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  • So much for being prepared. Had my 06 KR since April 06 and needed 4x4 today for the first time since I bought it and guess what? Try to engage and nothing.No clunk, light indicator on the dash, nada. Good thing for the limited slip . Granted it was only six inches here in No. Jersey but it was real weird hard pack snowand no plows in sight.Of course no techs at the dealer in a storm . I hope this is not a sign of things to come. I traded an 04 superduty that had nagging electrical problems for this ride and I hoped for better. Any similar experiences out there?
  • Any luck figuring it out? Shift-on-the-fly uses vaccuum to pull in the hubs, but if you're not even getting a light on the dash seems like you've got an electrical problem. If I remember correctly, there's a couple of fuses in a module under the hood associated with the 4x4. Your owner's manual can show you where they are.
  • You don't say what year(s) your trucks are, but I had an older F-150 (as did a friend with a similar vintage and the same problem): hit a bump (even at a much lower speed) and the front wheels would wobble like mad until I slowed way down. The problem turned out to be a loose & badly worn pittman arm: the splines where the arm attaches to the steering box output shaft were worn/rounded beyond belief! Replaced arm = problem solved.
  • will a 302 bolt up to a 300 six 5 speed
  • No ,I could not figure it out. After a week of trying , on the way to the dealer the problem resolved itself. Just decided to start engaging on demand. Of course being that it was now working all the dealers diagnostics could not pick up any problems. All the dealer could determine was a low battery situation so they charged it up and called me to come get it. I know this will happen again.I have had this unit 10 months and it still has less than 5000 on it.I love my Fords , but this gives me pause. This is the second now with mysterious electronic glitches .Plus, I still miss my 04 F250 diesel. It had issues also but what an awesome machine. Thanks for the input.
  • The LCD readout dial has 2 "intensities": Dim for night driving which "happens" when the headlights are turned on, and bright for daytime driving (headlights off). My radio dial/clock refuses to come out of dim mode. Consequently I can't glance at the (preferred) clock display for a time-check, I have to pull up my sleeve to look at my watch. Short of swapping out the original equipment AM/FM Cassette radio, is there a way to kick-start the radio/clock display into behaving properly?
  • The ignition switch apparently decided to disintegrate. With the truck running after a rescue mission to pick up and drop of some stranded friends, I shifted (auto tranny) to reverse and the engine died. ?? I put it in park and tried to restart. There was no "feel" of resistance in turning the ignition key, and, naturally, since it was nearly midnight, cold and windy, it wouldn't turn on the starter. But the heater blower kept running. I've had the truck less than a month and the feel of the ignition switch has seemed 'stiff', but I chalked it up to this crummy, cold weather. Until tonight. I went to the AutoZone site and found a text description (no line drawings or photos) of what's involved in changing the switch. It SEEMS entirely too easy! Experience suggests I should invite tips before I proceed.
  • lawman1967lawman1967 Posts: 314
    Probably buying my F150 today. Just a basic model that will be used for commuting and household item hauling.

    Does anyone have any experience with the V6/automatic combination? I test drove it extensively yesterday and it had plenty of power for what I need, just want to know about reliability.
  • sledfordsledford Posts: 1
    I parked my 1997 Ford F150 4.6L truck this morning.Smoke started coming from passenger side firewall.I opened the hood and smelled like a heater hose had busted.Took it to a mechanic and he said he would have to remove the head,that a hose had busted that ran through the head.Does this sound right? He wants $500.00 to fix it?
  • lawman1967lawman1967 Posts: 314
    I've already put almost 1000 miles on it, and I must say I'm impressed. For a stripped down truck with almost no luxury goodies, this is a very comfortable and pleasant truck even for long trips. Very smooth and quiet ride, and while the V6 is no rocket, its entirely adequate.
  • gedalsgedals Posts: 4
    Did you ever solve this problem ? I am having/hearing the same sound. Both pumps are running (depending on which tank is engaged.) I tried to replace/swap the relays under the hood, no change. The truck is 1994 I6, long bed. One day it went to the store fine, turned it off, then when i turned the key on I smelt electrical smell (heat.) Turned it off - now it won't stay running. It starts, idles rough, dies upon acceleration. Swapped out the inline fuel filter (that was a bear) and then someone suggested the TPS (throttle position sensor.) No change. Any ideas or answers on your end? Thx so much.
  • gedalsgedals Posts: 4
    seems like there are a few of these posts. i don't ever see an answer. My truck is 1994, I6, long bed. Took it to the store one day, turned it off, then had to repower it - but it wouldn't start and I smelt electrical heat. Limped it to a parking spot. Check engine light is ON. Changed the inline fuel filter (what a bear) and no change (though the gas had water in it and looked horrible.) Added HEET, fuel injector cleaner, and fresh gas - then towed truck home. Starts right up one day, won't start the next. Replaced TPS, no change. Noticed fuel pumps running, swapped relays around - no change. Two tanks. Whenever either tanks is engaged (switch) the appropriate pump keeps running (humming.) I hear the fuel make it to the engine area. Idle is rough when it does start, won't stay running in gear and exhaust is black color now. Any answers on this common dilemma?
  • papajaypapajay Posts: 2
    I just retired, and plan to pull a 7500 pound travel trailer pretty much all around the country. I have an F150 XLT (4.6) that I purchased new in 1997, and as a result am partial to the F150. I am considering a 2007 F150 Crew (5.4 V8) with tow package, however I keep hearing stories about poor mpg with the 5.4. I would consider a Dodge 1500 or Tundra if I can expect better mileage. Any ideas or suggestions? Any input will be appreciated. Thanks
  • lawman1967lawman1967 Posts: 314
    What about the new F250 super duty with the diesel? That should pull your trailer with little effort and do a lot better at the pump.
  • wpalkowskiwpalkowski Posts: 493
    Doesn't matter who's truck you buy, the laws of Physics still apply - the gas mileage will go down when you're towing.

    I'll second the other message - you'll get better mlieage towing if you get a diesel truck, the diesel develops much more torque at low rpms than a gasser so it's more efficent for towing. However, you'll end up paying more anyway. The diesel costs more up front, the fuel is more expensive than gas, and general maintenance on the diesel costs more than a gasser too.
  • mschmalmschmal Posts: 1,757
    Just as a side note, the new 6.4 Diesel requires oil changes only every 10,000 miles under normal conditions.

  • gerry100gerry100 Posts: 100
    '99 F150, reg cab,4wd,5 speed,v6 work truck.

    Less than 12000 miles( it's a long irrelevant story).

    Anyhow, on the way to the airport this am the rear end of the driveshaft connected to the rear diff twisted off and fell to the pavement.

    Anybody know if Ford has any warranty on this or will help out.

    Look like it was the result of salt , corrosion etc.

    Inputs appreciated as always.
  • Hi. If you got the 4.2 V-6 with an auto trans., and are going to tow ANYTHING, be sure to put on the largest, biggest transmission oil cooler that you can find. You will NEVER regret doing that! and It WILL save you a lot of head ache later. Just some personal experience.
  • Greetings to the Forum,
    If you have an answer to my problem please e-mail me direct as well as posting to the forum.
    I have a "90" F-150 4x4 w/302. It started overheating and the first thing I did was change the thermostat. Didn't help. Then changed the temp sensor. Didn't help. Took out the thermostat and ran the engine. Only got to about 1/4 mark on gauge. My son said it might be a blown head gasket between the cylinder and water jacket. Don't see any weird stuff in the water and don't have any unusual pressure in the radiator. I'm currently running the truck without the thermostat and although it runs cold, it seems to be happy otherwise. I know this is not a good way to run the engine for any length of time so I'm asking for your diagnostic help. Oh, I tried that stuff you put in the water to seal leaks. Didn't help. What now?
  • amyreyamyrey Posts: 1
    We just had the SECOND window fall out of our 2004 F150 yesterday. Regulator assembly on the first, I suspect the same problem on this new one. Two different windows. Yet the service dept rep says he doesn't think there's a problem. I'm glad to hear that you got somewhere with Ford on this repair and thank you for posting their number. I'll be calling them in a few minutes.
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