELK GROVE,
    FOLSOM, AND ROSEVILLLE TOYOTA. These dealers are from northern CA and have GREAT PRICES.

    Why not call 50 dealers and say your price. The toyota website makes it super easy.

    It seems the prices have risen in the last 60 days but the new Accord, Altima,
    and Sonata should make for a more competitive market.

    Let me know if you find a LE for 19K


    The cash price gives you a negotiating tool because taxes differ from each city and county.
  • camrytcamryt Posts: 1
    camry xle with convenience package, navigation package and leather quoting $28000 OTD. Is this a good price?
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