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2002 Ford Super Duty F-250



  • wpalkowskiwpalkowski Posts: 493
    Watch out for an F250 and a 25' fiver ( I never saw a 25" fiver. ;-) ). You can easily exceed the "legal" capacity of the F250. Your payload gets eaten up pretty quick by passengers, gear, fuel. doesn' leave much for the 5ver and its hitch. The F250 can pull it and probably stop it, but if you ever have an accident while towing your insurance company may leave you dangling in the breeze for being overloaded.

    Max payload F250, CC, LWB, 4x2 is 3055 lbs., with 4x4 it's 2645 lbs.

    F350, CC, LWB, SRW, 4x2 is 4140 lbs, 4x4 is 3760 lbs. Gives you an extra 1100 lbs to play with. Even better, an F350 Dooley will give 5000 lbs 4x2, 4480 lbs as a 4x4, plus you get extra stability for towing.

    These payloads all assume you have base 5.4L, XL model. (I think they use weight of 6 spd tranny, not auto.) Not sure what A/C and other options weigh. V10 weighs ~200 lbs more, PSD weighs almost 600 lbs more than V8 gasser.
  • vinny8vinny8 Posts: 1
    I'm buying a Ford 350 XLT..Regular cab...V10 engine. I'm trading in a 1998 Dodge 1500 SST..very sharp truck...but Ford is the way to go if I ever decide to trailer my horse somewhere...
    Talk to me about the 6 speed manual. Before I got into trucks I used to drive 4 on the floor sports cars..and I still miss the "control"..what's the general opinion out there about manual v.s. auto trans? I'm 5'4 so I'm assuming that the clutch throw won't be a problem..any other truckies out there with manuals with the monster V10/350 XLT? All opinions appreciated.thanks
  • mullins87mullins87 Posts: 959
    I have the PSD with the 6-speed. I, like yourself, like the control a manual gives me. I have heard a lot of bad things about the auto trannies behind the diesels, but not much about the auto behind the V-10. I would think the auto would be just fine. But do the maintenance on it. One of the most neglected parts on a vehicle tends to be the tranny.

    As far as the clutch goes, I am assuming the clutches will be the same for a V-10 as a PSD. This is a heavy clutch, but nothing overpowering. In your post you said; "I'm 5'4 so I'm assuming that the clutch throw won't be a problem." Is that a typo? I am 5'10" and it isn't for me, I have a 32" inseam. I can't comment on whether or not the clutch might be a problem. I do know the seat will slide at least 4" forward of where I have mine positioned.
  • fordtuffordtuf Posts: 101
    you may get just a touch better mileage too.

    Don't worry about the auto w/V10, I'm on my second truck now. Not a single tranny problem.
    They do need service but they come with the drain plug in the pan. I ALWAYS change the tranny fluid each spring before I start towing my camper a lot. It has never seemed the least bit burnt or used up. I put about 20,000 a year on the trucks.

    I also love the stick in a sports car, but I will never have one in a tow vehicle or daily driver again.
  • automiteautomite Posts: 17
    just a reminder, now has posted 2003 ford order info under their download center category. just wanted to say thanks to this dealership for providing this info. its very helpful when considering purchase of 2002 or 2003 year. never able to get this info from local dealer salesman. thanks again sunrise ford.
  • automiteautomite Posts: 17
    wpalkowski, thx for that handy order guides conection. looks like no one wants to continue with this 2003 info, so how about this question. why does ford offer daytime running lights, power door locks and windows on xl trim level, and electric transfer case shifter on xl trim, as fleet orderable only? if a customer wants "drl's" why can't he order it? with the power options, i understand ford wants you to move to xlt package, where they are available to all customers. myself, i like the less plush cab of the xl trim level and the lower price, but would like the opportunity to order these options. 2003 order guides are adding the split bench vinyl seat to xl trim level and no longer restricting it to fleet order ststus.
  • wpalkowskiwpalkowski Posts: 493
    I'm not affiliated with FordMoCo in any way besides owning their product. I did a lot of research when buying my truck, and so I post info to help out other folks who were just as confused as I was at the outset. I haven't a clue as to why there are certain policies. What I did find out while shopping around is that "most" of sales people at regular Ford dealerships don't know even the basics about SuperDuty Pickups. Half of them don't know anything about special ordering a truck either and spout all sorts of misinformation. If you can talk to a truck manager or someone who handles special orders they may be able to cut through the b.s.
    I bought my truck at a dealership that only handles Ford Trucks. They start with F250s and go all the way up to F-800s, they won't even sell F-150s. By and large they only deal with people who use trucks as a tool to earn a living, so they have to know their product or they don't get any business. You might try to find one like that in your area, and ask to talk to someone in fleet sales.
    You're buying a truck for your "fleet" (even if it's only a fleet of one). Your money is just as good as anyone else's - so it wouldn't hurt to try them to get the truck you want. Other good thing about Truck-only dealerships - they may not have a lot of selection on the lot, but since they only sell trucks, they get very high priority when they special order one. My dealer sells 50+ Superduties per month compared to Joe (Mustang, Winstar, Crown Victoria) Ford Dealer who may only sell 3 or 4 SD pickups in the same period. Guess who gets the better Pickup allocation and faster delivery? Also sometimes Ford offers special incentives/rebates for "commercial" customers that regular dealers don't know about - however, Ford's usually stricter about that - you'd have to show proof of owning a business, etc.
  • automiteautomite Posts: 17
    good idea. i think i might try that when ready. thx for the tip.
  • whalercatwhalercat Posts: 40
    Just bought a 2002 F-250 CC Lariat 4x4. Moved up from a Supercrew Lariat 4x4. Going in tomorrow to get Rhino liner, Bull Bar, Roll-N-Lock bed cover. Awesome vehicle! Paid invoice, got 0.9% financing.
  • bmaigebmaige Posts: 140
    I saw a few posts back concerning the mileage a couple of users of automatics with the PSD and V-10 are getting, but nothing from anyone using the 6 speed manual with those engines. Is there anyone out there that has used each with the 6 speed that would be willing to share that information?

    Also, does anyone know the reason for the different transmission numbers for a 6 speed for diesel and gas engines? Is there a difference in the transmission or just the mating with the engines?

    We have a farm and I'm interested in a truck that can be used to tow relatively heavy loads on occasion, one I can get into and out of wet fields in, carry multiple passengers or lock tools up inside, drive without subsidizing a small Middle Eastern country when empty, and that will last a long time.

    I prefer the manual transmission for the flexibility of shifting, would like something I can get into with muddy feet and dirty clothes, then hose out when I'm finished. I am leaning to the F-350 XL Crew Cab with 6 speed and four wheel drive.

    Any input from users of similar nature?
  • mullins87mullins87 Posts: 959
    I can't tell you about the auto, but I can help you with the 6-speed. I have an F-350 PSD dually SC 4x2. Empty, I consistantly get around 18.5 mpg. Towing, I consistantly get around 11.25 mpg.
  • wheeler2wheeler2 Posts: 13
    I am close to ordering an F250 SD 4X4, I have one item left to choose - electric transfer case shifting or the shifter on the floor? The only reason I am looking at the electric is to get the auto/lock hubs. I was shown an article two months ago in a dealer only trade magazine that stated Ford was having big problems with the electric shift. Trucks with the electric shift were being held at the factory until a solution was found, anyone know if the problem has been resolved for 2003 models? Or should I use the money to buy a good set of automatic aftermarket hubs? Will slapping a set of auto hubs on work? The stock ones do look anemic anyway. Although I haven't posted in this discussion before I have been reading for months and after reading about the problems GM is having with their HD trucks it's clear to me that Ford is the way to go. I am ordering a six speed and am interested in the mileage with the V10. Thanks for your advice and input.
  • bigfurbigfur Posts: 649
    Now i may have bad information, but i thought that the six-speed was a diesel only option? I know i have seen the V-10 with five-speeds in them, but never a six? can someone tell me for certain on this?
  • bessbess Posts: 972
    This is new in 2002 that there is a 6speed manual available for the gassers. Prior to this year all the gassers got 5speed manuals
  • bigfurbigfur Posts: 649
    Thanks Bess, for a minute there i thought i had lost my mind. oh wait nevermind, i did
  • y2k4my2k4m Posts: 9
    We just recently purchased an '02 F350 PSD CC 4X4 and had a very indepth conversation with the parts guy. He was very opinionated around the point of up grading the engine chip for improved mileage and hp. Does anyone out there have advice on this? (you all are just oh, so modest) This is our first PSD, a move up from an xtended cab F150. Don't haul anything, just take long trips, hate minivans, and love the smell/sounds of a PSD. This brings up another question ... any advice on how to scrap off those small foreign jobbies from your bumper? They leave a nasty grease spot on the chrome.
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