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Acura RSX Maintenance and Repair



  • joshsjoshs Posts: 22


    I've had a type-S for a while now, and I never experienced the 'rotten egg smell,' nor any rattling. The shifter is exceptionally smooth, and, like nippononly, I've never even heard about a window problem.


    There is only one real issue that seems consistent--the tires kind of suck (they slip a bit in wet take-offs and they generate some road noise). This is easily fixed, however, by getting new tires. It's certainly not a deal breaker.


  • absiabsi Posts: 1
    Any update on this? I have a canadian 02 TSX premium with gear issues.


  • i had a wierd noise coming from my 05 type s also and i narrowed it down to the trunk ....there is bump stops that i unscrewed a little and the noise went away
  • beowulf7beowulf7 Posts: 290
    I agree. I have a 2002 RSX-S and didn't have any problems dd123 mentioned. The shifter is smooth and my car doesn't smell like rotten eggs.


    dd123, yes the tires suck as does the sound system, but they can easily be upgraded aftermarket at a reasonable expense. If you get a base, I'd recommend the 2002-2004 over 2005 since it's faster (fact) and looks better (opinion) not to mention cheaper (fact).
  • hi guys,


     i was wondering if there was a way to disable the ignition from starting with the key? its just that i gave my girlfriend (who i used to share my car with) my spare key and she just broke up with me and wont return my phone calls...we both go to the same university and she knows where i i am afraid that she would take my car out without letting me know...she doesnt know most of the technical stuff about it, but if there is something i could do to cut the engine off while i'm at college, then i wont have to worry about it constantly. any help in this regard would be appreciated. thanks.
  • 5port5port Posts: 395
    You never said if it is manual or automatic. If have to step on the clutch to start the car yes? Then look behind the clutch pedal and remove the two wires going to the clutch switch. Now the car will not start unless those two wires are connected together. I would run those two wires to a hidden switch.


       Similar thing can be done with an automatic but the center console must be removed to get to the switch.


    There's also:


    The Club and any other anti-theft device you can buy over the counter. I use the one that goes from the brake pedal to the floor and prevents the pedal from being depressed (Autolock-X).


    Telling someone to grow-up and be mature is like telling my boss he can spend money aint gonna happen.

  • nitromaxnitromax Posts: 641


    remote kill switches?


    Send your girlfriend a self addressed envelope asking her to drop the key in and send it back to you....since she won't pick up the phone.


    or else you contact the authorities (of course that would be an extreme last resort...I just thought it sounded good)


    Another idea, perhaps your Acura dealer can re-program your ignition and give you a new set of keys.

    ...or have them contact the authorities..(doh!...there I go again)


    Tell your ex to grow up a little bit and send the keys back to you like a mature individual.

  • vickatvickat Posts: 43
    Hi everyone,

    back in 2003, you guys helped me to make an educated choice. I've bought RSX'03 base/auto in July'03.

    By now, odometer reads 45K miles, mostly happy ones.

    Problem persisting is driver's side window, which rolls up in jerky fashion, slams into frame, and tends to get stuck in cold weather. Dealer keeps putting more grease into it. Don't think it's helping much, though. I've registered 3 complains with dealership. Maybe I'll be able to wring an extended warranty from Acura on this particular window, whadda ya think?

    Other than that, not much to kvetch about. Car's good, comparatively inexpensive, pleasure to drive but in snow. Besides, stock Michelins still look OK, after all these miles. Plan's to replace'em before winter'05-06.

    I'll appreciate commnents on "bad window" problem.

    BTW, Acura CL turned out to be having quite serious problems with tranny. Acura issued extended warranty on them. Hopefully it won't be the case with RSX.
  • hi,


     my car is automatic, but i dont want to buy any over the counter types of security devices because then it looks suspicious and might even induce someone to steal my car...all im wondering is how would u go about disabling the engine in a discreet manner...u mentioned that the center console needs to be removed...i would appreciate further details on that cuz i am not a mechanic and dont trust myself to try anything new without a possibility of a reversal option...if u cant, then is there somewhere where i could get the info with some pics too, just to make it easier...i appreciate the help...believe me, i do...
  • nippononlynippononly SF Bay AreaPosts: 12,669
    remove the center console, there is a switch attached at the base of the shifter (in most cases; I haven't actually done this to an RSX since mine is a manual). This is the switch that tells the computer your car is in 'P' or 'N' and allows it to fire the starter. If you disconnect it, the car won't start. You could run the wires through a separate hidden switch if you want. This is a lot of work for something like this though.


    Just go round there and get your spare key back!


    vickat: "BTW, Acura CL turned out to be having quite serious problems with tranny. Acura issued extended warranty on them. Hopefully it won;t be the case with RSX."


    I am 99% sure that recall was only for V-6/auto combos. The RSX being a 4-cyl uses a different transmission. I would not worry too much. But for this one tranny goof, Honda is very good about building things to last.

    2013 Civic SI, 2009 Outback Sport 5-spd (stick)

  • erinmerinm Posts: 1
    I have a 2002 RSX, and I have noticed a burned rubber smell over the past couple of months when I get out as well. SO, you're not alone.

    Also, I turned on my car last night to find that my headlights weren't working. My parking lights and my high beams work, it's just my low beams. I assume it's something wrong with my switcher. Has anyone else had this problem?
  • berbelberbel Posts: 167
    Considering purchase of RSX for my daughter. Does
    anyone here have a clue as to why the 210 hp engine
    would require premium gas? Do you believe the
    compression ratio of this engine has any bearing on this?

    Thanks, folks!

  • nippononlynippononly SF Bay AreaPosts: 12,669
    you hit it right on the head - it is the compression ratio of the type-S engine.

    I have not asked but it is very likely one of these engines that will run regular if you want, but with reduced performance. You could ask the dealership this question...

    It's a nice car - I would just pay for the premium gas...

    2013 Civic SI, 2009 Outback Sport 5-spd (stick)

  • joshsjoshs Posts: 22
    The type-S will run on regular, and the owner's manual even says so (I just checked mine to be sure).

    As nippononly says, the real difference is going to be in performance. The engine won't produce the same levels of performance with lower octane gas. But the OM specifically states that the engine can use either.

    Still, the extra performance is worth the price of premium, in my estimation. If you don't want the extra edge, the base is still a very sweet car and (as some in here have pointed out) it actually has better torque at lower ends.

  • nitromaxnitromax Posts: 641
    Perhaps it's not my place to ask, but why would you want to buy a high performance sports coupe for your daughter?

    The only benefits of the Type S over the base model WILL be found when being pushed to the limits of the suspension and the RPM gauge. In other words...spirited driving.
    I, personally, would not want my daughter to have the resources at her disposal.

    Again, I don't know the situation and I can only speak on my own behalf.
  • khawkkhawk Posts: 2
    I got my RSX-Type S in Dec 2004 and it too makes what I describe as a metallic vibration at highway speeds on the front passenger side of the car. It sounds like it's coming from under the car. The noise worsens with wind and speed. It's in the shop as we speak and has been there for three days in total - four days after tomorrow! How frustrating! Apparently, they have taken apart the entire front of my car and put it back together piece by piece, adding insulation and foam in every nook and cranny. I'll update you once I get it back.
  • SylviaSylvia Posts: 1,636
    When you find out about the cause - please be sure and post here so everyone can learn about it.

  • I read early posts about MPG's. The best I got so far is 39 mpg on my new RSX (base with automatic) with under 2000mi., while I was driving it gentily on the highway and going thru the break-in, about the same I had with my 2001 Civic LX. I find that driving around curves increases fuel comsumption. Just my 2cents
  • nippononlynippononly SF Bay AreaPosts: 12,669
    how on Earth can you measure the increased fuel consumption around corners? Just curious.

    I get 31 very regularly with little variation in daily driving (commute, errands, and the like). Mine is a base with stick, and I drive moderately enthusiastically! :-P

    I have got as high as 36 mpg in highway trips at 70-75 mph. If I were to take those long drives more slowly and focus on fuel saving, I am sure I could get 40 mpg.

    As far as the highway part, the same should be true of the type-S, since it has the same final drive for the manual in top gear (I believe).

    2013 Civic SI, 2009 Outback Sport 5-spd (stick)

  • I'm curious as how you get those insane numbers. I consider myself a moderate driver and cannot get those mpg numbers you get. At best I could probably get 28 mpg with my 2005 Acura RSX automatic, but typically get 25 mpg as is stated on the sticker.
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