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Ford F-150 Owners



  • I am having the same problem If you find out what it is let me know.
  • Ok I have a 2001 Ford F150 4x2 6 cyl. automatic transmission. I went to take off one morning and it reved up to about 4000 RPM's before I could get it to move. I check the tranny fluid and it was completly dry. I filled that back up and realised that I had a leak in one of my lines. Got that fixed but it still wont move in drive, first or second. I have reverse perfectly fine. Someone said to try and rock it while I had someone put into drive to see if we could get the valve unstuck (if that is even the problem), someone else to me to put a bottle of lucas tranny fluid in it so see if that would help. Anyone have any options? I dont want to trade it in right now bc i would get nothing for it with the tranny problem. Any advace would be great!
  • newfynewfy Posts: 12
    Hi, My F 150 V8 4.6 (4x4) has blown the no.2 cylinder twice. The first time it did not strip out and a new plug and coil fixed it. Last nighn (in -11 degree newfy winter weather) it blew again. I tried to install anew plug but I cannot get it to screw in. could something have fallen in while I was removing the coil pack or could it be stripped out and have to be re-bored.How big a job is it to re-bore and what is involved.Thanks Tom :confuse: <img src=" Visit my NEWFY car space.
  • Autozone sells a rethread kit with an insert with the 14mm thread. Takes about 15 minuts to do. Comes with the oversized tap and threaded insert.
  • 84pete84pete Posts: 1
    Does anyone know how many Pittsburgh Steeler 150's were produced in '04? Have called local dealer and FoMoCo with no luck.
  • sameasamea Posts: 1
    In the past 25 months all 4 of the electric window regulators on my 2005 F150 Super Crew have broken and the truck only has 57K miles on it. There is a loud pop and the window just falls into the door. The problem was the same for all, the plastic parts that retain the end of the drive cable let loose and then the cable unwraps from the motor pulley. Since Ford does not sell any service parts for these regulators the entire assembly must be replaced at a cost of about $200 each. So far it has cost me a total of $815.56 and I am extremely upset over this situation.
    As a comparison, I drove my 1985 and my 1994 F150's for 152K and 204K miles respectively and never had a single electric window problem with either. I have seen a lot of complaints about this problem on auto web sites and my Ford dealer service and parts staff admit there is a high failure rate on these regulators. Ford should issue a recall on these regulators and reimburse the costs paid by those of us who have had to replace them already. If not there should be a class action law suit filed!
  • Question for you i took my starter to Autozone to get tested and they said it was [non-permissible content removed] because of the solenoid is there anyway i can just get that piece and it would be fine or would it be easier to buy the whole starter and just bit the bullet??? I have a 95 F150 4.9l V6 any help???? :sick:
  • ford150ford150 Posts: 1
    I have a fully restored f 150 1991 5.0 4x4. Some time back it started rev fluctuation. I replaced the IAC, it was better but now it will start fine when cold, cold idle fine, drop to curb idle fine for awhile and then just die, instantly. What's up with that? Nearly everything is new, engine, TPS, 02 sensor, IAC, wires, plugs, cap & rotor, fuel filter, ...GO figure !!!!!! Please Help..... Thank you
  • cleve94cleve94 Posts: 1
    Hi friends, I got a 94 5.8 small eight,auto/overdrive only 90,000 have never even had a tune up and runs real good ( but its about time for some plugs ) it did sit a few years ago for about a year and when I got her up running again the AC Compressor or the Clutch locked up. I then had all new hoses and belts put on and the next step was look for a deal on a rebuilt compressor. But for some reason it just freed up and never gave any trouble again til this season, I did try to run it every week or so as they say but its locked up again, Now I'am only a fair mech. but is it possible to tear down that compressor and rebuild it with a kit or fix clutch ect. I asked different people and couple mechanics and I get a long blank look and no answer. but I dont have the $300. $650 plus labor I've seen quoted and hear in S">outhern Cailf. you gotta have air or forget it. Thank you for any thing you you might advise . Cleve
  • don787don787 Posts: 1
    Ok, I can't believe I have to ask this question but here goes . . . How do you get an oil filter off of a 2007 F-150, V8 5.4L? I've got it up on ramps and can get one hand on it, but I can't get both hands on it and there is no way to get an oil filter wrench on it. Any suggestions would be appreciated.
  • i need a list of the fuses in 2005 f-150
  • rjr2565rjr2565 Posts: 27
    I think chevrolet must be using the same vendor. I replaced my power units twice for the driver side and once on the passenger side.Truck is a 2000 silverado with 64000 mi. Never had a power winow fail before.
  • elbbirpelbbirp Posts: 2
    When I shut off and then restart my truck, there is an intermittent high pitched noise accompanied by an unsteady too low idle speed. If I do nothing it usually dies or dies as soon as I put it in gear. If I give it some gas I can keep it running, and after a minute or so the problem disappears completely. I replaced the Idle Air Control which had no effect on the problem. The noise sounds sort of like maybe the air pump that is not getting enough air, but I can unplug the air pump and the problem remains.
  • Have had several episodes of truck suddenly accelerating. Even with brake pushed to floor, truck continues to go full throttle. After placed in neutral and tuned off/on, goes back to running normally. Has happened in drive and reverse. Each time has been at slow speed or slowing to stop. Dealer finds no problem, but on National Highway Transportation Safety Ad site, has dozen or more complaints listed. Truck has less than 7000 miles on it. Any one with luck on this? Dealership states Ford has no "bulletins" out on this "concern."
  • bob237bob237 Posts: 6
    Finally, I have found my problem with the surging of my truck with light acceleration. It was my air cleaner, it looks' good but my friend took it all the way out and it was filthy. I put a new air filter in and have had no problem and it has been a couple months.The engine was starving for air with light acceleration and was all right when I gave it more gas.
    Thank's for all the sugestions and help, great group
  • davis53davis53 Posts: 3
    Did you ever solve this problem? If you did please tell me how?
  • bob237bob237 Posts: 6
    the air filter looked good but when I took it out it was almost pluged solid so with light acceleration it wasn't getting enough air.21/2 years nobody could find the problem.Put a new filter in and 3 months now and no problem also gained 4 mpg.
    The dealeres were very surprised.
  • davis53davis53 Posts: 3
    I solved this hesitation problem. My truck acted the same as yours. One of the answers was the removal of the rear tank which gave me a clue to solve the problem. I simply loosened the fuel cap of the tank in use. Yes it is a venting problem. The hesitation probem went away. Now I need to solve why the tanks wont vent.
  • miller606miller606 Posts: 1
    1999 F150 which is the return/outlet transmission line from the radiator top or bottom.

    I have a 1999 F-150 5.4L v8 with a 4r100 transmission, and I need to know which is the transmission return line from the radiator in order to install an aux. cooler. Its important that its a 1999 because I've been told that new f150's have a different setup from the 1999. I've tried touching the lines after start up with little luck on feeling which one is hotter. If you have a 1999 f150 with a aux cooler or you know this answer I appreciate your help.
  • cohiba007cohiba007 Posts: 2
    I am looking at getting a F150 King Ranch and have driven both the 4x4 and 4x2. I don't need a 4x4 but think that the ride is better. Seems more sturdy. However, I do a lot of hwy driving between FL and GA, about 3k a month. Aside from the MPG, am I crazy for wanting a 4x4?
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