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2002 Ford Super Duty F-250

skv78skv78 Posts: 2
edited March 6 in Ford
I ordered a Ford F-250 Crew Cab 6 weeks ago, only to find out now that production is suspended until Feb. 2002. Is this really true?


  • Hi,

        I don't see any news about Superduty production suspensions at

     What options did you order? There were problems associated with heated seats on Lariats and Advanced security group - auto lock doors with std. trannies earlier in model year, thought they were all fixed by now.


     If there's a snag with one of the options you ordered, the factory could put your truck on a hold until it's resolved. Go talk with your Dealer, he should've gotten some info on what's causing the hold. If you can't wait for truck it may be possible to have them delete or change the offending option (if you can live without it) and speed truck delivery. Otherwise you wait.

      Ford had supply problem with wheels on '01 '350 cc XLT I ordered - changed order for more expensive deluxe aluminum alloy wheels and truck came in on time.

    Hope this helps

  • My husband is interested in a BIG truck....Why? I have no idea. We are travelers, but pull nothing of great weight. We do have 2 motorcycles that we occasionally haul or put in the bed. I would be fine with the 2002 Ford F150 Crew Cab, but my husband wants to go to the 2002 F250 Crew Cab SB with the auto deisel engine. Can anyone give me some insight into these trucks and should they be bought by a family like ourselves who are not got to WORK them as they are built to be....Thanks.
  • bugwizrbugwizr Posts: 50
    Let him get what he wants. If you are lucky, he will let the family ride with him.

    Some things defy explanation. It is more than transportation. Kind of like a Rolex is more than a watch- it's jewelry.

    Be happy that you do not have to work them as they are built to be. It can be an option for you. In the meantime, if it is important to him, cancel the opinion poll. IMHO
  • jcmdiejcmdie Posts: 595
    Most people who buy sport motorcycles, which are essentially street legal racers, never race or see a track. Same goes for sports cars. People get them because they want them, not need them. I think that's whats going on with the truck. There may even be a few things things that you want that he "doesn't understand why".

    By the way he has excellent taste in trucks.
  • I purchased a new F-250 in september & never looked back. I love this I did look at the F-150 & it would have been more than enough truck for me but, since I was buying a truck, I wanted something that could handle all my truck & towing needs in the unseen future. Plus I think the F-250 is the best looking truck out there. Here is a list of options & add-on's on mine : F-250 black 4x4 sc swb off-road electric start, 6 disc changer, tinted glass, bug guard, Rhino liner, Hard folding tonnue cover.
  • It's not that I don't agree with him wanting it, because I actually think it is the best looking truck to choose from myself. We have looked at them ALL! Have not missed a beat it that arena. The Ford F250's are definitely the meanest truck out there.

    It's just that I have read statements like "don't mistake it for a car" which I take as meaning it is a work truck not a passenger vehicle. I've read where it does not ride nice unless it is loaded down. Kind of like an SUV/1/2 ton truck/van can haul but is still intended to be a passenger vehicle and rides like one. I have heard that the 3/4 tons don't "last" like they would if you don't "use" them. Is this true? We expect to have this truck for a long time. I just don't want to waste a a brand new truck for a desire I guess if the more likely option is a 1/2 ton vehicle.

    As far as the comment above from "jcmdie", well you are exactly right about having race bikes but never seeing the track and I guess that IS what is going on here! I never thought of it that way! Thanks for opening my eyes to it. My husband handed down to me our 1999 Copper Suzuki GSXR1300 (Hyabusa) and it only saw the drag track once with him and will most likely never see it with me. I guess you hit the nail on the head!

    And I guess to top it all off is that once you get the price set on the XLT's F150 you might as well go for a couple thousand more to get the big truck, right? They really aren't far off in price. Trust me guys, I am not totally against the idea of getting the bigger truck. You definitely get more for about the same money.

    Okay, so the next questions are:.....1)should we special order or look until we find what we want on a lot? We are in no hurry. He is is Bosnia right now and our 2000 trade in vehicle is in storage waiting on his return. 2a)I am almost postive we will go with the diesel engine. What "extras" should we be sure to get for our purposes of using this truck? (IE - I notice things on the list like double alternators, axle ratios, and what not) Are these a necessity? 2b)Are there certain extras that a diesel in no way requires but you owners have found you just can't live without? We have never owned a diesel but know it is the better option in the bigger trucks. Won't be doing any snow plowing here in Louisiana which we would need the gas engine for! 3)Do you care of a diesel any different than a gas truck? 4)Are there any REAL GOOD interent sites specifically on this truck alone that we should be sure to take a look at?

    Sorry for all the female nagging questions guys. Hang in here with me! Thanks so much.
  • eric102eric102 Posts: 122
    Don't get an F250 unless you really need it for towing or hauling. I have a F250 supercab long bed diesel and only use it a couple times a month (mostly just to run it) because it rides so rough, is noisey (diesel clatter) and is a pain to find a parking spot. I need it to tow a large heavy boat, but will always drive my car if I have a choice. If you need a truck, go as small and light as you can. Your wallet will be happier to. Good luck. Eric
  • Don't wanna start a diesel vs. gasers flame war here, but I'm expressing my opinions. I've got an '01 F-350 V10, CC, SRW, LWB, 4x4. I've driven Power Stroke Diesels, and considered buying one, but decided they weren't for me. They're wonderful if you tow heavy and a lot. They get much better mileage than gaser when towing too, moderately better unloaded too. The Powerstroke will probably run 300K miles before it needs to be overhauled and diesel's a bit cheaper than gas in the North East. Truck'll have moderately higher resale value with a diesel.
    Diesel's got its drawbacks too. An oil change on a Power Stroke is 11 quarts plus. The oil filters cost $10-12 at Walmart (more at Dealer). You've got to put an additive in your coolant to prevent cavitation and prevent uneven heating of cylinder walls; need to check it periodically too.
    You've gotta constantly be on the lookout for sub-par fuel - you need to check for water and drain it from your fuel filter. Water in diesel can get you stuck a lot sooner than water in gasoline. If you're out in the sticks sometimes you can't find a station that has diesel (, or if they do have it they sell very little, so its old and you probably don't wanna put it in your truck anyway.) A lot of guys put an additive to fuel to improve its lubricity as well. Diesel fuel gells in cold weather (probably not a concern for you in La.), folks up north need block heaters to make for easier starts in winter. Diesel fuel itself stinks - don't get it on your clothes, and especially don't walk in it, makes a mess on the truck carpets - yeah gasoline smells bad too, but at least you can clean it quicker.
    As far as driveablilty goes, it's different. You "should" wait for 15-20 seconds before starting to allow glow plugs to warm up, so diesel starts with minimal cranking. ( My buddy usually then sits another couple of minutes to allow things to warm up "properly" - but he's married to his truck.) Also, you should probably get an AIC (Automatic Idle Controller) if you let truck idle for long periods (> 10 min.), because normal idle speed on Powerstroke is too slow to run accessories (like A/C)for long time without running down batteries. Also if you idle for long periods (at slow idle), the motor doesn't maintain optimal operating temperature and you can get carbon build-ups on valves and pistons (called wet stacking) that can mess up engine over time. If you've pushed the truck hard and it's hot, you should let it cool down at idle for 5 or 10 minutes to prevent carbon buildup in the turbo.
    Personally, I don't like the exhaust smell. Bothers me at traffic light with windows down. Also, while Powerstroke is quieter than a CAT or a Cummins diesel, you can't hold a conversation standing next to truck while it's running (Ford does do a good job sound proofing cab - don''t notice noise at all on highway). Your neighbors won't like you, if you start truck at 5 am.
    Now my best friend has an '00 F350 PSD. I've driven it and it'll pull 10,000 lbs like nothing - better than my V10 up a hill, and diesel tranny doesn't downshift. It's a wonderful vehicle - but for his needs, not mine. He's in love with his truck, and considers all of the "problems" listed above to be just a labor of love. He's used to the added maintenance, and added cost. He considers diesel exhaust to be perfume, and will roll windows just down to listen to the motor. I don't think he uses the radio except for the weather reports! He puts 30K miles on per year, and always tows a 6000lb work trailer or 10,000 lb 5-ver on vacations. It's a great truck for him.
    I have the V10, I only tow 7900 lbs max maybe 8-10 times, and drive less than 10K per year. I love the power it has when I put my foot into it, and since it isn't my daily driver I don't mind getting 10-12 mpg. It's the perfect truck - for me.

    Just my opinion.

    PS. Compare size of Crew Cab between F150 S-Crew and F250. Night and day! Maybe ride isn't as comfortable as S-Crew, but I wanted a "big" truck and I love the one I picked.
  • Thanks WPalkowski. That is exactly the kind of information I wanted to know. I didn't think you just drive a diesel off the lot but had no proof for the hubby! He is able to do those kind of things to a truck, but he does not have the willpower, I don't believe, to keep it up. He sure hasn't done the basic maintenance on our regular gas vehicles so don't know why he'd change when it came to a diesel. Thanks so much for the info. This is exactly what we need to know to weigh our decision.
  • jcave1jcave1 Posts: 137
    Well put Walter. Even with the various drawbacks you mentioned, I'm loving the PSD. Somehow they can become a labor of love. This is my daily driver therefore mileage was a concern, towing was not. We happen to enjoy, yeah right, the highest fuel prices in the nation, still $1.49 at red "T." Only one disagreement with your post, engine oil capacity is 15 qts. Not correcting you at all, just amazes me how much this thing holds. This equates to 50 bucks at three to four thousand mile intervals if the dealer changes the oil. Just another increased cost of ownership.

    Good part, mine has no cackle. "Yet."

    take care,
  • eric102eric102 Posts: 122
    Well put, I agree with almost all your points. In my truck, the engine noise is very loud (not as bad as the Dodge, as you noted) at all highway speeds, and yes, I do wake the neighbors up at 5 AM (back when I used it as my daily commuter). Where I live, finding diesel has never been a problem (it's usually a little more expensive than gas around here) and I've never had any water in the fuel filter. Some other items to consider. 1) Don't park it in your garage unless you like diesel soot all over everything 2) You probably won't park it in your garage because of the oil leaks. 3) You won't park it in your garage because it's to damn big! My next truck will have a gas engine, probably the V10.

  • Thanks guys. You are all making this decision a lot more easy. I pasted some of the info off to my husband. I think it is opening his eyes too.
  • bessbess Posts: 972
    When I was looking for a truck, my needs say that I only really needed an F150, but I really liked the look, extra interior space, and larger size of the SuperDuty.. I do very little 'hauling'. Mostly its just an MX bike or 2 in the bed every Sunday.

    1)should we special order or look until we find what we want on a lot?
    - Sure, why not get exactly what you want. Also you can get just as good of a price, usually better, when you order..

    2a b)Diesel or not:
    If your not really hauling heavy, then I find it hard to justify a diesel.. Others have elaborated on this very well..

    3)Do you care of a diesel any different than a gas truck? 4)Are there any REAL GOOD interent sites specifically on this truck alone that we should be sure to take a look at?
    - yes, diesels do cost more to maintain.. They last a really long time though.. You can visit, but be warned that the vast majority of folks there think that anyone who doesn't choose a diesel is an idiot..

    I chose a 00' F250 xlt SC 4x2 5.4L 5sp, 4.10LS..
    I use it as a daily driver just like everyone else with F150's. Every day I drive it I know that I made the right choice. On average I get better MPG's that the F150 with 5.4L (mostly because of the 5sp). The ride is more 'firm' but I do prefer the road feel of the SD than the F150.. Also, the 4x2 SuperDuty sits as high as the 4x4 F150.. Ok, I'm shallow and like the look of 4x4's, but I'm also a realist and know that in Raleigh NC you don't need one.

    You'll really notice that the interior is MUCH wider than the F150.. The seats are wider, and the center armrest is wider..
  • "Ok, I'm shallow and like the look of 4x4's, but I'm also a realist and know that in Raleigh NC you don't need one. "

    So how much snow do you have sitting in your driveway this morning? ;-)
  • Back in September I bought a 2002 Super Duty 4x4 Lariet SWB with V-10, white with tan interior. Yes, I missed out on all the 0% financing. Typical of my luck. Thus far, I love this truck.

    Now, I had no need for a BIG truck. For instance I do not tow anything but a small utility trailer. It's not a work truck. I'm a business inside an office. I drove lots of other vehicles (almost bought the Tundra and gave considerable thought to purchasing the GMC 2500HD), but for just a few thousand more I now have lots more truck than I would have had in the Tundra. The only aggravting thing that has bothered me somewhat is the inability to park the F-250. With this truck you definitely need plenty of ROOM to manuver. Prior to purchasing the F-250 I had owned a GMC Suburban for 4-years. I was use to the roominess of the Suburban and the "feel" of driving a BIG vehicle. In the end, that's why I went with the F-250 over the Tundra.

    People talk and fuss about the gas milage of the V-10. Granted I'm a conservative driver, but I'm getting 14++ mpg on the road and 12++ - 13++ mpg range in city traffic driving. I simply could not justify the excess cost for PSD. Not to mention all the negatives that have been cited above. Since I'm not hauling and pulling a load a V-10 serves my purpose much better.

    Since September I have 5,000++ miles and have had no problems. First oil change was a breeze at the local Express Oil.

    As for me, I'll likely drive this truck 3-4 years and then I'll be ready for something else... maybe a newer model F-250.

    Dothan, Alabama
  • I just love ford trucks. I think they are the best built truck for your money. My wife & I had a 98' expedtion for two years problem free , never took it to the dealer for anything.

    When that lease was up we purchased a explorer sport trac & she loves it. We have had it since april 2000 and no problems.

    So in september , I bought a F-250 sc 4x4 & just think that ford has done a great job on this truck.

    I still have a 99' dodge 4x4, What a piece of JUNK !!

    I have had it to the dealer 19 times in 34 months, I can't wait to get rid of it.
  • bowhuntwibowhuntwi Posts: 262
    In Sept, I down sized to a 02 XLT Super Crew 4x4 from a Y2K Super Duty Lariat Crew 4x4 (truly the best looking truck on the road)I had my SD for 2 years, it served it's purpose, it took me hunting to Colorado,fishing in Michigan, numerous home projects and local hunting & fishing excursions. Did I really need it, no but I liked driving it and sitting above everyone. You need a football field to turn around in, cleared my 7' high garage door by only an inch or 2, plus the length may cause a problem in your garage, mine fit with a foot to spare. Parking.........well lets needed space, it's not something you can put in a small lot, drive thru's are almost out of the question. Small boat ramps, aren't for the weak of heart. A jaunt thru the woods is iffy. Kids flocked around it, lots of ohhs and ahs even from adults.

    When the interest rates fell, (during which time the ford dealer and myself wasn't even on speaking terms, I decided I was going to trade)I looked around, did my home work, looked at inventories online. Found a differant dealer did research on them, also found an 02 sitting on there lot, but at that time I wanted an 01 for the interest rates, nobody would deal on an 01, but this dealer would deal on an 02, so I said ok.

    Do I miss my SD, yes at times....I had buckets in it, now I have a bench, with my XLT, I have the same options I had on my SD, except for leather, plus I can seat 6, gained a moonroof..I can park in a small parking lot, I still sit high...can get thru the local Micky D's I just pack a little less hunting & fishing, leaving the extra stuff at home, which with the larger bed, I packed but never used. I'm tall but not I don't really miss the extra wide interior. (SD has the largest interior). The SCrew you can order the rear entertaiment center for the kids.

    This is just my opinion....I have driven the best of both worlds the SD CC 4x4 and the Super Crew 4x4.
  • I am glad to see this particular thread bumping up the line here. We need info on these trucks!

    I appreciate EVERYONE'S comments. I especially liked those from Bess and bowhuntwi. Thanks Bess for answering all my questions! That is the info I need - the everyday driving, maintaining truck kind of info.

    We are not in question at all as to whether we must get a 4 x 4 or not. We like how tall they are and all and they do look great, but just don't need it here at all. I sent a lot of the diesel info to my husband and now he is definitely going to the gas side but still wants the 250 rather than the 150. I love the moonroof option in the 150 (we have a moonroof now in our car which we would trade) but we like the solid wide bench in the 250 rather than the 20-40 seat thing in the 150.

    Oh, not that it matters and is a funny question, but would my husband be lost in a 250? He is 5'4" tall!
  • jcave1jcave1 Posts: 137
    Doubt your dear husband will notice a difference between the 150 and 250 related to his height, at least while driving. If you go 4X4, he most likely will want running boards or steps. I am 6'1" and the step up for me without boards is a stretch. I also inherited my dads long Texan legs.

    Do diligence comparing the 150 and 250. My personal belief is the value is much better in the 250. My last truck was a 150 which was really enjoyable. However it coudn't hold a candle to the 250. Again though, it's all about personal preferrences and needs.
  • mullins87mullins87 Posts: 959
    You were wondering if your husband would get lost in a 250? I have an F-350 PSD with the 6-speed. I am 5'9" tall. I have the seat about midway back on its tracks so I can push the clutch pedal to the floor without stretching, (I'm sure you are leaning toward the automatic with your gasser, but bear with me for a second), in that position, the lower convex mirrors on the factory trailer mirrors have me looking out over the fenders with no visibility of the road. Everything else works fine with my height.

    I have an rv that I pull most weekends, March through October, the rest of the time its a daily driver. I think everyone else has done a great job of listing the pros and cons of the diesel. The diesel is a labor of love, and yes I do roll down the windows just to hear it run and to smell the exhaust. There's nothing like the smell of diesel exhaust in the morning or the sound of that turbo singing between gears!!!

    BTW, get the cab steps. My 5'2" wife loves them.
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