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Acura RSX Maintenance and Repair



  • :mad: Hey all,
    I ve just had my rsx 05 for about 2 1/2 months now and have taken it in 4 times for this annoying popping sound - 1st time they didnt have another strut and I had to wait for it to come in, 2nd time it came in and they replaced it, 3 rd time the noise was happening on drivers side - they replaced that and and now I am taking it again as it is back on the passenger side! However, as I am reading I am realising it isnt the strut that needs to be replaced but an insulating tube that needs to be put on. I will tell the mechanic to do this.
    If anyone else has done this and still hear the popping sound let me know. Its driving me literally crazy. I LOVE the car to death but probs from a brand new one are disheartening and almost steering me away from buying Acura in the future.
    Feedback anyone?
  • rsx_varsx_va Posts: 33
    So I've had my '03 Type-S for a few days, and driven it to work and back. I've encountered the 2nd & 3rd gear grind a couple of times. It seems to occur only on the first shift cycle; i.e., leaving my driveway in the morning. Once the transmission runs for a minute or two, I guess things warm up, and it's smooth as butter. I think I can live with it this way, although I confess my other Hondas never behaved this way except in very cold weather. Maybe the trans needs a lighter grade of oil?

    I played with the hatch a bit last night but the rattle continues today. Again, it's mainly when the vehicle is cold. I'll probably see what the dealer can do when I bring it in for the next service.
  • I haven't changed the car at all (because of the whole warranty thing) Sorry, I forgot to mention that part.Unfortunately there isn't another acura dealer for miles away.. but that is a good idea. Maybe it's roadtrip time... if it can get there. I forgot to mention that the car has been in the shop more than 6 times and for almost 30 days. (the same problem all the way through and then a few others on different occasions)

    Thank you so much for replying, I really had no idea what to do. They just towed the car because it didn't start this morning. We'll see what happens. Do you know what can warp bearings like that and throw off my syncros after only 1000 miles? (that's how many I have on the new transmission and it's already doing it) lol and nono it's not my driving style. I made them ride with me and tell me so ^_^ Thanks again :sick:
  • nippononlynippononly SF Bay AreaPosts: 12,669
    I have never met a hatchback that didn't eventually creak, usually within a year of new. Whenever the car torques (going up an uneven slope, turning into driveways, etc) that hatch takes the brunt of it, and will eventually begin to creak as things get just infinitesimally out of alignment. I have accepted it as the price tp pay for my favorite body style! I'm not saying you have to though - maybe the dealer will be able to lubricate something so that there is less noise back there.

    I have noticed that the synchros take a minute to warm up in the morning, but that is true in most manuals also. Perhaps the RSX's grind a bit more than just thumping as other cars did that I have had. I shift easy for the first mile, and it is smooth as pancake syrup after that. :-)

    rsxhelp: sounds like you got a bum car there. I have no idea what could cause that much damage to a transmission in that short a time. I think: nothing you could do. It is just a bad transmission. As for going to another dealer, just remember that the law does give you rights, so you should look them up at the department of consumer affairs. If I were you, I would make another attempt with the dealer you already went to, maybe starting with phone calls and e-mails to the service and general managers. With copies to Acura Client Services.

    I hope they get it running today and at least fix the separate problem you seem to be having with the electrical system. :-(

    2013 Civic SI, 2009 Outback Sport 5-spd (stick)

  • hi all,
    i was just wondering if there was any way to move the car (for example, down the slope) without starting shifting it in neutral and letting it roll...i haven't tried it yet...just wondering if its safe to do and if there is anything we should do before doing such thing...i'm afraid something might mess up... :confuse:
  • nitromaxnitromax Posts: 641
    I haven't changed the car at all (because of the whole warranty thing) Sorry, I forgot to mention that part.Unfortunately there isn't another acura dealer for miles away.. but that is a good idea. Maybe it's roadtrip time... if it can get there. I forgot to mention that the car has been in the shop more than 6 times and for almost 30 days. (the same problem all the way through and then a few others on different occasions)

    nippononly is right.
    If you can take it to another dealer, then that might help your situation. It sounds like the current dealer is a jerk (and incompetent to boot)
    Call up the other dealer and explain your situation calmly. Tell them all of the problems you're having with your car and mention the other dealers inability to fix your problems (though you may want to wait for them to ask if you've had it serviced before mentioning the other dealer)

    Also, the Acura dealer that you take it to should provide you with a loaner car when you bring it in for service. My dealer gives out TL's for people getting serviced. And when they don't have any available (happened once) they put you in a rental car (Enterprise?) and take care of the entire bill.

    You may also want to look into Lemon laws for your state. You may qualify.
  • rsx_varsx_va Posts: 33
    It should be completely harmless to put it in neutral and roll it. Just make sure the parking brake isn't set.
  • Ok, I'm totally out of topic here but need some help:

    Should I go to ACURA to get my car maintenanced??? i'm at 50 000 km's and they want me to get package a, b, c and d = something like 400$ CAN me this is CRAZY!!! do I really need all this???
    What is it That i need to really get done at this will be my first maintenace accept for my reg oil changes. Should I go somewhere else to get this done???

    Pls help :)
  • mikefm58mikefm58 Posts: 2,882
    You have read your owner's manual, right? Have them give you a price on only the maintenance listed in your owner's manual for the miles you have on your car. Have read your owner's manual? All dealers have their own set of recommended maintenance that is usually doing things listed in your owner's manual much sooner than needed.
    Did I ask if you've read your owner's manual?
  • hi all,
    i was just wondering if anyone else was having this problem or if it is normal...whenever i shift gears from park to reverse, i feel something jerking in the engine...also, when i shift to drive, i feel it again, but this time its a jerking motion backwards...this only happens when i initially start the car in the mornings...also, has anyone encountered any problems when turning right extremely sharply?...whenever i do, i feel a grinding noise coming from the front tires...any help or suggestions would be welcome...thanks...
  • Hmm... sounds like a bad torque converter, but not sure. Better have a dealer mechanic look into it. But since you mentioned that it only happens when you initially start the car in the mornings, I'm worried that they might give you the "We can't duplicate the problem" line and it sucks when that happens.
  • nitromaxnitromax Posts: 641
    That is probably just the transmission shifting into gear and the feeling you are getting is the torque twist on the tranny mounts. Hence, shift to drive and it jerks one way, shift into park and it shifts the other direction.
  • yeah, thats the jerking motion i feel...but is it normal??? :confuse: also, i am scheduled for an oil change in a couple of should i explain the problem...that the torque converter is grinding?...thanks...
  • Well, just tell them what you have been experiencing. You're not going to be penalized anyway. They should be able to come up with a better answer for your car's shifting behavior.
  • nitromaxnitromax Posts: 641
    If it's just a jerking when you put it in gear then it's normal. Every car does it (correction, every automatic does it)

    Torque convereter grinding? Are you hearing a grinding noise?
  • bobbidbobbid Posts: 24
    For Pop, Knock noise on Bumps.
    For RSX '05
    I don't know how to attached a file but I have an electronic copy of it.
  • I got a RSX as a loaner couple times. I like them a lot. One drove fine. However, one of them had a engine noise that bothered me.

    It created a whirling noise when it reached above 60 mph.

    It's hard to describe but it's like saying "woe woe woe woe . . " semi slowly at a pitch of Curlee in 3 Stooges but in monotone).

    I drove above 60 mph then it got worse. Drove below 60 and it went away. Reached 60 and it did it again. I drove it for 3 days and it did the same thing everytime.

    It wasn't the wind or the tire.

    I was tempted to tell the dealer about it but I was afraid they would blame me or something.

    No Honda/Acura cars I've driven make that sound. Any ideas?

    I'm afraid if I buy an RSX and it will make that same sound. Thanks.

    P.S. Didn't had a clicking sound but for those who do, I thought it's the CV joint and not the transmission problem???
  • You should never post your e-mail in a public forum. Spiders will pick it up and spam you to death. I'd recommend you delete your post or have me do it and then privately e-mail the person you are trying to contact. Let me know.

  • rsx_varsx_va Posts: 33
    It's hard to diagnose without hearing the noise in person, but I don't think this is a common problem. Speed-related noises usually are tires/bearings/wind/transmission, not engine. If it was the engine you'd probably also hear it at lower speeds with the same RPMs.

    If you're interested in an RSX, then make sure you get a test drive in the one you plan to buy and have a chance to drive it at highway speeds.
  • mt6303mt6303 Posts: 1
    What is the popping sound like??? I have a brand new 2005 RSX, too. It sounds like you have the simular situation as mine. When I turn on the key to start the car, it will have the really short sparks noise came up. Sometimes, the noise comes up but the engine doesn't start. Sometimes, I have to restart my car twice for the engine to be turned on. I took my car to the dealer for the fifth time and they still don't know what cause the problem.
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