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Acura RSX Maintenance and Repair



  • Does the key have to be turned to any position or just inside the ignition ?

    are you documenting your install at all? ive been wanting to install a pc inside my '06 since I got it but i think im going to wait a little while. what are you using the mini for?
  • The key has to be in accessory mode (to the point just before it would start). Also I have a Compustar alarm which bypasses the clutch for remote start, so you can take the key out and the car stays running until you either shut it off remotely or shut all the doors. When I leave the car running like this the locks do work.

    As far as the Mac Mini goes, I did not document the install, but the RSX is setup pretty nicely to where you can get an indash screen and put the Mini (or PC) in the glove compartment without modifying anything. You have to have basic wiring knowledge, but basically if you know how to install an aftermarket headunit you can install a computer. The only tricky part was organizing the wires so I could put the dash panel back in once it had both a headunit and the screen mounted to it. (I still dont have a perfect solution to this) The dash snaps apart by hand so I could easily take it apart and take a few pictures to give you an idea of what I had to do. Let me know if youd want that and I can do it tomorrow.
  • My driver's side headlight is out. I've bought the replacement bulb but when I looked under the hood, I couldn't figure out how to replace it without breaking something.

    Anyone know how to replace the bulb in the headlight? I'm hoping it's something I can do myself and not take it in to a mechanic and get charge an arm and a leg.

    Thanks for any help you can offer!
  • Pictures would be excellent. What kind of screen and headunit do you have in the car now?
  • far as your locks, at first your theory makes sense - it would sound like the locks aren't getting power unless the ignition is on.

    But I don't see how wiring the computer and adding a new head unit would prevent the locks from getting power.

    I'm suspicious of your remote starter/alarm.

    In playing with my locks, I did notice that with the key IN the ignition, but the engine OFF - the locks do NOT work. (I assume to prevents dumb-dumbs from locking the keys in the car). If your remote starter allows your key to be removed and the car remain on, it has to be tricking the car into thinking the key is really there. It almost sounds like the car is thinking the key IS there when its really NOT and thats why it wont let you lock them.
  • Hello,
    I just purchased a 2002 RSX from a private party. It is an automatic with 97,000 miles. I wanted to mention some things just to see what you guys might think and if you've had similiar issues...

    1. There are 2 small oil seal leaks which I knew about when I brought the car to my mechanic. the seller took $1000 off of the price to pay for the repair. I thought this was somewhat odd for an Acura even at almost 100k miles, but it is what it is. I'm getting it fixed.

    2. There is a small area right above the rear bumber (near the wheel) where there are some ruse bubbles. not a lot- like maybe .5 inches x 2 inches. i was hoping to bring it to a dealer to get it fixed under warranty, but it is JUST over 5 years old so I think I'm gonna have to pay for it myself. Again, I thought this was a little strange considering the car isn't that old. Is this gonna be expensive?

    3. The car makes a slight squeeking noise (comes from the front right) when the engine runs on some cold mornings for about 5-10 minutes. Again, only on a cold AM, and it always goes away. Is that something to be concerned about?

    4. I notice that once in a while when using the AUTO-climate control, sometimes the car will blow in hot air and then cold air right afterwards, instead of simply shutting when the temp is right.

    Thats it. I know it sounds bad, but I really LOVE the car and just wanted to bounce these things off some of you guys since I got it recently. Mine was taken care of pretty well and not driven hard by the previous owner, so I'm pretty confident its a good car. I've always been a Honda guy, so I felt like this was the logical step up...

    Anyways, any feedback would be appreciated!

  • kelc511kelc511 Posts: 3
    :cry: I bought some aftermarket bulbs for my headlights and in the process of installing them I took the battery out to create a little more space to work in. However, upon hooking the battery back up and starting the car, I realized that the security light on the radio was blinking and my radio read "CODE".... How do I figure out the code to make my radio work again?? Is there any way to do it without taking the radio out?! Thanks!! :cry:
  • You can either look in your owners case that they gave you at the dealership, it should be a leather case in your glove compartment. Or if you bought your car aftermarket, look in your glove compartment and you will see some numbers printing on the side/or bottom of the glove box. Those numbers are the code for your radio. Hope you're able to find one of them. :)
  • kelc511kelc511 Posts: 3
    Thank you SO much!!
  • tonidtonid Posts: 4
    my check engine light is on i have had it to 2 mechanics and can not figure out what is causing it. the 2 codes i get is misfire #1 and 2. they changed the spark plugs, cleaned the ejectors, they did not see any leaks. the car runs fine. can anyone give me any ideas what is wrong really would appricate it
  • I have a 06 type-s and the AM radio reception is horrible. I like to listen to AM sports stations while driving and it never comes in clear like it does in my mom's G35. I have asked the dealership about this problem too and they said that it has to do with interference with the radio signals... This is one of the few things about my car that I don't like. If anyone has been able to fix this problem please let us know...
  • li_sailorli_sailor Posts: 1,081
    Have they checked the oxy sensor?

    I have an '02 also and just switched mine, although I was getting the appropriate code.

    But I just saw a lexus rx300 that was giving similar misfiring codes and it turned out to be one of the O2 sensors.
  • tonidtonid Posts: 4
    thanks for replying i will ask my mechanic said it might be the coil packs. he oredered 4 of them. the problem is when you are driving and are going up a hill it seems the check enigine light comes on any ideas on that also. how do you like your car
  • vibsrvibsr Posts: 47
    I replaced the drivers side headlight on my 2004 RSX. IT IS NOT EASY BY ANY STRETCH OF THE IMAGINATION. The procedure was more involved than what the owner's manual suggested. I had to remove the battery (well...okay), then unfasten the washer bottle filler tube from the body. From this point forward, it gets hard because you can't see what you're doing AT ALL. First, disconnect the plug. Second, slide the rubber dust boot off the assembly. Third (here's the joke), unhook this hinged horizontally swinging rod and move it toward the left fender so that you can take the light bulb and carrier out of the headlight assembly. If you think that was easy, try putting it back together!! :mad: It took a while, but IF I COULD SEE WHAT I WAS DOING :mad: , things would have been much easier. LESSON LEARNED: Use one of those compact mirrors attached to a telescoping rod or buy the bulb and take it to Acura. Poor design! :(

    I believe that when this car was being assembled, the bulbs were mounted in the headlight assembly BEFORE the headlight assembly was attached to the car. I even wondered if I could remove the assembly from the car. As I looked around, I realized that I couldn't do that w/o removing the bumper first! NO WAY! :surprise:
  • 2006rsx2006rsx Posts: 32
    I agree, what a pain! But you are lucky... 50% of the time the tab holding that wire clip onto the junky "pot metal" casting will break off, especially if you try to force things. (because you can't see what you are doing). One has to wonder why Acura chooses to use these crappy old-style bulbs on the low beams. Funny that they used the modern style, easy to change bulbs on the hi beams, isn't it?
  • 2006rsx2006rsx Posts: 32
    Yeah I have the same problem with my '06 RSX. And it was bad with the stock radio, but even worse with an aftermarket Kenwood. The wire antenna, which I believe is in the rear window, is obviously totally inadequate. I can't see any reason why we could not install a regular antenna somewhere. I just might do that eventually.
  • dj1rsxdj1rsx Posts: 7
    Sorry i didnt get back about this problem, It's still there, they say it's normal, i dont believe it. When I get time i'm going to bring it to another dealership.
  • drawdefdrawdef Posts: 14
    I've been meaning to get on here and post about this now too. As if the spring problem was enough at under 1000 miles, I just hit 1 year old in March and now in June I'm only at 13k miles and I've started to experience this shift problem when its hot.

    As another poster pointed out however, its going to be next to impossible to reproduce for the dealership.

    I wonder how they justify this being 'normal'.
  • dj1rsxdj1rsx Posts: 7
    I dont know how we can reproduce the problem. I got it to do it for them once or twice, not as bad as it gets but i did reproduce the problem, and the keep putting it on the computer and telling me there's no problems with the car, that its normal. What a crock of [non-permissible content removed]!! I had a piece of [non-permissible content removed] plymouth tc3 once, and that had more balls when hot then my rsx. I'm going to bring it to another dealership when I have time.
  • crystlebcrystleb Posts: 1
    I have a 2002 RSX with only 35,000 miles on it and the air system seems to have stopped working. It doesn't matter if it's on heat or ac and it doesn't matter how high I try to turn it up nothing comes out. No air what-so-ever. Has anyone else had this problem and do you know how to fix it? Thanks for your help!
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