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2013 and Earlier - Toyota Camry Prices Paid and Buying Experience



  • cpmdcpmd Posts: 13
    edited November 2013
    I'm looking for a '14 SE. Can you please let me know which dealer this is at? Thanks
  • I purchased my Camry SE from Jim Barkley Toyota in Ashville, NC which is 650 miles from my home in Lake St. Louis, Mo. I rented a car 1 way and stayed overnight. They picked me up at the airport where I returned the car and I was headed back to STL by 9am the next day. My total cost for rental, Hotel and gas was about $500 but I saved over $3,000 on the car. Averaged 31.6 MPG driving a new car 80 mph. Below is the link to Jim Barkley but it appears he just raised his 2014's about $1,000 to $20,977. I paid $19,877 in June for my 2013 in Magnetic Gray Metallic with Black/Ash interior.
  • cpmdcpmd Posts: 13
    So you paid $19.8k OTD? Was the sale price advertised or did you negotiate? Thanks.
  • YES for a 2013. I found him on Auto Trader. Did you look at his web site I attached? Those are his current OTD prices. He has no dealer add ons and no negotiating. They also gave me a front license frame, full tank of gas and drilled the front bumper for a MO. plate which I didn't expect. He will also give you a FREE lifetime powertrain warranty good at any participating Toyota dealer!
  • cpmdcpmd Posts: 13
    That's not the OTD price, that price is plus TTL. No one can give list an OTD price online since tax varies from city to city. The price they list isn't that great of a deal, so there would be no incentive for me to go there. What month and year did you buy your camry? Thanks
  • $19,877 was my OTD price. TTL are payable in the state/city where you live and an out of state dealer does not collect them. Barkley doesn't have any dealer processing fees of $100-$300 like many dealers in my area. I bought my SE 6/26/13. Even at $20,900 for a 2014 it is easily $2000-$2500 less than any dealer in St. Louis for an SE. Mine does have the $380 power seat option, dark tinted windows and all mats. My MSRP was $25,384.
  • cpmdcpmd Posts: 13
    I know, but when one says OTD, that price usually incorporates TTL factored into the purchase price, regardless if taxes were actually collected at the time of sale, or not.

    Has anyone else purchased a new camry recently?
  • I recently purchased 2013 Camry Se in cleveland ohio
    I-4 with 8 way poweseat and carpet mats.
    Details for price are below.
    Price 21,587.53
    Doc 250.00
    8.00% Tax 1,747.00
    Lic. 33.50
    Total 23,618.03

    Trade In 0.00
    Payoff 0.00
    Net Trade 0.00

    Cash 0.00

    Rebate 1 1,000.00
    Rebate 2 0.00
    Rebate 3 0.00
    Rebate 4 0.00

    Total Rebate 1,000.00

    Balance 22,618.03
  • cpmdcpmd Posts: 13
    Thats a good deal! Good job! Where did you purchase it? I'm also in the Cleveland area.
  • btw guys, I learned that there's also a $500 loyalty rebate if you currently own a Toyota (no need for trade in). Somehow it just came up now from one of the salesmen, but do ask for it if you qualify.
  • Motocars toyota in Cleveland heights gave it ot me for $22618 OTD
    I went to almost every single dealer in area, also looked at various online out of state dealers. I got a crazy deal from Brunswick Automart at 21500 OTD but it was my first visit and I was hesitant so asked for 2 days of time to confirm and by the time car was gone but any ways it was white not my color of choice and that was the only car they had. All other were coming down to 23k OTD
  • cpmdcpmd Posts: 13
    Thanks for this information! for the brunswick toyota deal, was that a 2013 model? was it an SE or LE? For the motocars toyota, where you purchased, did you deal online, or did you go in and negotiate? I'm looking to purchase locally like you, but I am considering to purchase out of state, if it is worth it. Thanks for your help
  • 2013 Camry SE white at brunswick. But white camry does not looks good as it not costly BMW white. So I do not mind passing that deal for my Barcelona red.

    I have 2013 camry se I-4 only. did 0-60 in 7.9 secs with paddle shifters :)
    1500 fun miles now. I suggest go out of state only i you can save more than $1000. If you can sacrifice reliability go out of state and buy a certified Chrysler 300c with 5.7 v8 and too many goodies. I drove a rental 300c its was awesome. but the car may not work after 100k miles lol
  • cpmdcpmd Posts: 13
    Oh ok! When did you buy your Barcelona red '13 camry se from motor cars?
  • $15,000 and a $4,000 trade in.
  • Basically you paid $20,837 with the $1,000 rebate and $250 doc fee. I got the same options plus $300 window tinting all around and a lifetime warranty for $19,877 and no doc fee. MSRP was $25,384!
  • I got life time warranty too, Motocars Toyota of Cleveland heights gives lifetime warranty obviously powertrain with every new vehicle.

    Yes you can say I said $20837 to yous $19877, as you got advantage of no doc fee, but I had even better offers as mentioned in other posts for $21500 OTD which is even less than yours but color was white with black ash interior.
    And when investing on a car its imp to choose color of your choice, So I bought Barcelona Red with all black interior what I exactly wanted, and Also no cost of travelling or hotel and Also dealer did all registration for temp tags and to travel out of state any day missed at my work would cost me more :(
    But you had a good deal too congrats.
  • I had a camry before and wanted RAV4 this time. I got awesome deal compared to CRV , Escape, forester & other competitors.

    Past Monday I bought new 2013 RAV4 XLE FWD $22,000 + Tax Tag & title from DCH toyota. I think I got awesome deal. This was less than TrueCar price and almost $2k below factory invoice price. This included $500 Toyota discount as I went with my credit union for financing. Please get in touch with James (goes by Judd ) & Dana in internet sales dept for DCH Toyota Torrance.
  • On and LE or Hybrid LE, I was getting LE for 21,500 OTD in Ohio where we have 8% tax, but went with an SE for 22618 OTD
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