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2013 and Earlier - Toyota Camry Prices Paid and Buying Experience



  • emvtimeemvtime Posts: 7
    I would not mind driving from MD if the difference is in thousands :) what is price you paid other than Tax, Title and Registration.
  • richbf2richbf2 Posts: 73
    Hi all, I would like to share my purchasing experience of 13 Camry. Here is a breakdown

    msrp: 24,750
    discount: 4,350
    plus TTL and dealer's fee of $390.00.
    OTD is 22,120.00

    Floor manager on that day said he could not give 5k off b/c this LE equips with moonroof. I could have done better had I waited or walked away but I went ahead and took the deal. What do you guys think?
  • gnartgnart Posts: 36
    I purchased an XLE from the dealer. I helped another Edmunds fella, he also bought an XLE from the dealer. He was from PA. His local dealers could only come to around $2k more.

    The tax is calculated based on the state that you lived in. I bought a 2012 in March of 2012. He bought a 2013 in Aug/Sept of 2013. It took him a little longer because he wanted to look and see if any other dealer could match. He got some bait and switch, and finally gave up and bought a fully loaded.

    I paid $26,400 OTD.... List was $29,600 + destination + dealer + tax + title.... I should have waited and get the 2013 (lol). He paid a little more for the fully loaded XLE.
  • shekkharshekkhar Posts: 1
    I am buying toyota camery sle with convenience package (cost around 3600$) in ohio with 26000 out of door price, please suggest me if its reasonable deal. I am really confused
  • adamzhaoadamzhao Posts: 2
    is this a good deal or not ? just for the basic model, no other options. I am in Alabama.
  • gnartgnart Posts: 36
    You didn't provide much information: example 4cyl/6cyl. Presuming that it's a 4cyl, 2013 basic SE, ALA tax 2%, dealer cash back incentive $1,000.00. It's not a good deal... Good Luck.
  • gnartgnart Posts: 36
    Ohio sales tax 7%, for around $1K more you could get an XLE. That's without Toyota's incentive. Toyota current incentive is $1000.00 so you should be able to get an XLE for a few hundreds more.... negotiate the deal my friend... tell them you want another $500.00 off, you will get it..... send me $100.00.
  • adamzhaoadamzhao Posts: 2
    yes . it's a 4 cyl. basic se. the car price is 20900. they charge 499 documentation fee and $500 dealer fee, the tax they said was 4.35%. the total is about 224000. I gave them 21500. but they still didn't want to give it to me
  • whyhellotherewhyhellothere Posts: 1
    edited August 2013
    I live in CA (specifically Los Angeles) and am looking for an SE. So far, my lowest offer is $23,956.00 for the SE with convenience package (includes anti-theft alarm, moonroof, navigation, smart start, etc.). This isn't OTD, this is just the lowest price anyone's offered me so far. Edmunds true value calculator states I should be paying around $25,877 before fees, so is this a good deal?

    I'm kinda worried, cause the $1000 rebate is ending this Monday, so I want to get this done as quickly as possible.
  • Hi sukaht,

    Did you buy your 2013 Camry LE? If so, what is your final OTD price? or any car buying information in NJ is welcome. I also want to buy a 2013 Camry LE.

  • Hi all,

    Can anybody provide me some price information for 2013 Camry LE in New Jersey? I got a price from
    $20279 + dealer documentation fee $75 + TTL = $22100.

    Is this a reasonable deal?

  • dweletdwelet Posts: 2
    Got the basic LE no extras for $19300. This does not include taxes and registration.
  • Hi dwelet,

    Thank you so much for your response. Your price is much lower than I could get. Could you please tell me the dealer information?

    Thanks again.
  • dweletdwelet Posts: 2
    I bought in Sedalia, Missouri
  • Hi dwelet,

    Thanks again. I just got a price quote from a dealer in NJ at $21988 OTD for 2013 Camry LE. This is the lowest one I've got so far. I plan to take it soon.

  • rman66rman66 Posts: 21
    I am looking for a good deal on the fully loaded Camry Hybrid. I live in Seattle, and it is almost impossible to get any deal in this area that is even remotely reasonable. because of this, I am willing to travel out of state to clinch a deal. Any suggestions on the area I need to be looking at?
    thank you.
  • 22000 OTD,IL
  • rman66rman66 Posts: 21
    edited August 2013
    I received the following quote from a dealer in Seattle area.

    2013 Toyota Camry Hybrid XLE with navigation and leather interior navigation, leather interior,
    blind spot monitor, convenience package and sunroof

    MSRP $32810
    Invoice $30725
    Internet Quote I receieved is $29385

    is this a good deal? How much can I offer for this?

    The rear end is so butt ugly though on teh Camry.. Toyota needs to learn something from Nissan
  • bengoshibengoshi Posts: 5
    edited August 2013
    -purchased 8/10/13 in Roswell, GA at Toyota dealer
    2013 Toyota Camry LE White, has Leather Seats (beige), no sunroof and no navigation
    -total out the door price including negotiated car price, all state taxes, charges, a $77 payoff of leftover prior loan balance after my trade-in, and dealer fees ($700): $22,097.74
    -financed $22,097 thru Toyota at the dealer: 0 down payment, 3.59% APR + $125 finance fee for 60 months
    -monthly payment (includes $125 finance fee spread out through 60 months): $405.76, no prepayment penalty if I pay off early
    -also includes free oil changes for 25,000 miles or 24 months

    Hope this info helps. I don't think I got the best deal I could have gotten, but based on other posts and research it seems fairly reasonable. Spent about 4 hours at the dealer in total.
  • japudejapude Posts: 8
    If it is Nalley Toyota, they are cheat.. Never heard of finance fees? With toyota offering 0%, why should they charge 3.59% APR? Credit Unions are better off than these guys. They are Leechers..

    I got Camry L in July long weekend for $19,600 OTD including all fees, taxes and title. LE would have been $1000 more.

    See if they would buy same Camry from you at price you paid.. There are other dealers in ATL (e.g. Marietta Toyota, World Toyota) which have no dealer fees and matching price.
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