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2013 and Earlier - Toyota Camry Prices Paid and Buying Experience



  • rieszriesz Posts: 3
    I wonder what it is.
    Is it different from invoice which we can see frequently?
    And could you let me know the dealer?
    If possible, email me to

  • petrnycpetrnyc Posts: 47
    that's a good deal on '02 Camry LE/auto. A friend in Portland Or paid $17,800 in February for similar car without keyless entry. So your deal is better ! Can you tell what dealer sold that to you ?
  • I just purchased my first Toyota Camry XLE 4cyl with the side airbags and floormats as the only option and with tax, and doc fees total price was 21154.00.
  • pac60pac60 Posts: 1
    I am looking to purchase a new 2002 SLE convertible fully loaded.How low of a price can I expect to get from a dealer?
  • We just picked up a LE mentioned above at invoice price + doc and tax. The dealer use the TDA to try to get more money from us. Well, I think this price is reasonable in the California.
  • raybearraybear Posts: 1,776
    Nothing wrong with paying invoice, and TDA is a real fee that is part of the invoice. You did fine.
  • john_fjohn_f Posts: 30
    I just bought the "bottom of the line" Camry for $16,990, and I love it. Only option was keyless ignition. The only funny business from the dealer (in Houston) was to try and add $275 for the "etched glass" protection package at the last minute. They dropped it and I got a beautiful car for a good price, with 2.9% financing for 36 months(anyone get a better deal?; ~ $700 under invoice). Happy in Houston...
  • xbbusterxbbuster Posts: 145
    Since Toyota in the Chicago has extended their low interest deals for another month, does this mean the dealers will be reluctant to cut the sticker price to Edmunds TMV? I'm looking for a desert sand mica '02 Camry XLE with sliding roof. No other options needed on the XLE.
  • ec2002ec2002 Posts: 1
    Been driving this car for 2 weeks and its been great. Paid 17,600 with car mats and cargo net+ (2.9%). I suggest that you get a copy of the handwritten deal you signed and match it exactly with the paperwork you will end up signing at the Financing Department. Make sure they did not add a couple of hundred here and there.

    I noticed that this car was assembled in Japan not in Kentucky. Are all manual transmission models come from Japan? The tires I have are Goodyear Integrity. It's okay for now but I might upgrade to 16" alloy wheels.
  • vabuyervabuyer Posts: 2
    Hi, I have been trying to buy a 2002 XLE V6 with package #8 and Z1, side airbags. When I show the dealers the Edmunds Invoice they say it isn't right because Edmunds doesn't have all the information for the area of VA Beach, VA. Their invoice is about $1500 to $2000 higher than Edmunds. They also want me to pay for Holdback and Advertising almost #1000 for those two items. What gives, is Edmunds that far off or is it just that VA dealer just refuse to give in. I have tried 2 dealers and have got no where.
  • Karen@EdmundsKaren@Edmunds Posts: 5,024
    Have you read the FAQ?

    12. Why should I pay advertising fees?

    Most vehicles carry a legitimate advertising fee levied by either the manufacturer or by regional dealer groups. National or regional advertising fees, when charged, should not exceed 1 percent of the vehicle's MSRP. Because individual dealership advertising is a cost of doing business, you should never pay an advertising fee levied by the dealer rather than a regional dealer association or the manufacturer.

    As for the Holdback, this is included on the sticker? The holdback is what the dealer receives from the manufacturer, it is not a charge that is passed on to the consumer, or at least it shouldn't be! Check out Dealer Holdback for more info.

    Karen-Edmunds Community Manager

  • vabuyervabuyer Posts: 2
    Karen S, I understand what hold back is, and how the dealership uses it. In the one dealership I was in, he showed me his invoice. This price was a little over $23,000 with options. Then on the other side he had another list with included advertising, and hold back among other things, these came up to almost another $3000. This placed listed the hold back with other fees as something I had to pay. That raised the price to over $26,000. Why should the dealer collect hold back twice?
  • nutzo1nutzo1 Posts: 2
    That's just the games some dealers play. Give you a low price to hook you, and then add in a bunch of junk to raise the price back up. If dealer tried that with me, I'd just get up & walk out.
    I picked up a Camery XLE 4cyl for $600 UNDER invoice. There where no extra fees, just tax & lic.
  • sbell4sbell4 Posts: 446
    I opened a widget store and I sell widgets for profit!

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    I pay off the bank the $10.00 for the cost of the widget


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    cost $10.00
    holdback $1.00
    profit $2.00
  • If anyone can help, I'm searching for a good dealer to work with in the Dallas / Fort Worth area......I'm looking for a 2003 Toyota Camry LE, when they become available.......Thanks
  • xbbusterxbbuster Posts: 145
    Offered $22,300 for a '02 LE V6 with moon roof and pkg#2, floor mats, elec. drivers seat, alum. wheels, prem. sound sys. the sticker price was $24,700. when I offered the 22,300 the dealer didn't hesitate, he said,"sold". makes me think that I should have offered less. Also got the 2.9% financing.
    In looking through the owners' manual I can't find anything about routine do it yourself maintenence, oil change and capacities. I guess this way they think you have to take it back to the dealer every 5000 mile.
  • terryc2terryc2 Posts: 2
    Toyota motor sales announced that the MSRP for all 2003 camry sedens remains unchaged from last year. Does this means the invoice is also unchanged? BTW, a remote keyless entry system is now standard on all LE and SE. Thanks in advance.
  • I purchased a 2002 V6 Camry with Alloy wheels, option Z1 (seems to come standard these days); keyless entry, power drivers seat and JBL sound, option GI; and floor mats, option CF for $21,233 plus sales tax/license, doc fees (pure dealer profit), and property tax. Final out the door price $23,050.
  • National Clearance Experience

    Car purchased:
    2002 Camry SE V6
    Option Package #2
    Floor and Trunk Mats

    Purchased from:
    Rice Toyota
    Greensboro, NC

    Edmunds MSRP: $25,239
    Edmunds Invoice: $22,264
    Price paid: $23,376 - includes $565 Admin fee for Southeast Toyota that Edmunds does not include

    By my calculation I paid $348 over TMV.

    Did take advantage of 3.9% financing for 60 months.

    Background: Definately wanted SE V6. Love the SE's metallic style inside and out. Wanted the 16" wheels and ABS that are standard on SE. Preference was for cloth seats. Color choices were open except for black or white. Option package #2 (or better) was available on all SE's we evaluated. Needless to say, our self-imposed choices severely limited our selection.

    Dealer Experience:

    Rice Toyota - Greensboro, NC
    We drove 1.5 hours to look at cars at this dealership. Have purchased two cars from them in the past, both good experiences. Saleman was courteous. Had to go to remote lot to look at car. The car had 18 miles on it. Salsa Red with charcoal black cloth seats. Black and chrome exterior trim. Black and grey interior upholstery with gun metal trim accents. Still had plastic covering seats and trim. Had the 16" five spoke alloy wheels. Bridgestone Turenza P215/60R16 tires. Clearance price was $23,376. Given our self-imposed limitations, this price was within my tolerance of no more than $500 over invoice (including fees that I've never got any budge on in the past).

    Fred Anderson Toyota - Raleigh, NC - BAD BAD BAD
    Had pre-owned 2002 SE V6, 5000 miles, opt pkg 2, ash tray. Clearance price $25,995. This price is over the MSRP for this car with these options! They knew ahead that we were coming to look at this car, so I believe that they thought they could jam this price on us. This car also had 16" steel wheels with "deluxe" wheel covers installed instead of 16" alloy wheels which are standard on SE. If you go there for an SE, WATCH OUT!. I noticed they did this to many of the SE's. But they still charge for the real standard SE features which INCLUDES alloy wheels. Looks to me like they are ripp'in SE buyers for about $500 by this tatic. Maybe someone can explain this, but I'm so alarmed and pissed that it's very likely they will NEVER see me again.

    Toyota of Sanford - Sanford NC
    This is another Fred Anderson dealership, which makes it suspect. But I did not visit. See above.

    Leith Toyota - Raleigh NC
    Bought my 2000 Tundra here. Decent sales staff. Good service department, once you get past the know nothing "service associates". Did not get to visit them, but would have been the next dealer after Rice.

    Cox Toyota - Burlington NC
    On-line inventory show two SE's with cloth seats. When we got there, they had no SE's on the lot.

    Mid-State Toyota - Asheboro, NC
    On-line inventory listed no SE's with cloth seats.

    Durham Toyota - Durham NC
    The one time we visited them, after explaining exactly what we were looking for, the salesman told us that he had the exact car we on the lot. Once we showed up he said he misunderstood my needs, and then tryed to sell us on an XLE and Avalon. A dealership wastes my time only once.

    Van York Toyota - High Point NC
    Did not get to their lot. Had purchased from them in the distant past (1981) and they were excellent at the time.

    Well, this one's behind me. Any constructive comments are appreciated.
  • Just paid 20200 +TTF for an XLE 4 cyl. It is a great car and I looked far and wide--the honda Vw etc. Now the only thing I wonder about is the extended warranty from They want $775 for 84 months and 75K. 1) Do i need it; 2) is that the best price?
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