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2013 and Earlier - Toyota Camry Prices Paid and Buying Experience



  • visirivisiri Posts: 1
    edited January 2013
    Amen. The prof is right on,Sarah.

    I had got quotes from 40 or so dealers from PA/MD/NJ/NY... by far, 355 darcars toyota outperformed them all. When I asked for OTD price, that is what I got. When you saw the price, you did not have to haggle anymore, since you have already seen what 40 other dealers are able to provide. Many admitted they can't come close.

    So I would second the prof's reco. Get a e-price from 355. You will like it. Then see if 355 has online coupons, add it on, and then give them a visit. I think it will be quick and happy ending for you.

    Let us know any questions.

    We wish you a satisfactory purchase at the most reasonable cost!

    God bless & Keep!
    John 3:16
  • Hi,

    Am thinking of going for one of the zero down lease that toyota is offering. I live in Massachusetts and was wondering if someone can share any info about good lease deals and dealerships.

  • coches1coches1 Posts: 104
    edited January 2013
    I finally found the price and better yet the dealer
    to sell me the 2012 Camry LE with driver power seats,
    floor and trunk mats.

    Purchase price $19,488 plus fees PD MATS
    No other rebates

    0% interest rate and 100% financing

    Manhattan Beach Toyota in CA published an
    advertisement in the Los Angeles Times. It was interesting
    because I believe it was only distributed in the south bay area
    of Los Angeles. Although all areas in So. CA. are published in
    the online version.

    The $1000.00 cash rebate for 2012 Camrys at NO. CA. dealers almost made it
    worthwhile to buy it at Elk Grove Toyota for $19,360 after rebate but before fees. I could not take the time to make the trip. Ask for Jeremy or John in fleet, they are brothers.

    The first choice was the new 2013 Honda Accord LX. But the driver footrest made it uncomfortable and difficult to drive because of my height 6'0".

    The camry has everything I need and according to the dealers their are no changes for the 2013 models.

    Please dont buy extended warranties, gap insurance, or alarm systems from the dealers. These are all overpriced and available aftermarket for a fraction of what they quote.

    Thank you everyone for all the information I have learned. $19,488 for
    this car provides almost everything the average driver needs.


  • pat978pat978 Posts: 6
    edited January 2013
    Hi. Not sure how close you are to NH. I'm buying, not leasing. But, after talking to a lot of dealers in my area, I had the best experience with Toyota of Nashua. Bruno easily answered all of my questions and was the best, and most up front, about price negotiations.
  • kishjkishj Posts: 4
    Can you please suggest rate range going on in bay area.

  • Also posted in the lease forum (so quiet on the Camry Boards):
    Two days ago, my sales dude said new program has money factor of 0.00001 for all remaining 2012 camry's.
    At that mf with decent residuals, the 12 Camry's will move. I test drove a SE Limited edition (msrp 27084) and the lease cost was zero o-t-d with 35 remaining payments of 266 (incl.6.5% tax rate).
  • I found a Toyota with leather seats and navigation for 24308 in Palm Desert. Good luck, that was a super bowl bash, but they have these events often. Good luck.
  • I have been offered a 2012 Camry LE with 8way adjustable drivers seat and carpet mats for $21,795.00 plus tag fees. Two other dealers in the area (South Florida, Broward County) have said they cannot match this price. What do you think about this deal? Is it good, or could it be better?

    Thank you for weighing in!
  • I bought a new 2012 Camry SE with NAV and Power Driver Seats (and mats) for 22,313 plus tax and lic in Northern California. I took the 0% financing too, instead of an additional 1K rebate.
    When factoring in the SE added value plus Navigation my personal opinion is that your LE offer could be better.
    I know that COSTCO has a auto purchase program that has competitive prices. If you are a member I would recommend checking into that as an option.
    Good luck
  • Thank you, mistserv. Sounds like you got a great deal in CA!

    The offer I have includes the 1k rebate, so if I want the 0% financing it would be 1K more....
  • ral2167ral2167 Posts: 642
    Does any one know if blind spot monitor is available on 4 cylinder? I assume it is not on the LE. Is this option easily found on SE or Xle, or is it rare to find?
  • $19,179 for new 2012 Camry LE with power seats and floor and trunk mats. No dealer fees or hidden or surprise fees. A great buying experience in Georgia. Just had to pay the sales price and tag, title and sales tax.
  • turealtureal Posts: 4
    edited February 2013
    Just stumbled on this site and it seems as though my deal is not as good as I thought. I'm in Pa and my out the door price is $25741 for an Se 4 cylinder with leather package, convenience package and nav package and the dealer is installing auto starter. Any input would be greatly appreciated as the last 2 cars I have purchased seemed to have been mistakes and I overpaid.

    I was going to go negotiate tomorrow to close the deal.
  • Need many more details on your deal (msrp, sell price, tax rate) to give you guidance. I suggest leasing the 2012 as TFS has crazy low lease terms right now. Plus there is 625 + 500 lease bonus cash til 2/19...
  • turealtureal Posts: 4
    edited February 2013
    Can't lease as I'll be putting 20k + on the car a year. msrp was 28,900 without autostart. I only discussed what I'd be paying in the end which includes all taxes and fees. The dealership is Scranton pa. The tax rate is 6 percent.

    Thank you for your help
  • That's not an intelligent way to buy a car today...
  • Please inform me on the intelligent way then as I dont want to make a mistake again. Idk if you can pm as I don't want to hijack the post.
  • Join Consumer Reports online (the part for new car prices). Low monthly fee - you can unjoin when you buy your car - well worth it!!! You have to log in with your login and password in order to access their special prices. It gives you the wholesale and retail price of EVERY option and package and the dealer holdback and incredible information. When you've selected your car with the options you want, you can ask for a certificate (the system will send you up to three and you are guaranteed a certain dollars savings. In my case I just saved $3,374 on a Subaru Outback Limited with only the options that I want (I own a Camry SE, which was incredibly reliable for the 200,000+ miles/10 yrs that I had it, but I want the rugged, dark windowed, large rubber rugged hatch area car for the next few years). Anyway, Consumer Reports was an incredible find for me, and it is this specific online service where you can look up the prices of - everything! - AND get a guaranteed certificate for savings. The trick is finding a car with only the options that you want. If you find a car on a lot where you want to know what you can get it for, put in the zip code of the dealership (instead of your home, which takes you to many dealerships) and select only those options, and the system will send you a guaranteed savings certificate for that car loaded in that particular way. That totally eliminates any potential game playing coming from claiming that the car you have a certificate for has different options than the car you're looking at, and thus the price is X. Make sure the dealership does not try to add the destination price in again at the end (it is included in the MSRP and invoice prices). I had terrible luck with Toyota dealers this time (as much as I love Toyota). I was GOING to buy a Camry XLE Hybrid, and after shopping a 250 radius in CA and finding lies after outright lies, I went with the Outback. The Subaru dealers are down to earth like their cars - at least more so. I'm reporting a couple of Toyota dealerships to the Better Business Bureau the moment I find the energy to do that (it was just a couple of weeks ago that I gave up on Toyota - but it is partly because I really want that rugged, outdoorsy hatch and versatility for awhile. The Highlander is very nice but it is too dressy for the purpose, so I'm going to take a chance here with a company who seems to have earned my business (though I'll probably come back to Toyota after I have my fling).
  • Awesome, I will join right now. Thanks for the input. I actually considered the crosstrek but liked the idea of all the extras I was getting in the camry.
  • pegasus17pegasus17 Posts: 536
    edited February 2013
    REF: 9877
    The Honda Accord forum with over 28000 posts has some excellent buying strategies. Here's a sample post:
    "It seems to me that the real dealers cost of any said vehicle we cant truly determine. We have guidlines that the car industry have set up and those are the rules we play by.
    Car salesman today are on salary. Most make as little as 100 dollars per vehicle sold.
    The formula to buying any vehicle should be started like this:
    1- Find invoice price
    2- Minus dealer hold back
    3-Minus rebates and Incentives
    4- Minus doc fee's
    This is your starting point on buying any vehicle."
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