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Acura RSX Maintenance and Repair



  • chicojtchicojt Posts: 1
    I have had the same problem a couple times and its always the drivers side low that goes out. Then i put in aftermarker halo headlights in and 2 months later the drivers side low went out again so i have been without it for bout 7 months now but finally gonna get it fixed.
  • speed_locspeed_loc Posts: 1
    hey my rsx just got broken into a couple hours ago! I lve in san diego and this is what happened i too have astock alarm and for some reason it didn't go off. usually if i insert my key in the key hole and unlock my car and open the door the facotry alarm doesn't go off. ! okay here is my theroy they have an acura key and they shaved it down so they could put it through the car key hole and jiggle and wiggle it till it unlocks! and since its an acura key it will have a chip set in it to deactivate the factory alarm! well that is what im thinking! oh yah by the way my subs got stolen and its so weird cause i thought rsx were cars that were hard to break into cause when i bought the car thats what the dealer said.! well reply back if you can i would like to hear your input if you can please email me at thanks chris
  • the o2 sensor will definently make the car run/idle wierd... since it controls the basic emissions of the engine. it can make a car run lean... rich.... and even stall it out. anytime you get a check engine light i recommend bringing the car to auto zone seeing that they can run an obd2 diagnostics test.. you would be surprized the little stuff that can create big problems..
  • vibsrvibsr Posts: 47
    I bought my RSX (base) new five years ago. It has been meticulously serviced, and it has 103K miles on the clock. At 100k, I took it to the dealership to get the valves adjusted. It had a valve tap, so they threw some parts at it and sent me on my way. Running fine. Within the next 3,000 miles, the tapping returned. It was sounding pretty sloppy when idling between two parked cars. I decided to take it back to see what the problem was. Later in the day, the service rep told me that there was rapid wear on the exhaust camshaft. He told me that he could rub his finger along the camshaft and push away metal filings. The intake camshaft is in excellent shape, however. Listening to the service rep, it sounds like this thing was headed for self-destruction. I kinda figured that both camshafts were ground in the same shop, from the same metal....(ya think?) :confuse:

    The service guys were dumbfounded.

    It was determined that I need a new exhaust camshaft, exhaust rockers, timing chain, chain guides and whatever other seals and gaskets that are necessary to do this repair correctly.

    The parts are on order, and the dealership is waiting for some information as to the cause (maybe a TSB that never got a lot of use) from the Acura tech line.

    This engine has been trouble free and REALLY good on gas (32-35mpg highway) for 100,000 miles. It ran like a champ.

    Has anyone heard of anything like this before? Where's a metalurgist when you need one?? :(

    The service rep told me that the only other time they saw something like this was when a racer discovered this problem on his engine. The racer was (obviously) used to building up and tearing down, but he decided to let the Acura folks look into this one. I don't know how long ago this happened
  • Call the official acura dealer and give them your vin number and they can help with almost enything having to do with the stero.When i bought mine used i had to call them and they gave me the code i had to send them a copy of licence and proof on registration but it didnt take long.
  • I just bought an 2002 used rsx type s with a turbo on it. It runs great and it has no problems what so ever exept the engine light comes on when you start it up somtimes. It doesent always come on. but somtimes it does and it stays on until u turn it off and start it up again. The next time it wont come on at all even for the whole ride.Just wondering what this could mean thanx!
  • Looking for info on the RSX heater/ac blower circuit. My blower only works intermittently. The motor tests good. The last garage I took it to said that control module under the dash was bad. He said the part cost 800 bucks. This doesn't sound right to me. Has anyone had any experience with this sort of problem or does anyone know where I can download an online wiring diagram for this vehicle. The vehicle is an 02 RSX.
  • My 2006 RSX still had a couple days of warranty left when the driver side low beam headlight went out. I followed the User Manual instructions, I am a good mechanic, and I have sensed something wrong when the power plug to the headlight felt “soft”, could be slightly rotated, and was giving in with the pull. I have held the lamp through the rubber seal with the right index and pulled off the plug with the left hand. When I removed the rubber boot, the lamp was loose inside. The wire clip was loose, the metal hook was shaved off, and I saw a lot of metal dust on the bottom of the lamp. Acura has stonewalled this issue, and refused warranty service. The original dealer claimed that the car had an “impact”. The Acura case manager suggested another dealer, who said there was no impact, but that hook must have been broken off by the user, so there is no warranty. The cast metal design is really crappy, and I don’t think it can withstand the spring pressure, hence the metal filings. The Ford stamped sheet metal part would last forever. I wonder if any class action lawsuit lawyers are the reading car owner reports. On the plus side, my wife no longer presses me for a new RL, she is done with Acura.
  • jg88jg88 Posts: 59
    About 5k miles ago, put bridgestone pole position potenzas on our '02 rsx/s. They ride like bricks. Performance in wet/dry is very good, so is road noise, but ride is so bad it's unpleasant to say the least. Replaced Yokohama AVS and wish I would have stuck with them but belived the Potenza reviews on a very famous tire website. Have lowered the air pressure by over 2 psi for wheel without any improvement. Live and learn.
  • vibsrvibsr Posts: 47
    I have 110K on my '04 RSX. I'm on my second set of Yokohama AVID V4S tires. These are pretty good in the wet, REALLY GOOD in the dry, but at best so-so in the snow. Road noise is reasonable until the tread wears below 5/32nds. How I define reasonable: I'm rolling along a stretch of blacktop at 45 MPH with my windows closed, and the tire noise doesn't drown-out my front seat passenger.
  • puffin1puffin1 Posts: 276
    What's wrong with Michelins? My Type S came with them.I never had your prolems.
    I went to a BMW and wife has IS Lexus. I think Acura goofed dropping the RSX line. I liked the car,except for cheap leather.
    Well, sorry about your tires. :shades:
  • asa66asa66 Posts: 1
    Today I tried to change my 2002 RSX's spark plugs (100,000 miles). After wrestling the cover off, I found...WTF? The plugs are buried in the engine and attached to the ignition system with electronic hardware. I tried to pull the lead off a plug with no success.

    How you change the plugs using a standard socket set??
  • vibsrvibsr Posts: 47
    It sounds like you're almost there! You've already discovered that this engine doesn't use the typical ignition wires that you are used to seeing. You need a 10mm wrench (or socket) to detach each ignition coil from the cylinder head. Work one cylinder at a time.

    Step 1: Make sure the engine is COLD!!! Remove the bolt.
    Step 2: Unclip/unplug the wire to that ignition coil.
    Step 3: Slowly-Carefully.....twist and pull the ignition coil up off of the spark plug.
    Step 4: The plug is burried deep. You'll need a 10" to 12" extension on your ratchet
    Step 5: SLOWLY remove the spark plug. If those are the original plugs AND they have NEVER been removed, there is no guarantee that the plug will come out. If it is too difficult, don't force it and risk breakage. If the plug comes out with no problem, coat the threads of the new plug with ANTI-SIEZE COMPOUND. I'm making a big stink over this step because when you leave a steel plug in and aluminum head for 100K miles (8-year-old assembly), your chances of removing that plug w/o stripping the threads or snapping the plug altogether are slim. If you can't move it, take it to a mechanic that knows how to handle something like this.

    I have a 2004 RSX with 110K. I bought it new, read the owners manual, and decided to remove the plugs every 30K, coating the threads with anti-sieze compound, and simply putting them back in. At 90K, I actually replaced the plugs without incident.

    One more tip: When inserting the plugs, I use TWO spark plug sockets: one socket partially holding the plug to guide and start it in the threads, and the other spark plug socket WITH THE GROMMET REMOVED to finish and torque the plug.

    Works EVERY time! :shades:
  • jg88jg88 Posts: 59
    Went form the Yokahama AVID tires to the Bridgestones and really regret doing that. Went with the Yokahamas on our g-35 when replacing those tires after the acura decision and glad I did it. (The silver lining to the bridestone decision.)

    Puffin1, the michelins seemed a bit pricey though am sure they would have been worth it vs the bridgestones.

    Live and learn. Just wanted to impart this experience with other rsx/s drivers to avoid my mistake.
  • nippononlynippononly SF Bay AreaPosts: 12,687
    Hey vibsr, I'm just curious - what happened with the repair to your exhaust-side camshaft? Did there end up being a TSB that applied? Or did you end up having to pay for the repairs yourself? That must have been a very expensive repair with the complete head tear-down, whether it was covered by Acura or paid for you by you?

    2013 Civic SI, 2009 Outback Sport 5-spd (stick)

  • vibsrvibsr Posts: 47
    There wasn't a TSB at the time. The dealership was dumbfounded, and the car was outside of the warranty. However, given the relationship I had with the dealership service department and the care that I gave the car, Acura paid 50% of the bill. They replaced the timing chain, chain guides, rocker arms, etc. and warranted the repairs for 12 months/12,000 miles. More than a year has passed, and the only service needed was fluid changes. It has 125K on the odo, and everything is quiet. :)
  • nippononlynippononly SF Bay AreaPosts: 12,687
    Oh, well that was pretty decent of them, and I'm glad that everything is quiet. :-)

    But I'm very surprised that a Honda/Acura engine would have that kind of problem at barely 100K miles.

    I hope you have many more "quiet" years with it! :-)

    2013 Civic SI, 2009 Outback Sport 5-spd (stick)

  • im having problem with my car...when i start it theres lyk rattling sound by the engine or sumthing...when i drive it the rattling sound dissappears then i stop the car the rattling sound comes back again...wat could be the problem there any 1 hav suggestion?
  • jes4jes4 Posts: 1
    I had the same problem with the driver's side window in '08. Now the passenger side window has come loose. My '04 RSX has 85,000 miles on it as well. The first window, Acura helped with the cost, but they have refused on this one. I've also had issues with the power door locks...replaced the actuators in both doors. Now the door locks still don't work properly...interior light will not come on when the door is opened, and the alarm sometimes goes off with me in the car! Acura needs to acknowledge these electrical problems and offer assistance if they want return buyers. At this point I would not buy another Acura because of these electrical/mechanical issues. The car runs great and is maintenance free engine/drive train wise, but these "little things" are driving me crazy!
  • krempelkrempel Posts: 1
    I bought an Acura certified used 2006 RSX three years ago, with 32K miles on it.

    It now has 60K miles on it. I love this car, but I so regret buying it.

    This car has been in the shop for rattles, loose guards and petty problems about 6 times so far. I've had trouble with my dealership, and won't go back there. They gave my car back twice and it still rattled. I had to drive around the block with the manager in the car to prove I wasn't crazy.


    My car burns about 3.5 quarts of oil in a month. I'm using mobile 1 fully synthetic. I am constantly adding new oil and fighting low oil conditions. Though I might take the car to 6K on freeway ramps, I've never beat on it so hard that I deserve all these problems (the car red lines at 8K.... vtec doesn't kick in till 5800 anyway)

    Due to the constant low oil conditions, I have a worn / stretched timing chain and throws a CEL code every other day.

    60K miles and needs thousands of dollars in engine work. Guess what? Its 2 months after the warranty expired. Burning 3.5 quarts a month might need a total rebuild and new piston rings. It almost certainly needs a new timing chain - which costs $1500 or more at the dealership.

    Meanwhile, the suspension is knocking, I had to replace the brakes already within 2 years of owning a certified vehicle, and parts of the exhaust that were rusted and rattling.

    I am in such despair. So many people told me, you can't go wrong with an Acura. So many people told me how well they retain their value, and how reliable they are.

    Not mine. I'm probably gonna refi the car for $3-4K more, to pay for all the repairs it needs at 60K miles.

    So awesome.
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