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Ford F-150 Owners



  • cleanerprocleanerpro Posts: 4
    Just test drove a 2007 F150 XLT Supercab. Liked most of what I saw. A little concerned about support of drivers seat. The back was too flat and I felt like I was going to slide to one side or the other during turns. Anyone have a similar problem. Did you get use to the seat?
  • eric2222eric2222 Posts: 1
    I have a 2000 F150 XLT and have been having an issue with water collecting in the right cup holder in the center console. There is no evidence of where the water is coming from. Nothing dripping from the ceiling or seeping in from underneath as only the cup insert has water... when I remove it there is no wetness underneath. Has anyone ever heard of a similar situation or have any thoughts on what can be causing this?
  • I have a 1995 Ford F150 Supercab XLT Lariat 4x4. It has 125,000 miles and is in perfect shape, no rust and runs like new. I've owned it since new. It is like factory fresh, except...

    I recently replaced the water pump, thermostat, hoses, serpenntine belt and idler, fan clutch and radiator, as well as the temp sender and gauge (earlier). The truck started overheating under load. The temp would rise fairly rapidly and then drop down just as dramaticaly. At first it was only when towing a 7500 lb trailer. Then it started doing it under hard acceleration, deceleration (engine braking) and even running at lower speeds (30-40 mph). Putting the engine in neutral and gunning the engine would make the problem go away, as would turning on the heater.

    I tried removing the thermostat, and it ran colder (about 1/4 mark) and worked well. Under load, it would rise up to about halfway sometimes.

    I tried the old thermostat, but the problem came back. My local mechanic did not have a head gasket tester. So I took this 12-year-old truck to the (ugh) Ford dealer. They put a new radiator cap and tstat in and ran it. According to their "diagnostic computer" the engine itself is not overheating (whatever that means) and it is not the head gasket.

    They are thinking it may be clogged catalytic converters (???). According to the book, the cats are good for 100,000 miles, so they should be replaced. They are $1200 from the dealer (ouch!). Or, the manager suggests punching them out, as a 1995 does not require emissions testing in NY.

    Jury still out on this one. The mechanic says it feels like it is losing power (perhaps) and the cats have to go.

    Suggestions? Ideas? I'll keep you posted as to what finally works out... I can't wait to see the bill on this one. He must have six shop hours into it already.

  • The dealer called today. They replaced the thermostat and radiator cap. No go. They tested the truck and said the engine is not overheating, according to their diagnostic computer, but that the temperature is going up (whatever that means). They finally put in the dye fluid in the cap deal, to test for head gasket leaks, etc., and it turned barely yellow. He said usually it turns bright yellow when a head gasket is leaking. There is no coolant in the exhaust, nor mixing of coolant and oil.

    He thought maybe a minor head gasket leak (my theory also) that is leaking exhaust gases into the coolant under load, but not sucking coolant back into the cylinder. So far, the total bill is about $200, including an oil change, state inspection, fixing a leaking drain plug, and rotating the tires. It would be about another $800 to pull the heads and replace the head gaskets, etc.

    I told them to go ahead and do it. We'll see if this fixes the problem. The truck otherwise runs like new.
  • danny_boidanny_boi Posts: 1
    hey people well i have a question if anybody knows..i own a 1999 Ford F150 witha Triton V8 and it has 202 horsepower....and i wanted to know if there was any way i could make it gett its full 360 horspower...because i want to transform it into a Ford SVT Lightning but i have to know if i can get the full 1999 Lightning Horsepower witch is 360...can somebody help me out...
  • I have a 2002 with the 4.2 V6 and am satisfied. The new model of the F150 (starting in 04) is about 800 lbs. heavier. My truck has 94,000 miles on it. Very reliable.
    Good luck with your new truck
  • mschmalmschmal Posts: 1,757
    the Lightning uses a super charger and DOHCs to get to 360 hp. So you'll probably have to spend more than your truck is worth.

  • segel10segel10 Posts: 8
    My 150 is rated at 7050Lbs and the door jam states not to exceed 1713 for max payload. I am pulling an ULTA Lite 5th wheel without problems with the 5.4L and 3.73 rear end. My question is the weight. Weighted , the rear axle is 83Lbs below the GAWR and the total weight of both is only 23Lb below the GVWR. Can I safly put airbags to on this truck to provide a better safty margin? And, with GAWR's of 3600 for the front and 3850 on the rear, why is the GVWR 7050 when these total to 7450?? I am looking a a 250, but the door jam only show I would gain about 150 lbs from the 1713 I already have. Not much for the additional truck size.
  • pat2171pat2171 Posts: 1
    vinny, I have the same truck and I get the same problem with my head liner, it drives me crazy. I wish I had a solution for you but I don't. If someone does please let us know...
  • The lexol should save your leather. I had the same concern with my 2001 F-150. The seats are doing just fine.

    KCAir at Personafile
  • eliotmeeliotme Posts: 2
    I have a 2002 F150 Lariet Supercrew with 66,250 miles.

    While on vacation a couple of weeks ago it blew a spark plug out of the head. This occured, not while driving, but when the truck was started. It could have been a very serious situation if it had happened at speed in traffic. Not to mention the potential for fire.

    Both the servicing dealer (not my home dealer) and Ford Customer Care mislead me to beleive that the problem was an isolated incident and was caused by my home dealer not properly instaling replacement spark plugs.

    As it turns out the spark plugs were never replaced in my truck (they were the factory installed plugs) and that certain Ford motors with aluminum heads have a problem with spitting out spark plugs. Ford has ignored the problem.

    For additional info go to:

    I have been a Ford fan for 40+ years; however may never even consider another Ford because of this experience and Ford's attitude about this problem.
  • little35little35 Posts: 1
    I have to replace the brakes AGAIN on my truck. Does anyone have a better rotor/pad combo that they had better luck with than the OEMs?
  • I have not owned a pickup in about 15 years, and that one was 10 years old when I let go of it.

    I am considering purchasing a 2007 pickup, half ton. I need the larger double cab, full double cab. I will need to use the back seat often for kids and dogs. I want the truck to be able to tow 7,500 pounds, perhaps a little more. I would prefer as good gas mileage as possible. I want the truck to last for years and across the 100,000 mile mark without major repairs.

    Should I wait for 2008 to see if problems with the new 2007s have been corrected?

    If I purchase this year, what would someone suggest?
  • lawman1967lawman1967 Posts: 314
    The F150 wasn't new for 2007. It came out in 2004, so the bugs are already long gone and you should have no trouble crossing 100,000 miles in one.

    Gas mileage, as on ANY 1/2 ton pickup, is underwhelming, however. I get 20 MPG on the highway with my V6 long bed 2007, which is probably about as good as you can hope for in any 1/2 ton, give or take an MPG here or there.
  • Thanks lawman. I have test driven the F150 once and liked the room and the general feel.

    What other trucks did you consider, and why did you pick the F150?
  • saab2saab2 Posts: 6
    I wish I knew how to get F150 brakes to last any length of time. I've had a lot of F series 4x4s. Brakes, and also front universals, are an ongoing pain in the rectum with these trucks.
  • My '04 F150 needs a new tire or two. the size 235 70R 17 is totally unique to Ford only. I'm finding it very difficult to go anywhere but Ford for the Hankook replacement.

    Michelen, Dunlop, Bridgestone - have nothing for this truck!

    Was Ford trying to corner the market on this fix? Anyone found a better tire option out there?
  • Just traded in a 2005 f250 6.0 Super Duty for a '07 F150 4 door Lariat(4X4). Couldn't be happier after a 1,000 mile roundtrip to go to a college graduation and loaded it with a dorm room full of stuff and furniture. It is QUIET(5.4 Triton), smooth riding, comfortable, roomy, efficient, etc.
    The fit and finish is great. This is our fourth Ford product. We've owned a '96 Explorer, '99 F250 7.3 Super Duty and the '05 F-250 6.0(problem truck).
  • I'm tired of debating back and forth with these RAM and SILVERADO owners.Time to talk with people that don't constantly disagree. I have a Ford lightning for about a year 2003 with 43,000 miles. Want to here about some suggestons for performance mods.
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