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Ford F-150 Owners



  • between 130,000 to 140,000 miles on it.
  • Hi, we have a 1989 F-150 XLT Lariat, automatic tranny. Purchased used, has about 65,000 miles on it. Few problems, mainly with oil pressure sensor, but finally got that fixed.

    Today, however, I was sitting in line waiting for a DEQ vehicle inspection. Engine was on, gear set in Park, foot off the gas. I leaned over to the right to move something on the seat and WHAMMO--the gear shifter jumped into Reverse and sent me smashing into the car behind me. Not much damage, but a terrifying incident and very maddening. The techs at DEQ said that's a common problem with Fords--anybody else have this happen to them??
  • Yeah, I own the same type of truck and the Lariat's Captain chairs are crap. They're also too wide in order to accomodate the lousy location for the seat belt tensioner. Just cheap, like some other things I've noticed.
  • jrc346jrc346 Posts: 337
    One of the best motors ever built. I've got one in my 1979 F-150 with 130,000 on it. Runs like new, and still gets between 14-16 MPG.

    However, any truck with that amount of age and miles, can't be expected to be perfect. It really adds up to how well it was maintained.
  • Hi tbunder, or anyone:)
    wanted to find out what happened to your sister's
    5.4. I've got a 1998 f-150 that has blown 2 sparks they were able to screw back in, some threads left.(that was a couple years ago) The latest one blew out like a shotgun blast and took the threads with it. The Easy Care extended warranty I bough from the Ford dealer at 35,000 miles didn't want to pay to replace the head until I fought it. (inspector determined that the spark plugs were over torqued at the factory) Now we discover one cylinder is very low on compression and upon taking the engine out we find that the piston skirts are warn from slapping the cylinder walls and they are now scored. the tech says we should put in a rebuilt long block from Ford but Easy Care is denying the claim saying it was due to poor maintenance. The crank bearings are also worn. The threads in the cylinder could have caused some wear and may have worked their way down into the bottom of the engine but it sure is disappointing since the truck is in nice shape and has only 70,000 miles. Any ideas? On how to battle Easy Care, just found out today!
  • I have a 01 supercrew. Pretty nice truck but there have been some strange problems with it since I bought it 6 months ago. Already I've had to have the exhaust manifold gaskets replaced due to leaks, the stabilizer bar on the front suspension, and the rotors were gone after 60k and needed replacing as well. Now I'm told that the ball joints are shot and need to be replaced and it will cost about 1200. I have to say this has been the most trouble prone vehicle I've owned...and am scrambling to get out of it and into something better. I have always been a ford guy...I have an 89 mustang with 220k on it and it's still going strong...but these late model trucks seem to be very poorly built. At least that's the trend I'm seeing by browsing all the boards I can find. Any thoughts on a better replacement vehicle?
  • Hi,
    I have a 92' F-150xl custom with a 4.9L six and 5 speed manual transmission. The problem I am experiencing is subtle but is getting worse. It takes place when I am in third or fourth gear going between 25-45 mph. If the rpms are low the truck periodically jerks. I used to be able to leave it in a higher gear and slow down and pick up would be fine. This problem does not show itself until after the engine has reached almost normal operating temperature. Taking off when it is still cold there is no problem. Cap, rotor, plugs and wires all replaced. I am just looking for advise to where I should start first. Fuel, electrical etc.....
  • is a 351cu motor, The one I'm looking at has 172,000 miles in a Bronco 1994. It seems stouter than the 350 Chevy's I've driven, which surprised me, but I bet it don't get 16 miles a gallon.
  • Just got a letter from Ford saying they have an "updated inspection procedure" for 97-02 plus four other truck and SUV models. They say inspections are my responsibility and that worn rod ends may "adversely affect steering control." Sounds like they are having problems. I had them checked and, sure enough, badly worn ends ... another $750 bill. Have others had this problem and should this have been a recall item?
  • gfarlgfarl Posts: 2
    I have '01 supercrew lariat that after a bit of suspision blew its TRANNY OUT. I have 38k miles on it and of course i'm just over by 2 thousand on my warranty. I've been battling to see if Ford will stand by its 'built ford tough'motto but they are telling me its gonna be about $3,000 plus and no questions asked. I'm pissed especially because i've had 3 fords and really didnt like any of them and just got a good deal on this pile. Anyone else with tranny probs? I'll never but a ford again personally and hope anyone thinking about it changes their mind.
  • You said "after a bit of suspicion" Does this mean that the tranny was giving you cause for alarm before it blew out?
       If you brought it to the dealer to have them check the transmission while the vehicle was still under warranty then you may get some more consideration from Ford as to help replacing the blown unit? If you've got any service records to that effect, bring them to Ford's attention. Try to show them that this was already a problem under warranty and possibly the dealer neglected to fix it properly...

      Do you tow anything with this truck?
  • gfarlgfarl Posts: 2
    No - never had anything heavier than surfboards or mountain bikes. Live in southern California nice climate... I really just couldn't believe a tranny would go out that early I thought it may be that I needed a gas additive... I went to the dealer once and they said come back monday they were booked so by the time I was able to finally get back it was to late. Monday I talk to the head supervisor and if they give me an absolute no my kids and I are standing in front of the dealership with picket signs and free bags of lemons. "why pay for a lemon when you can have some for free"
  • I bought an '04 Lariat Supercrew 4x2 the same time you did. (Aug'04) Now that I've had it a few months there are a few minor issues I've noticed. My major problem, drivetrain vibration, was thankfully solved by installing a new driveshaft, but not before several trips to the dealer to uselessly rebalance the tires. The minor problems include window rattles. (They all took turns making noise.) Also,the power captains chairs cannot seem to find a comfortable position; I don't like that the seat back does not move with the cushion and must be adjusted separately. The tilt wheel is much more difficult to adjust than the previous model, and the design of the door makes it hard to rest your arm on the window sill with the window down. My '97 f-150 had the coldest a/c of any vehicle I've ever owned, but the '04 a/c is very suspect. Just doesn't seem to get cold enough in our Houston weather. One last thing is that the dash reflects terribly in the windshield. My '97 didn't reflect at all, so Ford didn't do their homework in this respect. Most these issues don't seem so bad after spending time with the vehicle and on balance I really like the truck. It's smooth, powerful, and looks great! I hope to happily drive it for years.
  • alkanxalkanx Posts: 69
    Glad to hear that someone is happy. I can see why there might be some unpleasant surprises, it is a fresh design & probably few years downstream all the bugs would get fixed (let’s hope). I have to agree with you on some of these issues such as chairs can’t ever find a resting spot to fit me, I am normally moving them a hair forward or back. I have not had any rattles yet, but just like anything new, it is probably on its way. I’ll keep an eye on drive shaft vib you mentioned, I have not noticed it yet - just clocked 11500 miles this weekend.


    As for AC, you are right there too, it is not the “coolest” in hot weather. We see the most unpleasant heat waves in Dallas/Fort Worth, probably similar to Houston. I had come across some service bulletins on this issue, but left it for next year’s research. I have placed a thermometer with a built in probe (got from Pepboys) that slides into the vent, it pretty much stays there as a clip-on type, & to my recollection in Aug/Sep it was cooling at 49/50 deg F at night or when I placed it at FULL or when I was cruising on the interstate. During stop and go traffic, it was 60 at the vent, I was not too happy about that. My Honda Odyssey’s AC does drop the vent temperature to 42 deg.


    I bought this Ford because many of my friends at work have heritage model & are extremely satisfied with the performance. I did take a long trip from Texas to California in Sep, did not get tired on the long journey, it is quite a cruiser..


  • I also have a vent thermometer that displays temps about the same as yours. It just does not get cold like my old ('97) F150,and fluctuates by as much as 10 degrees in just a few minutes time. The A/C in the old truck actually would hurt your hand if you held it too close to the vent. I didn't have the thermometer in that one but I'm sure it was consistently near 40 degrees. Why couldn't Ford apply the a/c technology from the previous model? They already had it available! I was reading on the F-Series Problems and Solutions Page that Ford is aware some of the sensors had trouble reading temps properly and would replace the sensor. I don't know if this is true or not but I will be looking into it as the weather starts to warm up. I sure would have opted for a totally manual system like in the XLT, but apparantly that's not an option on the Lariat. Too bad. I really don't care to decide what temp to set the a/c at, I just want it colder or warmer, and that function is very easily accomplished with the manual hot/cold knob. Anyway, I'm trying to stay positive and am looking forward to driving it from Houston to Minnesota next summer. I do expect it will be a great cruiser!
  • I have a 2004 F-150 with 3900 miles and the rotors are scarred already. The dealership & Ford has said that this is normal ware so they will not fix my truck. If you are thinking about buying or already have a new F-150 CHECK THE ROTORS! Ford got stuck with a bad batch of rotors and they want stick you with the bill. I'll never buy a ford anything again.
  • jrc346jrc346 Posts: 337
    Since when is a scarred rotor the kiss of death? I live on a dirt road and all of my rotors on all of my cars get scarred. This happens because of dirt and other debris getting in between the rotor and the brake pad.
  • jrc346

    I agree that a bad rotor is not enough to swear off a company. As for my rotors, I'm guessing they are warped. At 4k miles I'm hoping not to hear something from the service tech that "it happens". Buying new, IMO, means I shouldn't have to replace anything except oil the first 30k miles - maybe the brake pads,tires, or wiper blades but not the rotors.


    I'll do my next oil change at Ford just so I can have them log and verify that the rotors are an issue at a stage where they shouldn't be.
  • jrc346jrc346 Posts: 337
    Sounds like a pretty reasonable request. I hope it works!

    Goodluck :)
  • I just bought an 05 King Ranch,(Love it) and I'm thinking about putting a tonneau on the bed. Anyone have any advice on what to look out for? I'm looking at Leer. 700 series. What should I pay?
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