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Ford F-150 Owners



  • Almost forgot a tidbit of info. The external oil coolers are usally intended for added cooling of the trans oil for the tow package thing, or the manufactor found that the system needed extra cooling. They are also found(oil coolers) on power steering systems also, and for engine oil cooling also for those off road guys mostly. Just a little info to file away somewhere. Good luck!
  • Thanks for the info. Just a quick couple of questions. If it was oil in my coolant wouldn't it look like chocolat milk? If it was a gasket wouldn't it go both ways by having coolant in my oil as well. I ran the truck yesterday just to see how it is operating and I noticed that I am not losing any oil pressure. I was a little happy with the gasket sealer I put on the waterpump now that I am running through it in my mind. Would that material float on top of the coolant.
    am going to do the flush today and see how it goes.
  • Good news. I have been running the truck for a few days and nothing in my coolant. Clean as a whistle! Thanks for the help, I almost ripped the top of my motor apart for no reason.
  • Glad to be of help.
  • I would just like to post a thank you to mickeymouse2 for helping me with a recent issue with my vehicle. He saved me alot of time and money.

    I have been working on my 1988 f150 xlt lariat for quite sometime now and have big plans to turn this truck into a speed demon in the the spring. I am primarily concentrating on the motor at the moment. I have upgraded to a dual intake with seperate k&n filters (lucky this model's throttle body has seperate ports for intake tubes) I have installed bosch ultimate and Accel spiro high temp wires. I installed a throttle body spacer, new rad, water pump, hoses, egr valve, o2 sensor, starter, alternator, solenoid, upgraded to true dual 3' exhaust with magnaflow cats and cherry bomb mufflers (not to happy with these, not the sound I was expecting) custom made tailpipes 4 feet long at 3.5" diametre, cut to 45' at the tip. I have flushed and cleaned every system that has fuid in it. I switched to castrol syntec.
    The truck moves pretty good now from when I pulled it out of a 15 year storage.

    I am not getting the thottle response I would like of the line and if I catch 3rd gear in a lower rpm while coasting through town it sounds like an old farm truck. When I stomp on it it screams though. I have noticed the old crappy gas pedal is not very good and seems to stick a little. I have heard that I could install an aftermarket gas pedal and flip it upside down to get a little more response out of the old girl.

    I am planning on having the computer, heads, headers, and possibly a MAF conversion done in the spring, if I am brave enough to tackle it. Are there any other tricks I could try to get more throttle response out of my lower gears at lower rpms?
  • sells horsepower upgrades. You listed just about everything except maybe headers. Try checking them out or calling them for other suggestions. If my memory is correct, there is a performance control modual that adds about 90 horse power to the rear end for your yaer truck.
  • I had an independent look at it. It's the clock spring. This is the second one I've replaced.
  • I will shop around for one. Thanks. I was thinking of installing an intake plenum spacer. Do these do anything? If so what is the difference between the 3/8 and 1" spacers? I have to remove my rocker covers to deal with a little oil leak on the passenger side, wich requires removing the plenum. I thought I would install a spacer while i'm in there, they come with the gaskets anyway.

    When I installed my throttle body spacer I noticed gunk on the inside of the plenum what would you suggest using to clean and maybe polish up the upper intake? I might as well do everything while i'm in there.
  • Use carburetor cleaner spray, B12 berrymans is the best. Any type of cleaner will work though, even brake cleaner spray. B12 just takes that "coke" its called right off and quick. Just remember aluminum is a soft metal. Don't use any type of power wire wheel or anything. It might remove some of the metal and change the shape.

    As for the spacers. Yes they do work. In a nut shell it increases the velocity and volume of air going into the manifold. Some will add turbulence to the air so when it is addimised with fuel and drawn into a cylinder, you get a more complete burn or combustion. The makers have it down to a science as to which size you should use. Sometimes it depends what other applications you have added or are planning to add. Even if your not going to get one through summit racing, at least talk with them about it, they are very helpful about it.

    I dont know how far you want to go with your upgrades. One thing would be to replace your radiator fan with an electric one. That adds about 3-5 extra horses. Heck, some people even replace their water pump with an electric driven one to add extra horse power.
  • mschmalmschmal Posts: 1,757
    He is checking for the smell of anti-freeze which indicates a blown head gasket.

  • I do it myself on the auto trans dip stick. The color and smell can tell you if the transmission is due for an earlier servicing, or if the transmission fluided is being over heated. Service intervals are just a guide line. Vehicles that are doing towing, hauling, or used in heavy type work requier shorter intervals. Of course like most customers, you can skip it and just buy a transmission later. You can pay me now or later, its all good.

    Can't say I ever heard of smelling the oil dip stick for coolant though. Not all blown head gaskets introduce coolant into the crankcase. When it does, the mix turns the oil like chocolate milk and is a dead give away. I can't say I have ever saw a fellow mechanic smell the oil dip stick.
  • old100old100 Posts: 5
    1995 302, CHECK THE TIMING.
    the harmonic balancer is the sheeve for making everything turn.
    It has a rubber insert, this insert will slip and change timing.
    Late timing, more gas, more heat, less power.
    More heat is the first noted problem.
    Cats for 95 302 non ford about 300 total (HOUSTON).
    Replace head gaskets 302 MUSTANG, $3000.
    Valve covers 302 F150' $1500.
    Where do I get head gaskets fot $300?


  • I have a 1988 f150 xlt Lariat. My lower ball joint is shot, how hard is it to replace providing I have the proper tools? I have a manual and general idea of what I am doing, is there anyhting I should know before I tackle the operation?
  • I drive a 2000 F150. I could easily afford a new truck. I don't buy one because the size has gotten out of hand. I'm 5'6", and I have trouble seeing over the current model's tailgate. Also, my 2000 is a regular cab with a nice short wheelbase. This allows me to park the truck in tight spaces that I could not fit into with a newer model - at least not without doing a 15 point turn.

    I'm too grown up to drive a Ranger - what are my options? Is anyone from Ford out there listening?
  • You have quite a few options. The tail gate could be removed on a newer truck and a safety net put in its place. You also could modify the seat height and put pedal extenders on the brake and gas pedals if needed. If a smaller truck is what you really want, consider the Toyota tundra. If your going to use it all the time for hauling or towing, the chassi isn't as durable as the f series. The upsideon the Toyota is also gas millege. The down side is if the starter ever needs to be replaced. Its under the intake manifold on the v8. Ford also makes a sportrack. Go do some test drives and see what fits good and will meet you needs for hauling or what ever.
  • AP
    Feds Alert Ford Owners to Recalls
    Thursday February 28, 5:41 pm ET
    By Ken Thomas, Associated Press Writer
    Government Warns Ford Owners About Recalled Vehicles

    WASHINGTON (AP) -- The government on Thursday warned owners of about 4.6 million recalled Ford vehicles to bring their cars and trucks immediately to dealerships to disconnect cruise control switch systems that have been linked to engine fires.

    The National Highway Traffic Safety Administration issued the consumer advisory to owners of certain unrepaired Ford, Lincoln and Mercury sport utility vehicles, pickup trucks, vans and passenger cars who have not yet responded to past recalls.

    The recalls have vexed the Dearborn, Mich.-based automaker, affecting its popular F-Series pickup trucks, prompting hundreds of complaints and dozens of lawsuits over engine fires. Three deaths have been tied to the fires and Ford has struggled to produce enough parts to fix the problem.

    About 9.6 million Ford vehicles have been recalled since 1999 and about 5 million have been fixed, raising concerns about the remaining vehicles on the road. NHTSA said they have received about 60 complaints of engine fires in the Ford vehicles since August 2007.

    Ford said they supported the action and dealers would soon offer a more permanent fix.

    "We absolutely want everybody to come in as soon as they can because we can eliminate the risk of fire for anyone with a vehicle in this recall," said Ford Motor Co. spokesman Wes Sherwood. He said the company would have an "ample supply" of the replacement parts by June.

    NHTSA said many dealers will disconnect the cruise control switches as a "drive through" service so owners do not have to leave their vehicles at the dealership or schedule an appointment.

    Dealers have installed a fused wiring harness into the speed control electrical system as part of the recall, but replacement parts have not been widely available. Owners can take their vehicle to a dealer to have the cruise control deactivated until the parts arrive.

    NHTSA issued a lengthy list of older vehicles covered by the consumer advisory, including 1993-2004 Ford F150 trucks, 1994-2002 F250 through F550 Super Duty trucks with gasoline engines, and 1998-2001 Ford Explorer and Mercury Mountaineer SUVs, all of which were among the best-selling vehicles in the nation during those years.

    A complete list was available at

    The Ford recalls have run into problems. Earlier this month, the automaker recalled about 225,000 vehicles that had already been repaired because some wiring harnesses appeared to be defective.

    Ford also faces more than 100 lawsuits nationwide because of fires linked to the cruise control deactivation switch. Many owners have alleged the fires began after the vehicles were turned off and there have been three deaths attributed to that problem in Iowa, Georgia and Arkansas.

    Last week, Ford was able to consolidate 77 lawsuits filed in Texas so a single judge can handle pretrial discovery.

    Ford has said its internal investigations have found the fires did not cause deaths and injuries.

    "In the cases where there was that allegation, we found that the source of the fire was unrelated to the vehicle," said Ford spokeswoman Kristen Kinley.

    For additional details, owners can call Ford at (888) 222-2751.

    Ford Motor Co.:
  • badford2badford2 Posts: 1
    i am attempting to build a 347 stroker for my 85 f-150 right now it has a 302 out of a 95 ford mustang and needs to be replaced i have another block and heads to use for the 347 it is also out of a 95 mustang i have never built a motor i have only rebuilt them i would say that i am slightly mechanically inclined but i need a site or something to help me blue print and balance it i have started to port the heads and have a good machine shop to do all the work on the block and the 3 angle valve job on the heads
  • KCRamKCRam Mt. Arlington NJPosts: 3,516
    You probably will do better in our Speed Shop: Tuning & Modification Board, our home for all things modified!

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  • I am putting headers on my 88 f150 lariat 5.0l and redoing my exhaust all the way back my new cats do not have an air pipe. What do I do with the air tube?
  • slapraimslapraim Posts: 3
    Pulled a 5 speed from a 1994 ford which shifted well and was real smooth. Then I put it in a 1992 Ford f150. Right after I put it all in the truck I found it was in gear. Now I can't get it out of gear. The clutch slave seems to be doing its job, and I bled the system, and have done all I know to do. Any suggestions on what it could be??
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