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Acura RSX Maintenance and Repair



  • joem5joem5 Posts: 201
    Did you push in the A/C and cabin flow thru air button so only cabin air is used? Set the temp guage on 69 and put it on auto,or turn up fan. After a couple of minutes,if it dosent work go to a garage you trust,it may need a recharge or have a snall hose leak.
  • ljm2043ljm2043 Posts: 7
    Yes, it still happens but I cannot duplicate it either and neither can the dealer.
  • I just purchased an 03 RSX base with 19000 miles from a private party clean title. My owner problem is when I start the car it hesitates to start it happened 10 times in the last two months maybe 3 times a week I checked and did have gas. Also today i noticed that I can feel the transmission shifting since its an AUTO i dont remember feeling that before can that be from putting cheap gas
  • ezel30ezel30 Posts: 1
    I have a question.

    I have a 2002 Acura RSX and I can't get the darn thing out of park. I know how to do it manually, but I was wondering if anyone knew the permanent fix to this problem. And how much do you think it would cost if I took it to a dealership?
  • Thank you for your help... when I talked to the dealer they said a recall or general repair was issued to them. So the 'shimmied' the struts and the no longer make a noise.

    Thank you
  • rsx06rsx06 Posts: 1
    I have on 06 RSX and has 38,000 miles. I get regular oil changes every 3,000 miles and 6,000 mile tire rotation and fluid checks.
    The maintanence light goes on every once in awhile. When I get oil changes they usually reset it. It is on now, and I am wondering if considering the mileage I have, I need some other sort of maintanence. Please let me know anything I should do.
    Thank you!
  • I have a 2003 RSX base model. Yesterday after getting gas I noticed the flap that is typically there on all the other Honda cars I've owned is missing. Am I an idiot or has it fallen into the tank or was it never there.

    The dealership didn't have an RSX to show, but pointed out other Acura models don't have the small metal flap where you put the gas nozzle in. Looking to confirm or deny if the flap exists on the RSX.

    Thanks for the help.

  • My 03 rsx does the same thing. It hesitates to start and i noticed if i dont have my foot compressed on the brake properly, i have to try 3 times to start the car. It Does start on the 3rd time....

    also, recently I stopped at a stop sign i noticed the car "jump" forward. after that, it wouldn't go faster than 45 mph. any ideas on what it could be? I've also had regular oil changes on the car and its well maintained. :(
  • when i stated my car my maintance lights came on what does this mean what should i do. i have a 2002 acura rsx..
  • I have had the same problem multiple times. Its hard to explain how to really fix it. But its basically the ignition isnt connecting when the key is engaged. Try playing with the ignition and the Trani at the same time. Turn the ignition key, turn the steering wheel too, sometimes the steering lock is an issue. Good luck
  • 6ea6ea Posts: 1
    I have owned the 2002 Acura RSX type S for about 1 month. The car does have 17" aftermarket rims and low pro tires. I have been hearing this clicking noise from the front right, by the tire. I know its not the wheels.. This clicking comes on when i press my brakes or accelerate sometimes I did replace the struts and nothing changed. Its getting really annoing.I have also noticed when switching to 2nd gear there is a lil roughness in the shift, Anyone have any suggestions on what it is.
  • Hello,

    I am trying to buy a 2004 rsx

    I just looked at one this afternoon.

    Car is in good shape and deal is pretty good too.

    I would love to buy it if I can resolve this problem.

    when I was test driving this car, I noticed high-pitched noise comming from
    the front of the car. I could only hear it between 0-10 miles and when I went faster
    the sound disappeared.

    Noise sounded like high-pitched electric/flapping sound. I was not loud but I could clearly hear it.

    I am a first time driver and knows nothing about car.

    Please enlight me people!
  • joem5joem5 Posts: 201
    It's normal,as I took my Tye S to dealer stepped on brake and he said the clicking noise was normal. :shades: .
  • jprocjproc Posts: 133
    Well we've had an 03 RSX for 5 years now and I've never heard any high pitched noises
  • vickatvickat Posts: 43
    I've had RSX'03 for 5 years now. A month or so ago, at mileage of 127K, high-pitched, buzz-like noise started in engine bay, driver's side.
    At irst, it was heard only when starting car cold; now it may be heard any time.
    It's hard to replicate, as it comes and goes.
    any suggection will be greatly appreciated!
  • redbeltredbelt Posts: 1
    No Low Beams on my 2004 Acura :confuse: Help,
    I turned on my head lights only to find no low beams, but I have high beams and all other lights. Any one else have this problem and does any one know what the problem might be? I have had to replace the drivers side low beam bulb twice before this happened.
  • joem5joem5 Posts: 201
    who is talking about a high pitch noise?
    All I said was, sitting still turn car on and step on brake and you get a clickking noise and it's normal. :shades:
  • lp2lp2 Posts: 1
    I''m currently looking to purchase an RSX 05 or 06 type s and I wanted to know what type of gas the car can drive on. I remember browsing over a review that said that the car takes unleaded premimum. However, I'm unable to locate any other solid info about this. I would like to hear from the owners what type it takes.

  • drawdefdrawdef Posts: 14
    I have an 06 and have only put 93 oct in it from day 1. 91 or better is what Acura says. This is due to the high compression engine. I'm sure it would run on lower octane, but I honestly wouldn't do it. Performance above all would suffer, you'd probably experience knocking and other such engine issues too. If you don't want to put the extra 20c a gallon for the good stuff in it, I wouldn't bother buying one.
  • 10a10a Posts: 6
    Hi, I hear that clicking noise when I step on the brake's near the gear shift area, and I hear it when my car is in P, even when I just step on the brake when I haven't turned on my car. I went to the dealer to check it out before too. They told me it was normal, but now the sound is getting louder. Would this still be normal? I drive a 05 RSX, what about you? Maybe it's specific to the year?
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