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Acura RSX Maintenance and Repair



  • vickatvickat Posts: 43
    Hi there,
    my '03 RSX's nearing 80K miles. Recently, when going downhill and tapping brakes, auto tranny started to kick down to 3rd, which at >75 mph isn't terribly pleasant.
    Did anyone here experience the same?
    Is that "grade logic" or something more serious?
    From now on, I'm using tranny manual option when downhill.
    Thanks for advise, V
  • nitromaxnitromax Posts: 641
    I have that from time to time also. I think it's the grade logic as you suggested. I think also that your tranny fluid could be getting dirty. I recently had mine in for check-up and they noticed the tranny fluid was dirty....which might explain the "early downshifting" when going downhills.
    I have not flushed the tranny yet so I can't tell you if that cured the problem.
  • faziofazio Posts: 9
    :mad: Well, after putting 750miles on my car since they repair the noise by teh busted struts, guess what? It's back..... and louder than before. IT sounds like my suspension is going to snap off even while driving on a smooth road.
  • rsxrrsxr Posts: 7
    The dealership wants approximately $380 to come in and have them change the air filter, cabin filter..and do some check up..

    How can I save money and do things myself? and how necessary at 30k miles is it to have them (the dealership) check the car out?

    Also, any local area (Los Angeles) RSX Owners use someone certified, more care giving and less expensive then the Acura Dealership?

    thanks so much
  • vickatvickat Posts: 43
    thanks. I'm afraid it's just AT fluid. Will take it soon to the dealer and have error codes read. I may have to flush AT sooner than expected, at 80K miles, but it's not that bad.
    BTW, I've reported 61K miles on stock Michelins before. Replaced'em with ContiExtremeContacts (some snow here in upstate NY). So far, so good. Gas mileage is practically same, traction is better for sure.
    Keep motoring!
  • nippononlynippononly SF Bay AreaPosts: 12,687
    if you want to do the 30K service by the book, BUT:
    1. you can change both filters yourself, for about $30 in parts.
    2. for $380, the dealer is without a doubt doing some type of laundry list of "services they recommend" - you could just ask them to do what is listed in the book for 30K (pretty much just those filters, tire rotation, and oil change) and see what they say for price
    3. you could have a private shop just do those things, for even less money
    4. you could get an oil change and turn the maintenance light off yourself - just hold down the odometer button and turn the key to 'on', hold it for a count of five or so, and the light goes out.

    Some inspections are part of the maintenance schedule Honda provides. It might not be a bad idea to do them if you plan to keep the car a long time.

    2013 Civic SI, 2009 Outback Sport 5-spd (stick)

  • rsxrrsxr Posts: 7
    thanks so much.

    I've asked acura and they say as long as I keep receipts my extended warranty is intaked.

    I already did the oil and had the tires rotated months I'm gonna change the air filter and cabin filter..

    I'm sure the belts are fine at 30K...

    have a great memorial day driving.

  • faziofazio Posts: 9
    After my previous postings, I have takin my rsx back in for the 3rd time.... they said they can find and hear the noise but they dont know why, who what where when and whats cuasing it to happend and told me I just have to deal with it and wait until honda finds a fix. Hmm, too me that sounds like Lemon law, the car rattles even on smooth pavement like a 86 chevy celebrity... i realy think something is going to crack off by how loud and powerfull the popping noise is. They have 30days to fix this or im invoking the lemon law!
  • drawdefdrawdef Posts: 14
    I just found this forums after searching google for my front end noise.

    i'm in the same boat ... car in 3 times - each they thought it was struts. 3rd time they realize its the springs. im told they are waiting on new springs to be manufactured and approved. this was over a month ago. im starting to look into the lemon laws of my state - this is silly, my car has less than 3k miles on it!

    (jentalksalot - are you still reading/posting here? im interested in speaking with you via email.)
  • drawdefdrawdef Posts: 14
    jentalksalot - are you still reading/posting here? im interested in speaking with you via email about your problem, asap.
  • faziofazio Posts: 9
    Hey man, what State do you live in?? I'm giving them exactly 2 weeks and then I'm going to make a big stink about it, we need to back each other up on this that were not alone here. I live in PA.
  • drawdefdrawdef Posts: 14
    I'm in NC. The last thing they told me after 'discovering' that it was the springs is that they were waiting for new spring to be put out by Acura. I was led to believe this was going to be a week or 2 and its been over a month. I wrote the service manager asking 'whats up'. This is just silly for a brand new car. I've been nice and patient up until this point. Every state has a lemon law :lemon: ... I'm about to get legal if something isn't done soon.
  • allsmilesallsmiles Posts: 4
    I'm also in NC and I bought my '05 RSX new last Feb and I've had the struts replaced 3 times and the bushings once and it's making the noise again. I was going to envoke the lemon law. After calling Acura costumer service the dealership called me back saying they were gonna put spring silencers on the front. I don't know whether or not to let them "try" to fix it again and tell them that it's the last time or to go ahead and evoke the lemon law.
  • drawdefdrawdef Posts: 14
    1) Why can't I see message #847?

    2) allsmiles - what dealership? How old/many miles did this first start? How many miles now? How many times have you been back for the same problem?
  • allsmilesallsmiles Posts: 4
    I've taken it to Flow Acura in Winston where I bought it and Crown Acura in Greensboro. My car is just over a year old and has 17,500 miles on it. The noises started in June last year and it's been "fixed" 4 times.
  • sagermksagermk Posts: 2
    I've had my RSX since Sept 2001 and been very happy with it. I'm about 1200 miles short of 100k! :shades: I was reading through the posts to see if anyone had any complaints about the air conditioning, but I've only seen some related to units that were somehow damaged. I've taken my car in a few times in the last several years because it seems like the AC isn't very cold until I'm going about 50mph. I stick my fingers up to the vents and it just doesn't seem to be putting out very cold air.

    Now, feel free to tell me I'm off my rocker because I do live in Texas where we get a lot of 100+ days and I don't have tinted windows. Maybe I'm expecting too much and the only way to stay cooler is to move north (and don't think I haven't considered it!) Is everyone else pretty happy with their AC?
  • bill1998bill1998 Posts: 2

    You probably already tried what I'm going to write, but I thought I mention it anyways. I also wanted to ask you about your experiences with the car.

    ON THE A/C:

    1) Is the poor cooling worse with the years, or has it been that way since new?

    2) Do you use flow through when you first get into the car, and switch to recirculate after blowing the hot air out of the cabin?

    3) Have you noticed a difference in a/c performance with engine rpm - if you were to stay in lower gears longer would it cool better?

    4) Can you carefully look at all the connections of your a/c lines - are there any signs of a slight oily residue which has collected dirt or dust? Condenser?

    5) If I remember correctly there used to be a test for a/c performance according to Honda - someone with the shop manual might be able to fill in the specifics. The test was something like:

    avoid direct sunlight, start engine, close windows, turn on a/c (for max cooling - fan and temperature), set to recirculate, then measure the air temperature coming out of a vent, right at the vent.

    I don't know how you are supposed to do it, but no one was to sit in the car, yet you were to run the engine above idle - like 1500 rpm for 10 minutes. Come to think of it, I never did raise the engine speed...

    The temperature (vent) after 10 minutes was read, and compared to a chart of humidity and temperature for the outside air. I had the feeling anything about 42 F or lower was considered fine.

    These were just some thoughts - hope they give you ideas.


    If you wouldn't mind, could you answer a few questions:

    1) What repairs/work have you had to do in the 5 years you had the car?

    2) Any strut noise? Did it go away?

    3) Any grinding/notchy shifting? (Do you let the car warm up before pushing it?)

    4) Any chance you know your average mileage for the time you owned the car?

    Your answers would really be appreciated because you have so many miles on the car. A lot of people posting haven't driven as far as you, yet there are a few problems posted.

    I wonder how many of the problems are due to the car and inherent defects though...

    Thank you,
  • jandj1jandj1 Posts: 5
    Same boat here in FL...three visits on an 06 Type S for front end noise. They've repositioned the shocks, added insulators, adjusted a bunch of things and the creaking noise at low speed (especially in reverse) continues. Interesting point about shocks / struts because when I ask about possible design defects / replacement, they assure me that's not the problem. Anyone have other new info i can use with the dealer?
  • drawdefdrawdef Posts: 14
    My dealer didn't seem to figure it out until they talked to the Acura tech line... they went through all of the song and dance you did before calling Acura on this whole thing. They tell me they are still waiting on remanufactured springs from Acura. You might ask your dealer if they have talked to Acura directly.
  • allsmilesallsmiles Posts: 4
    I've been to two dealers and the one that I actually bought it from is the one that has called me after talking to my Acrua case manager and has ordered parts for me....again. But here's the thing. A sales woman from the other dealer came to my place of work and said that she hasn't seen any problems and wondered if it was just a handfull of cars or the whole bunch. I'm still confused on what I should do. Should I get it fixed for the 5th time or give up and get a new car and hope it doesn't have the same problme???
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