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Land Rover Range Rover



  • nvbankernvbanker Posts: 7,285
    How long do you expect to keep it? The longer you do, the less the model year will matter. There will be some upgrades on the 05.... How important will they be to you?
  • 12361236 Posts: 34
    I know the 05 Lux will not have the hand-stitched leather dash. It all depends on how important the touch screen nav & bluetooth phone system is to you. I personally beleive the 05 will be the best Range Rover to date. The way I see it, if you're going to drop 68K on a vehicle what's another 10K?
  • Thanks Folks,

    for the responses, In fact the remaining 04 Lux Ranges do not have the leather dash. I was told they were pealing, even though it looks cool, I can live without it. Also one dealer told me it was faux-leather? I have seen 3 without them. I am siding towards the 05, while the price isn't that much of a factor, it always comes down to the money. I do suspect that the new features will be of value to me. Especially if more States and places like D.C. make cell phones more difficult to use. Also if I keep this one longer than my 03 Disco, the extra money will make little difference. Of course I will trade it in, in a heart-beat if they bring over the TD6 in a year or so! Or the Jag engine with 6spd sounds neat also. Then I should get the 04, and trade in 06! Man, I can't make up my mind. Probably why I'm not married either, trouble committing.

    Lastly, I just received in the mail a coupon (like the one from the Rover Event)except it seems like I can use it on any Range delivered this year so that would include the 05.

    Choices, Choices
  • Does anyone know how to get a "coupon" that has been mentioned regarding purchasing a RR vehicle this year, sounds like some type of a discount or cash back. Any info would be appreciated. Thx
  • I just got $6,000 off an '04. I assume this is the $4000 factory and $2,000 from the dealer. This seems to be within $1,000 of the best deals I am seeing here in the northeast.
  • I have an extra $1500 coupon for an 04 that I will send anyone, actually I have 2. Just the otherday I received the new coupon enticing me, this one includes the delivery of an 05 as long as get it before 12/31/04. Neat thing about these coupons is negotiate your best deal then lay it down on the table. The Coupon comes from LRNA so the dealers are ok with you using them on top of any current deals. send me a direct email, if you want the coupons. Also there are some some very stong deals out there on 04's better than what has been announced on this forum. Let me know I will direct you to the right people, in the Mid-Atlantic
  • edfedf Posts: 1
    I finally decided to dump the FX-35 I purchased only a year ago and have decided on the RR. I traded in a fantastic LX470 which only 3 yrs old because it just seemed to big, but the FX isn't making it, even with the tricked out tech package. If you still have a coupon you could forward it would be great. I'm taking a beating on the FX. thanks.
  • pathdocpathdoc Posts: 126
    I too have been looking at the 04 vs 05 issue. What kind of discounts have people been getting in Southern California? There is a factory to dealer $4000 good until 9/30. Is anyone getting more? The luxury package seems in short supply. Is it worth the extra $. How much better will the new navigation system be?

  • I am considering buying a 1999 RR SE with about 60K miles. It appears to be in great condition. Probably limited off-road use since I am in NJ.

    Suggestions, advice or comments from anyone would be appreciated.

  • Not sure why anyone would still buy a range rover these days. We bought the new (re labeled BMW) RR in 2002 and we use it to drive between our two places of business in San Diego and Colorado. During the 2 years we have owned it, we have had just about every major thing on the car replaced. Seems the more RR works on it, the worse it gets. Our local dealer has replaced transmission, transfer case, front axles, steering column, steering box, brakes twice, console computer, nav system, CD changed, Radio 4 times, Air system 6 times, radiator one time. The "service engine soon" light has come on more than 50 times and each time we get the same story. Bring it in immediately and do not drive it, no matter if it was just low on OIL or has just backfired or if we left the gas cap off. We now have 47k miles on it and it smokes like a chimmeny and uses a quart of oil every 1000 miles. Pings and chugs up hills. I had thought that perhaps the local dealer (pioneer centers in SD) was incompetent, so I took it to Newport Beach RR. They did my 35k service and it came back without any water in the engine, my stereo system destroyed, and the brakes messed up.

    We used the 4x4 once in a snowstorm to get down our frozen driveway. When I went to shift out of creep mode and 4x4, it locked up the shifter. Our calls to road service was that they would come get us in 8-12 hours with a tow truck from 400 miles away. Sure glad I was not stranded 20 miles from nowhere in the snowstorm and having to sit for 10 hours.

    All in all, we loved the styling and the performance, but the service and maintenance shoots all that down. How would you ever trust something like that offroad like they advertise?
  • Yep, we noticed our steering was hard to do and there was a loud clunk when we shifted gears. It took me 4 visits to the dealer before they admitted that the front differential and front axels were bad. After they replaced that, the steering column would not telescope any more, so they replaced that. After that we could hardly steer it as the steering box was stiff and jerky. So another visit to get a new steering box. I have driven more Hertz SUVs than I have my RR in the last couple of years.
  • I previously has a Lincoln Nav (1998) and did far more offroad work with it than I have ever done with the RR (I have taken the RR offroad about 500 yards total to survey a house lot once on a graded lot). I have taken my Navigator over alot of passes in Colorado that makes Jeep owners shudder. In my 4 years with the Navigator, I replaced the brakes twice in 72k miles and had one update to the radio.

    I asked my son who does off road driving in his SUV if he wanted to go into the back country of Colorado with me in the RR. He looked at me and said "are you crazy, we would never get back out".

    We are dumping this heap as soon as we find a repalcement.
  • nvbankernvbanker Posts: 7,285
    Has anybody had good service from a RR?
  • I certainly have. 7k miles on my Java Black/Sand 2004 Rangie. Bulletproof, bank-vault solid, flawless. Along with my 2001 Porsche Boxster, the best car I've ever owned.

  • I have been shopping for an SUV recently and the Range Rover certainly is appealing. It is very handsome and not a "mommy" car.
    I am concerned about build quality and reputation and have good reason considering I owned a 1996 Range Rover 4.0 which was a total disaster. I bought into the whole prestige factor and "best 4x4 by far" marketing back then and paid dearly for it in repair costs and time out of service.
    I was hoping things had changed with the BMW/Ford factor, but after reading some posts here, it looks like business as I can't understand how people are willing to pay $65-80K for these rolling mechanical tragedies.
    Sure, some people have had good experiences...namely the ones who have recently bought and haven't given their RR's a chance to break down on them by garaging them.
    Consider this....go to the site and do a side by side comparison of the current RR and the V8 VW Touareg. It is truly amazing how similar in specs and features these 2 are. Granted the RR is slightly better off road, but if you don't plan on risking getting broken down in Anza Borrego, the VW might be the best choice...besides, what kind of prestige is there in constantly driving a Disco loaner? That is if your dealership offers a loaner at all.
  • sam818sam818 Posts: 127
    I have a 2003 and a 2004 RR... BOTH have also been bulletproof. Two minor TSB items: replaced electric steering column replacement gear on the '03 and an a/c-blower motor fix to prevent the battery from running down on the '04. Other than that... great on road, AWESOME off road... beautiful build and excellent quality. I think the past few messages simply bought out the few lemons!
  • My 2003 RR now has 15K miles on it. It had the steering column motor replaced when I bought it 15 months ago, and the check engine light came on once, which was fixed by the dealer in less than a day, without replacing any parts. I've had about 50 vehicles in my life, and this is the best one so far.
  • sam818sam818 Posts: 127
    Here is a link to info about the 2005 RR.
    DVD nav with touch screen and a movable cam. which can be placed anwhere on or near the car. Click on the pics for a larger view of the new nav screen. NOTE: the leather top dash still appears on this UK spec 2005.
  • Hi Guys

    Do you know if its possible to retrofit the nav system on the 05 to the o4. I realy wanted the dvd nav


  • nvbankernvbanker Posts: 7,285
    Ok, but go look at the Trouble board for the Touareg, and you'll see just as much, if not more tragedy from VW. I hardly would consider VW as a solution to the Rover reputation.....
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