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Acura RSX Maintenance and Repair



  • NO, it is manual. They keep telling me it is not the strut. It sounds like the same problem others are having, but the dealership keeps telling me its not. I am just sick of it.
  • my6spdmy6spd Posts: 5
    I bought a left over 2002 RSX Type S. I chose Acura because I wanted quality without annoying issues but that's not what I got. I don't have major problems but the minor problems are really aggrevating. Here's what continuously happens that the dealers can't seem to fix:
    1. Auto up driver side window pauses halfway up, comes down a couple inches and then stops. It's intermittent and was fixed 3 times - a "loose connection" - it wasn't grounded.
    2. A rattle coming from the driver side somewhere. Sounds like 2 little metal pieces rattling - happens at 4300 rpm. No fix.
    3. A plastic rattle sound on bumpy roads - doesn't have to be that bad of a road either. It's coming from the dash somewhere.
    4. Passenger-side headlight has gone out twice - a "loose connection".

    I'm irritated that I paid $25,000 for a Type S and got a car with loose connections. When the warranty runs out in 6,000 miles, it will cost too much to have these annoyances fixed. Any one else have these issues? Do you have permanent fixes for the problems?

    Any help would be much appreciated.
  • nippononlynippononly SF Bay AreaPosts: 12,669
    "1. Auto up driver side window pauses halfway up, comes down a couple inches and then stops. It's intermittent and was fixed 3 times - a "loose connection" - it wasn't grounded."

    Really? My base model started doing that, that was when I sold it. Tired of little trips to the service department. They never did straighten the steering wheel. Suspension that they would tighten at every service visit, which would begin to clunk again over speed bumps and the like within a few hundred miles.

    This is a great car, but why couldn't Honda put them together flawlessly like Integras I have had in the past? Never had any problems with the lights, however, and it never broke down or anything.

    2013 Civic SI, 2009 Outback Sport 5-spd (stick)

  • fran17fran17 Posts: 1
    I also had a problem with my glovebox coming on during the night. The good part was that once you turned off the ignition the light went out so there was no way to run your battery down. Once I mentioned this problem to the dealership they also fixed it.
  • vickatvickat Posts: 43
    Hi there,
    here I am again, ranting about my RSX base'03 sunroof. With 69K miles driven, sunroof now would tilt a bit and stop, without tilting further and sliding back. Emergency roof actuator doesn't help, either. Good news is, it still goes into CLOSED position. Did anyone here experience something similar?
    thanks, Victor
  • hey jen dont despair. i have a 06 rsx type s with the same problem. beihg a mechanic i had to figure out the problem. i found that the front springs were slightiy moving in the bottom spring perch. the top perch has a rubber mount to prevent this. the vehicle should make the popping noise simply by turning the steering wheel lock to lock. i found the solution to be spraying white lithium on the bottom perch to lubricate the spring and allow it to move ever so slightly thus preventing the popping sound. it works !!!!!!
  • nitromaxnitromax Posts: 641
    Open it up as far as you can and get the acorns out of the mechanism. Those darn squirrels will do that everytime!

    It probably just needs some lube. Mine just turned 68,888 this morning on my way to work. I'll be checking the lube situation this spring. Thanks for the heads up
  • rsx_varsx_va Posts: 33
    $25k for a 2002 with problems? Sorry to say, I think you overpaid, badly. Did you not see or drive the car first? Or did these problems appear after you'd had it a while?
  • rsxrrsxr Posts: 7
    Seeking some advice on this matter, and I'll keep it short.

    I bought a 2002 rsx with 20k miles on it last august 16, 05

    A minor collision sept 16, 05 has me drop off the car to my local acura dealership.

    I just got my car back Monday - Jan 9, 06

    4 MONTHS LATER!!!!!!!!!!!


    The short of it is -
    I was told by the main service manager that I could put duct tape over a worn through peice on the vacum plate.


    The insurance is going to replace's a $20 part..why didn't acura fix it when they had the wheel off to replace the lower control arm, knuckle and bearing.


    I could go on about the lack of service, workmanship and lack of hospitality but I really wanna find out what I should do.

    The only things (so far) is they need to replace the vacum plate, replace the missing overhead dome light cover ??????
    and tell me


    I'm missing about a quarter turn on the left compared to right turns which are sharper.

    in the collision the knuckle was munched and the wheel came off.

    Also, the day I dropped the car off they told me there was definately frame damage. Then they tell me there is no frame..then the body shop they referred me to that has the frame straightener tells me that Acura couldn't do the wheel alignment if the frame was bent.

    I've got such a run around from these people.

    I don't know what to do.

    Should I bring the car back to them or bring it somewhere else to get second opinion - first, before I have them make repairs?

    I'd really like to know why my left turn's are as sharp as my right anymore...????

    I'm open to your suggestions as I'm concerned this may be a safety issue.

    Thanks - you're input in greatly appreciated.

    Beat Up ;( :mad:
    I had over $8,000 in repairs and car rental which luckily was covered by the insurance company.

    But I had so much pointing out to do and sending the car back to fix everything from the scratches in my leather seat, the chipped paint on the driver door, crook
  • rsxrrsxr Posts: 7
    I love my RSX
    and man, I feel ya..I'm having a samiliar misfortune with my local acura. I'm very unhappy - I was even told I could put duct tape on a part they should have replaced. I've gone as far as contacting consumer affairs and the beaureue of automotive repair...and I still feel pretty beat up and taken.

    There's gotta be some source to help out people who are getting ripped of in the automotive world.
  • rsxrrsxr Posts: 7
    I'd get a cheaper car...get your driving down for a few years before getting into an's not for the power..but I totally believe in having something to learn on before getting the nicer (you'd probably wanna learn how to play guitar first before buying a $4,000 black widow les paul)

    and yeah, liability on a cheapy...otherwise..if you do get an RSX...get full coverage cause you'll be pissed if you don't when you bang it up...
  • rsxrrsxr Posts: 7
    your car is still under warranty. I'd take it to your local Acura dealership...or one you feel you can trust.
  • Well I have a same problem with clucking noise by turning the vehicle steering wheel lock to lock after one month driving it. Brought it to the dealer and the mechanic knows right away the main caused of the problem for this clucking/poping/clicking noise. Since it is a known problem with a 2006 Acura RSX. It came from the front springs. Since turning the steering wheel, by design, the front springs move also, and since it moves the springs collide with the mounting plate of the springs, therefore, it created this noise. There is no known fixed for it at this time and the Acura engineers are working on it for a long term solution, might be a recall to fix it (according to my Acura dealer). My dealer has their own solution for this by inserting a plastic/rubber tube to the springs at the location where metal to metal collide. And it fixed it for now, I no longer hear the noise. If you need to call this Acura Dealer to find out what they did to my 06 Acura RSX in detail here is the number to call (408) 247-7422 and asked for service department.
  • mdrsxmdrsx Posts: 1
    Recently, I purchased a 2006 RSX and have experienced the same popping sound coming from my front passenger side strut area when navigating through small, tight areas such as a parking garage. Also, I have a rattle in my dash board and a slight squelling sound when turing the air circulation to AUTO or one of the higher setting.

    I first heard the clunking/ popping sound when a Acura driver was parking my car in preparation for the teflon coating this past week.

    Many people post messages on this board regarding the same problem over and over again, but no one posts the dealership's name or last 6 digits of their VIN. No one should have to buy a car with an imperfection as the one in the struts.

    I have a 2006 Acura RSX.
    Rolled off the assembly line just before 006900.
    Rosenthal Acura, Gaithersburg, MD.
    Mileage: 1055
  • my6spdmy6spd Posts: 5
    Of course I test drove it. No issues. The problems started after about a year. I paid 25k which includes 3k of options and taxes. Basically, I paid sticker price for a type S and got 3k of options for free.
  • my6spdmy6spd Posts: 5
    I've taken it to 2 different dealers for these issues. The window has been fixed twice, the headlight was fixed twice, and the other issues "can't be repeated". I even took a service guy for a drive to show him the buzzing sound. He heard it but didn't fix it. I tried getting it fixed 5 times - nothing. So much for Acura quality.
  • my6spdmy6spd Posts: 5
    Yeah, I've seriously considered selling it. These problems are little and recurring. If they get fixed, they recur a few months later. It will cost too much to continue to get this minor stuff fixed after the warranty runs out. I agree with your question, "why couldn't Honda put them together flawlessly?". That's why I bought an Acura - because it's supposed to be a better quality. Arg!

    What car did you end up buying after you sold your RSX?
  • nippononlynippononly SF Bay AreaPosts: 12,669
    I went in a different direction because my needs have changed. I flipped my old truck and the RSX for a much newer truck and a Toyota Echo - needed the four doors and wanted the better gas mileage.

    My experience with Toyotas has been that while they are not quite the precision driving instruments that Hondas usually are, they ARE put together with less of the little electronic annoyances that I ALWAYS seem to experience with Hondas, and will need less repairs (especially electrical) late in their life.

    My old Integra was running strong at 250K miles, still a pleasurable drive. But the HVAC had needed repairing a couple of times, the rear wiper had quit long before, water was coming in through the taillights and the hatch, it was a bit of a mess in terms of body integrity and electricals. Yes, 250K is a lot of miles for a car. But I have had better luck in old Toyotas that had a similar mileage.

    I just know that in my RSX, the window bouncing down on auto-up would have begun to annoy me before too long, would have become more frequent, and would have been "unable to duplicate" at the dealer service drive. That is just my luck with Hondas.

    2013 Civic SI, 2009 Outback Sport 5-spd (stick)

  • tsmalltsmall Posts: 1
    Hello MDRSX....

    i purchased my rsx 2006 last aug.... I have had the same problem with the struts 3 weeks after i drove it off the lot...
    AS of right now my car as gone back to the dealership 2 a month since i bought it...

    The dealership says they fix the noise and it never fails within 2 weeks it starts up again every time i reverse or turn left or right... it is really bad.. the dealership states they will fix the problem but they really dont know what it is.... right after i bought my car i went in for a week to let them know that i could hear the noise from the struts but they did not believe me... crazy huh???
    As of right now my car is at the dealership and I am very unhappy!!!!!!
    I want to trade my car in for something else even more so because i am leasing it!!!!
    sucks for me....
    do you have any advice or is there anything ur dealership as told u ?

    I have been taking my car to Cush Acura in Escondido. Ca
  • My dealership has yet to call me. I called them a couple of weeks ago, because now the popping noise is here, as described by so many others. Just turning the wheel, backing out or something, you can hear it. People riding with me say that is just the strut. The dealership say they can fix that problem, but still haven't heard from the engineer on the other problem. They swear its in my transmission, but I dont really believe them. It is only turning left and going 20-23mph. It is just a clicking noise like something is hitting something else. I think when they had my car for the two days they did, they made phone calls, and didn't really try to figure out the problem. I think it is just unbelievable, that they sell me a car, with a problem, and then can't fix it.I just hope it is safe.
    You wish they would just recall the 2006 rsx, with so many other people having the same problem. I would just like to purchase another car, but hate losing money when it not my fault.
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