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2013 and Earlier - Toyota Camry Prices Paid and Buying Experience



  • I was looking at Edmund's pricing vs. Kelly Blue Book and noticed a $410 price difference on the '03 XLEs. It is in package #8. Edmunds says MSRP is $2530, while KBB lists it at only $2120.

    Other than that, all other prices (base, opt. #7, etc.) are exactly the same.

    Can someone explain the difference? I know the dealer will probably want the higher price and if KBB is be it. But if not, I'd sure like to keep the extra $410.

  • When building a SE V6 on the Toyota site I am given the choice of FC44 & LB44 - what colors are these?
  • I understand you bought a camry in Chicago area. Could you please tell me which dealership
    you bought from ?
  • Hi,

    Test drove a Camry XLE (4 cylinder) with essentially the HE package (leather, 6 disc changer, aluminum alloy wheels) and thank god no sunroof (I'm 6 foot five and every inch of head room is important to me).

    I liked the vehicle, and decided to see what the salemsan would offer. The color was this neat blue/green (hard to tell--it was raining) that I'm hoping is what they call the aspen green.

    Edmunds states this car should be $22,289. The car already had 250 miles on it, which to me, combined with the fact that its a year 2002 model, should lower the cost. As well, I noticed that instead of putting the HE package as one cost, they had itemized it, and it made it much more pricey.

    Well, salesman said invoice (which he printed out), was 22696, and no way they were going to sell the car under invoice. He would make no adjustment for the mileage at all, and stated that maybe this was "too much car for you." He implied I could offer $100 over invoice, but I left.

    This seems to be my experience anytime I try to get near TMV for the Austin, TX area. Am I nuts for trying? Should I just give up? I enjoyed the car and the ride a bunch, but another will always come along. I just wonder that since these cars have such a great rep., and just a few dealers in town, if they'll ever be reasonable.
  • 2nd dealer on this car has told me that their invoice on the car I described in post 85 is 22686. He quoted me an "internet offer" of 22,986.

    Only extras were glass etching, and wood grain (not researched those, don't know what those mean/worth) which added 278 to the cost of vehicle?

    Any opinions, please?
  • Hello everyone, I am new here and not sure if it's okay to ask this question: I'm going to buy a 02 Camry LE auto. (I suppose 02 should be much cheaper than 03, right?) I want keyless and maybe power seat. I'm in bay area. So far I only got one quote: $19449 + tax + lic + Doc Fee. But the invoice price on is 17721 (auto) + 485 (dest) + 196 (keyless?) = 18402. So what is a reasonable price? Invoice or even lower? Is autoweb's invoice accurate? Thank you!
  • raybearraybear Posts: 1,776
    Depends on availability. The website I used guesstemates the advertising fee also and put invoice with GH (package 1-power seats & keyless entry) at $18,993.

    The site recommends offering invoice to start, still a savings over what you were quoted.
  • see post 86 and 85?
  • raybearraybear Posts: 1,776
    Edmunds doesn't figure in the TDA fee that all dealers pay.
  • Hi guys,

    This is my first time buying a car, and I need your helps :) The car I like is 02 Camry XLE with carpeted floor mat and side-impact air bags and the dealer offered $21,650 + tax and $153 (for documentation, state inspection, and license plate fees). Is this a fair price? Can anyone recommand some dealers in the NYC area?

  • The dealer was in Highland, Ind. I was in there the other day and they said they had ten Camrys left, then the '03's will be coming in. I was at the dealer to pick up my car. With 500 miles on it the power steering pump went out. Two days to fix it but they gave me a free rental.
  • Can anyone tell me what the most I should give for a 2002 SE 4 cylinder (with basically package 3 w/o the cargo net)? I really wanted one with a V6, but there are not any white SE V6 with tan interior(cloth or leather) in the state of Texas. So my dilemma is should I wait till the 03's come out or try to get a "good" deal on the 4 cylinder. Any info or opinions on this matter would be greatly appreciated. Thanks
  • I purchased a Camry LE with Power moon roof, ABS and Keyless entry for $16,500. I traded a '95 Chrysler Concorde with 78,000 miles. Car listed at $23,795.
    Car was purchased at Carlson Toyota in Anoka, MN a suburb of Minneapolis. It was one of the best car buying experiences of my life(I'm 55).
    Went to Maplewood Toyota, but they wouldn't deal. They treated me very badly and would not deal at all. Was offered $2,000 for Concorde and would not move off of sticker price.
    We love our Toyotas. We also have a 2001 Sienna.
  • coupe3coupe3 Posts: 8
    The only option is Alloy wheel, paid at invoice, got the 0% APR for 36 months. I guess I did OK.
  • yankeryanker Posts: 156
    I would jump at a 2003 XLE at )% interest. Only 2002 Camry"s have the )% How come the discrepancy
    I've bee out of the country in Europe for a couple of weeks and wonder if the )% is going to continue and maybe include Toyota in November everywhere
  • As everybody knows the real, but real price is the Out the door price. No dealers fees, no preparations fees, no Toyoguard, No papers fees. No fees at all. Only the car, $ 20.150.00 plus tax $ 1.209.00(6% in Florida) plus transfer tag and title $ 140.00
    So The real price is $21.500.00 Out the Door (car in my house and $ 21.500 out my pocket)No salespersons to deal with, only internet fleets managers. It is the best deal.
    Somebody wants to have the big gun in hand, OK, Go to this site: There is the real invoice price of the dealers. It's cost 57.60 in your door with the book and 2 days shipping. You could save a couple thousands.

    Best wishes at forum
  • for your 2002 Camry LE 4 CYL. The invoice price is around $19000. How did you get $2500 off from that? Was it because of the trade in? I happen to live in the twin cities and is looking for a Camry. Can you share your strategy with me? Which salesperson you were deal with?
  • Dealers in Arizona/California often advertise 02/03 Camry LE/auto @ under $16k. Recent TV ad in AZ was for $15,795. Camry October sales are down by 8%. Hold all purchases, prices are bound to get lower.
  • I received this internet price. Is this a good deal? I set my threshold for a fair out-the-door price at $20,500 so I was suprised by their quote. It seemed to easy. Are there hidden manufacturer-to-dealer kick backs? When I bought my corolla three and half years ago I had to haggle big time to get what I considered my fair price? What are other people paying out-the-door for their Camry's. Since I'm ready to buy I'm curious what prices others are getting.

    Brand new (non-demo) 2003 Toyota Camry LE with anti-lock brakes, power driver's seat, keyless entry, upgraded stereo and full set of carpeted floormats:

    $19343.00 (Our selling price to you)
    967.15 (5% state sales tax.......this assumes no trade-in vehicle!)
    86.00 (State fees for new registration and new title. This fee is $15 less if plates are transferred)
    59.00 (Our dealership document-processing fees. This is the lowest doc fee in eastern N.E.)

    $20,455 This is the total you will write your check for.
  • DO NOT ALLOW THE CAR SALES PEOPLE WHO POST ON THESE BOARDS FREQUENTLY TO TALK YOU INTO PAYING HIGH PRICES. AFTERALL IT IS THEIR JOB TO SUCK AS MUCH OUT OF YOU AS POSSIBLE. AS I SAID IN MY POST #99: "Dealers in Arizona/California often advertise 02/03 Camry LE/auto @ under $16k. Recent TV ad in AZ was for $15,795. Camry October sales are down by 8%. Hold all purchases, prices are bound to get lower. "
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